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Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 11:29 PM

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Tonight I'll be watching The Lion King with Michelle .. but she's on BRB for the last 10 mins so I'm gna post the second email I sent to my Dad when I was in Japan :3 Enjoy!


Yeah I rented the laptop again tonight cos aunty left my camera recording without pausing it so the memory card filled up pretty fast this time. I needed to move the videos to my hard drive so i can record more stuff tmrws! But yeah, it gives me a chance to update you guys on what we've been up to =)

But first, let me talk basketball with Jim first cos I miss it so much >.< Japan's national sports are baseball and soccer. Basketball is not a common sight here =( But CHECK IT OUT, PHILLY IS ON A ROLL! if you dont count the loss against memphis LOL ANDRE GOT A TRIPLE DOUBLE! His first since 2007. We now got 27 wins which equals our total wins from last season =/ We're coming back, I can feel it LOL >=) And no, you cannot say crap cos we beat you. End of story. So just shut up and listen to my happiness LOL We are playing the wizards next and then the pistons and then cleveland! After that, we'll be 30-29 LOLOL Easy 3 wins. HOW THE HELL DID CLEVELAND BEAT THE LAKERS ?! WHAT IS GOING ON BACK THERE ?! THE LAKERS ARE ON A SLUMP!! BUT GO RAY ALLEN FOR TOPPING REGGIE MILLER'S RECORD =) Alright time for update now..

On this day, we had to take a 1 hour Shinkansen ride to Nagoya from Osaka then take another 2 hour train trip to the rural area of Takayama. The place is famous for the preservation of its old buildings, displaying the original Japanese architecture. I slept the whole way there. I did not get much sleep cos the night before I was typing up that long email to you guys where I slept at 2am and had to wake up at 5am. Anyways we got there and yeah there was snow on the floor and I wore the wrong shoes! The $10 grey shoes I got from DFO 2 years ago .. we hadn't reached the mountains yet and they were soaked .. and my feet were freezing. I could NOT go on for the whole day with feet like that so I decided I NEEDED (Yes Jim, I NEEDED) NEW SHOES LOL I bought these leather adidas ones which were like 50 bucks I think. They kept me warm and dry for the whole day which was what I NEEDED LOL Anyways we walked all the way up the mountain ALLLLLLLLLL~ the way to the Hida Folk Village where all the old buildings were displayed. The town up there is literally deserted. It's a bloody ghost town .. no one was there but yeah, we kept walking up the hill until we found the Village. It was very ancient and everything, I appreciated all the snow that was on the floor LOL Building snowmen and everything but you could also walk inside the ancient houses, just as long as you werent wearing shoes. We had a little snowball fight here cos we're awesome like that and I got so much good footage of this .. of my snowman and everything .. BUT I JUST REALISED TONIGHT THAT I LOST THE MEMORY CARD HOLDING THAT FOOTAGE >< its not in my jackets, jeans or bag .. I cant find it anywhere =( But we have photos .. just not the awesome videos I took .. *sighs After that we took a bus back to Takayama station to eat dinner. We ate their ramen which was also what the town is famous for and it did not disappoint. It was really nice and cheap as well! After that, we felt like desert cos we saw green tea desserts! Oh I should mention .. everything green in Japan is usually green tea LOL We've become addicted to the stuff. Everytime we walk past green tea desserts its like OHOHOHOH LETS GO IN! LOL We love the stuff x] Anyways as I was saying, we had green tea for dessert in this really nice authentic japanese restaurant. Yeah it was a restaurant but we only went inside for dessert! LOL You could sit on your knees and everything .. it was very nice! Again, I had footage of the whole place but I DONT KNOW WHERE MY MEMORY CARD IS OMG .. *depression* after that, we took that 3 hour train trip home.

On this day, we took a 1 hour Shinkansen ride to Okayama. This place is like a central stop which connects all the train lines and stuff .. like Central or something. Only Japan has many of these stops LOL Osaka, Kyouto, Tokyo and Okayama are the ones that I know of now but yeah you get my point. We got there and I had Maccas for breakfast! Two sausage and egg mcmuffin please! It tastes exactly the same which is to be expected =) The menu is a bit different though, they sell chicken nuggets for like 100 yen. Cheeseburgers for 100 yen. They have something called the Miami Burger, which I have yet to try but it seems not that great .. theres a lot of green crap in it .. probably green tea LOL They have stuff called McGriddles .. whatever the hell that is. They have a McPork .. no prizes for guessing whats in that burger LOL Anyways that was at Okayama. We decided to go to a town called Kurashiki, famous for a place where a river canal runs through the middle of the place and its like a mini Venice in a sense but I love this town for one reason only. They have a very awesome shop here, I bought lots of gifts here cos its so awesome. I'm not saying what it is that I bought cos its a surprise but I think its really awesome. I bought Dad, Mum and Jim a present here along with several other friends. We spent about 3 hours here and went back to Okayama. Okayama has a garden here which is apparently one of the 3 most beautiful gardens in the whole of Japan, we walked 1.1km to find this Garden and we did .. only to find that we came after the Grass Burning Ceremony in early Feb. This ceremony consists of burning all the grass and flowers to regrow them for the new year .. the trees were all dead as well .. ==" So we went inside to find a lot of brown .. but it wasnt all that bad. The scenery was still nice as you will see from the photos aunty took. After the garden grounds closed, we walked the Okayama shopping district street for a bit until we got hungry and ate dinner. We chilled at a department store for a bit until it was time for us to take a train home. We had green tea for dessert that night as well. Green tea ice cream, green tea cookies, green tea biscuits, green tea mochi, green tea cake, green tea pastry, green tea shakes, green tea jelly .. I wanna try green tea POCKY LOL

TODAY! After I went back to the hotel last night, I was thinking how awesome that shop was .. and I could cross off so many people's names off my "buy presents for" list if I bought them stuff from this store. So I made arrangements with aunty to let me go back there. We had to stop at Okayama again cos thats the central stop as I said before. We had maccas for breakfast once again. Then I proceeded to take a train by myself all the way to Kurashiki .. which is the same length as Liverpool to Fairfield I think .. its like a 20 mins train ride but Japanese trains travel faster so I dont know LOL Aunty and her friend stayed at Okayama to do some shopping while I ventured to Kurashiki myself. I went there, got what I wanted, visited a shrine which turned out to be a graveyard while I was there and took a train back to Okayama. Met up with Aunty and she told me that she planned to go to a place called Matsuyama but she found out it was a 3 hour train ride. So she said we're not going to that and had no plans left for the day .. Remember how I said when we went to the Kyouto Love Temple because we wanted to get some charms ? But couldnt cos it was closed ? Yes well this was a perfect opportunity to go and get some. The time was about 1pm. Temple closes at 5pm. Aunty ddnt feel like going back to Kyoto so she said we could go and she'll wander off somewhere. So I went with Aunty's friend to Kyouto and walked up the hill to the temple again. We got there and FINALLY got our beloved charms! And then took a train back to Osaka. The time was like 6:40pm. We bought some bento boxes from the convenient store and came back to the hotel. The earliest we came back actually. I rented the laptop again cos the other memory card was filling up and I lost the other one so I needed to have a fresh memory card. I logged onto email account and msn and Aunty ddnt come back to the hotel until 10:45pm. I was on the laptop the whole night LOL The time now is 1am and we need to get up early tmrws again. I think we're making a stop at Okayama again. MACCAS! LOL

So thats what we've been up to the past couple of days. I'm still really bummed out that I lost my memory card .. I dont know where it is but I really hope it turns up somewhere .. I cant believe it fell out of my bag cos its so small and I keep it closed every time. Hopefully I find it soon cos it has the best videos in there...

Anyways when you finish reading, if you have time, type up a LONGER email and say whatever you need to say cos I dont rent this laptop every day and when I do, I want to hear from you guys. I havent found that stupid calling card yet so emailing will have to do for now. Just say whatever cos I want something to read about you guys when I rent this laptop. I logged on today, thinking you guys had written a long long reply LOL By the way, I need to know when Dad is NOT working so I can tell him to stay up that night for a call. I shall text you guys when I have a calling card. Then Dad will text me his non working days and I will call on those nights. Other than that, I dont think theres anything else for me to say .. UNTIL NEXT TIME YO!