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I`m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry i havent been updating as much as I would have liked to. The last few days have been pretty busy and stuff. We go to a different place every day and I just feel so tired after each day. I`ve been in Tokyo for the last couple of nights now and let me tell you its a SHOPPING PARADISE for .. girls. There`s a whole department store just for women only. There`s not even a Men`s toilet in the whole building .. how sexist is that ?! LOL But theres still a lot of cheap stuff here to buy. Only thing is .. I spent nearly all my money already so I dont shop much here. Btw the pollution is here is pretty bad but aunty says its nothing compared to the pollution in Hong Kong so yeah. I`m really excited to come back home tmrws cos theres really no point in me being in Tokyo when I dont have money LOL I really miss home and everyone back at home as well >< I want to be home like right now! The last few days I`ve been feeling a little tired and sick cos of the pollution and the cheap dusty hotel room but its okay cos home tmrws!

Okay time for a brief update on each day since Day 9 i think it was.

This was the day I sent an email to Jim at the Naoshima Ferry Port about his team losing to the Bulls LOLOL I still remember it =) But yeah, this day was pretty fun cos we rented bikes for the whole day and it only costed us like 100yen which is like $1.25! How awesome. But then, we needed to pay extra to bring it on the ferry =( The ferry ride was about 1 hour and it took us to some island .. it looked like there was nothing there LOL But we rode our bikes along the coast line .. it was pretty far but thank god it was on a bike. There was a lot of uphill as well but it was all worth it cos the view there was spectacular! the sun was setting and everything. Really nice. Im sure aunty took plentiful photos which I will show you guys when I get back. Her photo count now is about 1700 photos. LOL That was yesterday. She may have taken more since then. And thats her camera. Her friend has taken about 1000 photos as well so there wont be a lack of photos there =) After the bike riding, we went back to Okayama Station which is like a big station where you change lines to different places and stuff. There was a McDonalds there and Yeah i know .. who eats mcdonalds when they`re overseas\? WELL I DO! LOL plus the menu is different .. they have something called a Miami Burger which looked kinda yum so aunty and me tried it.. BLEHHHHH~ disgusting! it had like tacos in it or something and it tasted more mexican than MIAMI. That was our dinner before taking the shinkansen back to our Osaka hotel. Nothing except for bike riding today so I spent very little =]

Day 10 - NAGOYA
Aunty and her friend were feeling a little sick from the bike riding the day before cos the wind blew in their faces. I ddnt get sick cos im awesome but yeah. We decided to rest up a lil more cos they were sick and we left the hotel at around 10 ish. We had sushi train for breakfast and we took the train to Nagoya! We visited the famous Nagoya castle there and it was about to close up cos we got there late but its all good cos we made it up the whole castle and all. They close up around 5 ish. Walking back to the station, aunty saw this restaurant called "Yoshinoya" NOW i want you to remember this name cos I will be referring to it a lot LOL Its like a little franchise of restaurants that sell beef/pork rice dishes with sides and all but yeah. Aunty said it was cheap, filling and pretty yummy. We were quite hungry so we stopped by. AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! For 380 yen (less than $5), I had this beef dish with rice that completely filled me up! AND IT WAS SO YUMMY AS WELL! And you know how much i eat so for this dish to fill me up, its pretty awesome. After dinner, we decided to chill at the department store inside the Nagoya train station. yeah thats right. INSIDE the train station. The train stations here are huge. They have like everything in the station. Shopping centres and everything. It was here that I bought gifts for MA MA and LAO CHAU SIM =)

This was a killer of a day .. or so i thought. Aunty had warned me that this would be a 7.7KM hike through the snowy mountains of Magome. I freaked at the sound of 7.7KM .. walking uphill on a cold day was not my ideal day LOL But surprisingly, I had a lot more fun than I thought. The 7.7 km ddnt feel like 7.7 km and the white snow on the floor was such a beautiful sight to see. I ddnt feel cold at all and I wore the correct shoes which was awesome! I was pretty energetic the whole hike and ddnt feel tired at all. When we reached the end, I was like "god I AM SO FIT LOL" but yeah, at the end of it, there was nothing much. just a small village .. I was disappointed in that. And more so when I found that they had no hot meals to eat and that our bus just left LOL We decided to walk some more to our train station which was a further 3.4KM but it was alright cos we were feeling FIT LOL Aunty did not give me the map and we just tried to follow the signs to get to our station but we got lost and the road seemed forever. I told her she should have gotten a map for me and she said she did, IT WAS IN HER BAG T-T she just ddnt think we needed it. So yeah, I looked at it and told her we walked 3km in the wrong direction LOL we walked back and found the station and yeah .. I ate YOSHINOYA AGAIN cos its so yummy! :3

This was an awesome day cos I got to see a lot of the famous sightseeing places that I knew of. In Hiroshima, I had Mcdonalds for breakfast. I tried their "mcgriddles" which was like hotcakes for the muffins with the sausage between it .. so its like sweet mixed with salty .. =/ I kinda liked it but i wouldnt eat it often LOL We took a tram to the famous A-Bomb site. This is where the first Atomic Bomb was dropped over Hiroshima and we saw the Dome that got owned by the bomb. very historic and nicely preserved. We walked to see the Hiroshima caslte but we ddnt feel like paying admission to go in cos it looks so small from the outside. Plus we were looking forward to the other part of our trip. The MIYAJIMA PART! Im not sure if you know but the famous "Floating Otorii" is there. That red shrine thing in the water ? Yeah well we went there and The scenery was amazing and the weather was great. We went inside the shrines and pagodas and I got a lot of it on footage i think. I bought some of the MiYAJIMA MOMIJI for you guys to try cos its a delicacy there and thought you might like to try some!

There isnt much to talk about here cos most of the time we were on the train. It took us 4 hours by train to get to Kumamoto. Why you ask ? well because Kumamoto is home to one of japan`s most beautifulest castles. And yeah it was friggin huge. Well worth the 4 hours on the train. Plus I could catch up on some sleep! I had Yoshinoya for dinner once again LOL Again there will be plentiful photos here for you all to see =)

Day 14 - HAKATA
Last day in our Osaka hotel so we decided to spend it by going shopping! Hakata is a place known for its many shopping districts including a 600m underground shopping strip which was again ALL for women T-T If you go ground level, there will be like 6-7 department stores around you. All the size of like parramatta westfields. Its frigging huge. But a lot of it are for women so I just tagged along while the girls bought some stuff. I bought another gift for LAU CHAU SIM here since i felt like I should buy more stuff for her =) Yeah not much to talk about here, just a whole lot of shopping .. for the girls, not me LOL

All these places are like right next to each other so our first night in Tokyo we decided to explore .. ALOT. But first we had to move all of our luggage and stuff on to the train and walk it to our hotel which wasnt that bad because aunty picked our hotels all close by to the station =) probably 100m walk at the most. I spent much of the 4 hours on the train sleeping and mario partying and sudokuing =) First thing we did at Tokyo was walk to AKIHABARA =) this place is FAMOUS for the electronic goods for computer nerds and anime fans. Absolutely filled with anime stores and duty free shops and computers. I am so evil but I like to make fun of Andrew since he would love it here but his tour wont be taking him here LOLOL In the day that he goes to Tokyo, he will spend it at Disneyland HAHAHAHAHAH Anyways I bought some presents for grandpa and lee and han family here. Then we decided to check out Harajuku cos thats like known for the weird people there that have really long hair and dress really weird .. if you know what i mean. Yeah, But surpsingly, there werent that many. Instead there was a lot of shopping here. Like Chanel, Louis Vutton, Zara .. and many more brands that I dont even know of LOL There is a shop called Forever 21 and that shop has 5 levels on its own O-O .. crazy! We spent the night in our 2 star hotel where I typed my last email to you dad. Its really small the room and the bathroom is so tiny. My closet in my room is bigger than the bathroom, no joke. I`ll show you when I come home. We sleep on futons which is like sleeping on the floor and there is very few walking space. I cant believe i spent 3 nights there already .. I WANNA COME HOME TO MY ROOM LOL

The World heritage Site of the Nikko shrines was on our itinerary today. We took mulitple trains to get here and walked to the shrines. It was huge this place, so many shrines and all but the bad thing was it was kinda cold and when you go inside the shrines, they dont let you wear shoes. Only socks. AND they dont allow footage or photos ... But the only thing on my mind was that it was day 16 and I still havent gotten the boys gifts yet cos its so hard to find them here T-T But as we were walking back to the station, I found what ALL GUYS should have. I bought gifts for Kevin, MK and jim here. I know Jim will love it for sure =) Then we came back to Tokyo a bit earlier so we walked Shibuya for a bit which had like all the bright lights you see at night. I think Tokyo drift had a scene here .. the part where the car drifts across the traffic lights and all the people crossing the road. Its crazy! When the light turns green for walking, its practically HOLD MY HAND OR GET LOST. EVEN worse on the train. Some one can take your underwear and you wouldnt even know. THATS how close everyone is =/ Its crazy LOL But dw I still got my undies on =D

Day 17 - HAKONE
This was a sightseeing day to see MT Fuji which im sure you know of. But I was low on cash and the bus ride there killed me. We had to take a bus there only to find out we had to take a boat there and aunty hadnt been here before so she was worried that if we take the boat, it might make us take a cablecar up the mountain as well which only means $$$$ so yeah we ddnt go. We just sat by the water and eat some lunch, soaking up the sun and the nice view of Mt Fuji from afar. We then walked up to see some Dragon Shrine and after that, it was time to go home LOL I bought more gifts for MA MA back in Tokyo. By now, I was down to my last $125 LOL I think I had to borrow some money off aunty`s friend cos she had too much! But its okay, I paid her back already.

Day 18 - TOKYO
TODAY! I wasnt feeling so great today cos I ddnt sleep well and i was low on cash. I spent today just by myself here in Tokyo and Akihabara, looking for another gift for mum. I need to go back and buy it but I wanted to sit down at this net cafe and write you a long email first. But yeah, Aunty and her friend went to Yokohama today and I spent it At Tokyo. Its okay, I know my way around and we`ll meet up for dinner later anyways. Speaking of which, Im kinda hungry so YOSHINOYA TIME LOLOLOL

Btw Jim, you forgot to update me on the trades. Kevin filled me in. Im. in. shock. at. Carmello. =(

ALright I will be flying tmrws so I CANT WAIT TO GET HOME >< I MISS YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH!

THe plan for tmrws is check out at 12pm, take a train to Tokyo station, then another train to Kyoto, then another train to Osaka Airport, then a 6~8 hour flight back home. I emailed you the flight details already dad. Did you get it ? If you did, please text me to let me know cos you havent replied yet. Aunty said we should arrive at night time perhaps 1am or something. Im not sure. If you need anything, text me ? Alright I gotta go meet up with the girls now. So I`ll see you guys in about 24 hours ? =D