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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 9:54 AM

WMP: Shoujotachi Yo - AKB48
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Currently: Looking at AKB merchandise =(

If you're my friend, you WILL know who AKB48 are. I cannot begin to explain my love for them =( I'm one of those people who loves the culture of another country but is sooo CBF to learn their language ==" I always think "maybe you don't love them as much as you think Allan .. " LOL But yeah, I just wanna wake up one day and know fluent Japanese =( I wanna go to their concerts, I wanna go to their handshake events, I wanna meet them in person, I wanna ASJFHASUX* them .. (*does not imply any sexual act of any kind.)

Any true fan of anything will have goods and merchandise in their possession, whether it be posters, shirts, albums .. whatever =/ Whilst I was in Japan, I should have bought more AKB stuff but couldn't due to insufficient funds LOL SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE MY FRIENDS ? .. T_T Next time I go, I'm not gna spend so much on friends LOL MOAR FOR ALLAN NEXT TIME ><" But yeah, I find myself looking up AKB stuff online now .. when my bio exam is tmrws .. FML.

The fan base for AKB48 is mostly restricted to Japan and nearby countries so not much people from other countries know who they are .. though I've seen fans who are from the US and Thailand =/ They are known in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong from what I've gathered but their fan base isn't as big as the Korean pop bands. WHICH SUCKS BALLS BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME =( I'm so envious of those Kpop fanatics who have so much fan goods because I WANT SOME OF THAT BUT AKB FORM LOL

The best I've got to show I'm a fan is 4 A4-sized posters and 1 A3 sized poster. Some fan I am =/ I WANT THEIR ALBUMS, I WANT THEIR TV SHOW BOXSETS, I WANT THEIR CONCERT T-SHIRTS, I WANT THEM !! Yeah I realize that these are indeed "wants" and I'm going a bit hypocritical when I keep saying "buy stuff you NEED, not WANT" =/ BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ><" AKB MAKES ME CONTENT, AKB MAKES ME COMPLETE =( Great I'm gna come off as some crazy obsessed fan now LOL I'm not happy with the limited fan goods I possess and so I'm gna stick to what I said in previous posts and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT =]

This end of semester break, with the help of my awesome designer friend MK, I WILL MAKE MY OWN FRICKEN AKB SHIRTS :D LOL Call it sad, call it pathetic, call it not being supportive ... whatever. I'm spreading the AKB love around =) I've gotten MK slightly involved in AKB as well which is super exciting cos I don't know any other AKB fans =/ It's usually just my aunty and me (^3^) which is fine but I want AKB to be more well known because they deserve it .. and partly so I don't look like a freak on my own ROFLOL

The benefits of having a designer for a friend. The even greater benefits of having MK as a close friend. My life is suddenly worth living again :D

AKB48 <3

Btw here's a shirt I bought for my friend Harry from Japan. I thought it goes well with this post LOLOL


ja ne =]