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Thursday, May 5, 2011 @ 7:49 PM

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Okay I KNOW that I promised the posts about my trip to Japan earlier in the year but uni has been more hectic than I initially thought so no time for anything these days =( As a result, I am sorry to those that have been waiting but I DO however have the emails that I wrote to my Dad, updating him on each and every day since I couldn't find cheap international calling cards LOL So here is the first email I since back home.

WARNING: These posts will be extremely long since I didn't have much time to spend at net cafes or renting rip-off laptops at the hotel =/ None of this email has been edited btw =]

HEY MUM, DAD .. and JIM =)

Read this email together if you guys can!

Tonight is Day 5 in Japan and everything is fine =) I`ll give you a brief summary of the things I`ve been up to these past days.

Day 1: This was our first night in Japan and it was bloody freezing! I knew it was gna be cold but I did not expect it to be like .. freezing freezing =( I was wearing a jumper and scarf .. But it was okay cos we got off the plane, checked out of customs and everything, and then we jumped straight on a bus that took us to Osaka. We walked and carried our luggage about 5 mins to our hotel and then we checked in and went for a walk to find some food. The time was about 9pm. We landed at about 7pm. we walked around for a bit around our hotel but couldnt find any restuarants that were open .. they close so early =( Around 9pm they all close, even in the city. Anyways theres a white van (LOL) that sells Yakitori (Google it) for like 500 Yen so we bought that for dinner and went back to the hotel to eat it. Our first meal was from the back of a van LOL! Anyways I`ve been stealing a lot of freebies from the hotel room LOL Presents for everyone! ROFLOL Speaking of presents, Jim let Tony know that I got him what he wanted =) He knows what I'm talking about LOL I'll show you when I get home.

Day 2: Woke up at 8. NOT HAPPY >=( but yeah, we watched the weather forecast in the morning, it said it was gna be cold .. we think .. LOL cos it was in Japanese =( and then we walked outside .. IT WAS SNOWING! OMG! I saw snow for the first time in my life fall from the sky! it was so awesome ;3 I have it all on video so its all good =) On this beautiful snowy day, we took a train all the way to Nara. This place is famous for its deer parks and even though it was snowing, we got to see some =) It was only the second day of our trip and already I bought many gifts for a few people. I bought 2 gifts for Dad here. I hope you like them Dad! We walked all the way to some Temples and I went into to see the Great Buddha Statue in Nara! We bought some deer cookies to feed the deers but one of them got too close and ate our map! LOL it was funny, I think I recorded that as well =) We walked a long way back to town and ate Okonomiyaki for dinner. We normally get back to the hotel at around 9 or 10, which is about 11 or 12 back in Sydney. I bought a calling card on this day at Nara. There are many shops that are called "105 Yen" stores and they literally sell everything in the store for 105 yen =D And its not like the HOT DOLLAR shop, its actually like a little Coles or Woolies but EVERYTHING is 105 yen. How awesome, Mum would have a day out in this store LOL!

Day 3: Woke up at 8 .. again. =( This day we went to Kyoto to see the Silver Pavillion, walk the Philosopher's Path and visit the Kyoto Kiyomiza Love Temple. The love temple was something I was really looking forward to visiting because the charms that they sell there are supposedly the best looking ones, according to Aunty. But when we got there, it was closed. The shops were closed but you could see walk around the temple and take pictures and whatnot. I have some on video here as well. It wasn't snowing here but it was raining a little bit. We had to do a lot of walking on this day but its all good, I was wearing my Nike's LOL! We tried to get home a little earlier so I could call you guys and we did but we had the toughest time trying to dial the number .. I was about to give up as well until I decided to try one last time and it worked! Tell Mum I'm sorry I couldn't talk with her but I've been looking for calling cards everyday now. Hope to find one soon! But until then Dad, keep me posted on the coverage that 3 offers. Ask them about if I can use internet on my phone, whether I can call you guys from my phone or receive your calls etc. Cos I cant keep calling you guys for 8 mins for $15 =( its just a big rip off until I find a better calling card!

Day 4: Woke up at 8:10. STILL NOT HAPPY! On this day, we had no plans whatsoever. But Aunty wanted us to walk around and spend a day here in Osaka. We went to visit the Osaka Castle during the day and for the afternoon, we visited the Shinsaibashi Shopping District which was really awesome. It was one long line of shops that stretches real long, and at one end of it, FOOOOOOOOD! LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD! Its a place called Dotonbori, known for many food outlets. Here we ate SUSHI TRAIN! I know right ? it took us 4 days to eat sushi in Japan LOL But it was SOOOOOOOOO worth it cos one plate was 130 Yen which is about $1.80 or something .. if you ate sushi train back home, one plate could be 2-3 dollars =/ Plus you dont get how FRESH and yummer the sushi are. There are so many different kinds I havent seen before .. like Oyster Sushi and Crab Sushi. Don't worry, I took photos of all of them! In total, I ate about 1500 yen worth of sushi, you do the math Jim! LOL

Day 5: TODAY! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Guess what I did for Valentines day ? Yupp, I went to visit my girlfriend Erika! LOL Yes that girl up on the walls of my room! Her hometown is the Hyogo Prefecture in Kobe, Japan! That's where we went today but there wasnt much to do and it was really really cold today as well so we walked through a place called Motomachi where there is a little Chinatown street. We ate Ramen here and the people there speak both Mandarin and Japanese! Pretty cool. But the ramen tasted like normal Chinese noodles .. and they served it with a Pork Bun.. Not japanese at all. When we finished breakfast, it started to snow lightly! SNOW+KOBE+ERIKA'S HOMETOWN = BEST VALENTINES EVER! even better if I saw her, but I ddnt so yeah .. =( *cries the Pacific Ocean. It was really really cold today .. like it was snowing lightly and wasnt raining .. but the wind was crazy cold, it wasnt strong or anything, it was just a gust of ICE COLD air ... so we hid inside a department store where aunty's friend bought 150+ dollars worth of designer brand clothes LOL Then we decided there wasnt much to do here because of the cold weather, and we were just wasting time sitting in a shop so we decided to go up to Mt. Rokko. I know .. it was cold already but we're going up a mountain .. well aunty wanted to go up so yeah, it was pretty fun up there anyways so worth it! Our bus got stuck in the snow so we got a free ride and walked about 2 mins to our stop. Took a cable car up the mountain and there is like a little suburb in the mountains, with buses and everything. There was a country club, a golf course, and a garden as well. We just walked around for a bit, trying to build snowmans and stuff. But I wore the wrong shoes .. I wore my Converse shoes .. they were soaked and my feet are frozen .. I did not know it was going to snow thats why .. for dinner, we tried something new. We bought cheap bento boxes from a supermarket and took it back to the hotel. I had 2 boxes for only 900 yen! How cheap! couldnt even finish it .. After that, I rented this laptop to transfer all the videos and pictures on to my HDD so I dont have to buy new memory cards. It cost me $15 for just one night so Im making the most out of it by going on Facebook,, emails, catching up with some friends! Took me forever to write this email up, but I hope you enjoyed reading it. I wanted you to know what I was up to!

It took about 5 days to fill up the memory cards so I probably wont be able to go email again until then. But if you think 15 a night is worth it, text me dad and I'll rent it again! Remember if its important, text me. Emailing me I wont get unless I rent a laptop. I havent found a nearby internet cafe anywhere. But this should be okay for now. For reference, you should Google some of the places I mentioned to know where I've been and everything. Convert the money into dollars to you found out how much i spent LOL But its really late now and tmrws aunty said we gotta get up at 5am to catch a train to go some place far. A BULLET TRAIN! So I must be on time and you know how long it takes me to get ready... LOL

P.S The Sixers won fair and square. I saw the highlights and everything, your starters did not perform. Only Duncan had double figures while Tony scored 9 points. Despicable. Jrue played exceptionally well and lifted our team. We're starting to make a statement in the league and the buzz around the league is that we're in playoff contention, I mean, seriously, we beat the best team in the league. Is that not saying something ? We play the Grizzlies and the Rockets next. Like seriously. LOL. Btw I saw the highlights for the J.J Hickson block on Griffin. That was insane. Then I saw the Griffin dunk off the Davis alley .. it got no.1 a couple days back. I cant believe im gna miss the all star weekend this year. But check if ONE HD has coverage, if not, ask kevin or tony. They will download it for sure. Tony has kevin's number. Just ask them. Dont tell me who won anything .. all star game, dunk contest, 3 point. I DONT WANNA KNOW, I WANNA SEE. YOU GOT THAT ?! LOL

I'll update again when I can but until then, I hope everything is okay back at home and I miss you guys so much! Not so much you Jim cos no one jumps on my bed here =P LOL Narh jokes =) Remember TEXT if its important! I need the info about 3 coverage overseas anyways. Anything concerning uni and that, that is important stuff and I need to know about that. WHen the ID card comes, get Dad or Mum to sign for it. Talk to you guys soon! If I get a calling card, I'll text beforehand so you can wait for me if you like =) Anyways the time is now 2am here, which means its 4am in Sydney. Damn .. only 3 hours sleep =( OH wells, it was worth it to update you guys!

Write a long reply so I have something to read if I rent this laptop again! Thanks Jim! Good night, sweet dreams and take care everyone!

Oyasuminasai Minna-san!