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Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 3:02 PM

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So like it was my birthday yesterday and like every other year, I didn't plan anything for it. Friends and family alike have clobbered me with questions as to why I don't celebrate my birthdays. Is it a big mystery guys ? I mean, to me, its just a day that officially records you as one year older. I don't get the big deal in that =/ "But its your 18th Allan ..", "dude its your fucken 18th ..", "If I didn't have school, I would fly over to Sydney and throw a brick at your head for not celebrating your 18th" .. were some of the responses I received from my lovely bunch of friends LOL would anyone like to tell me the big deal about turning 18 and how it differs from your 17th ? or your 19th ? or even your 21st ?

Suppose I do want to celebrate my birthday .. how would I go about in doing that ? I have friends from a diverse range of places, I have friends that do not get along with each other, I have friends who are heavy drinkers .. do I make a small party reserved for best friends and family ? do I make a slightly bigger party and hope everyone gets along ? how do I decide on who to invite and who not to invite ? Essentially .. its too much trouble for everyone. I even tell my parents not to buy me cakes cos it's such a waste of money =="

Some people celebrate their birthdays, some do not. It's just a choice that the person makes because he/she doesn't see the significance of celebrating a birthday. Of course I do have those stupid, loving friends that will not take no for an answer and go out of their way to make something happen LOL For the past two birthdays, I wanna give a shout out to Jess, who's nature is to never listen to a word I say LOL and Tony, who has been there for me since forever :3 thanks guys!

This year I spent the first hour and a half of my birthday watching Saw 7 LOL It finished downloading around 12am and I usually watch a few minutes of the movie to check the quality but I found it too captivating to stop watching and so I watched the whole film LOL I spent the morning and afternoon, finishing up on my bio lecture notes when I had to walk to the Post Office to collect something when it started to rain T_T So I called Jess up and like the awesome, reliable friend that she is, took me home =] She then somehow convinced me to go Mounties with Tony LOL First thing I did was make my Mounties Membership card =D Feels awesome being able to walk into the Gambling Area without fear of the consequences of getting caught :3 Tony and I played Snooker for a bit and then the 3 of us proceeded to try catch some of my birthday/beginner's luck at the Blackjack table downstairs =] I won 22 dollars x] Jess went home early to drive her Dad home and do her assignment while Tony and I walked to the Kebab shop when it started to rain again .. some of you might think its a crappy way to spend a birthday but in my eyes, I got to spend it with 2 of my closest friends which is what really mattered to me. Those 2 remind me of a better time .. a time when we were closer physically and mentally. I hate how uni makes you reselect your friends because of the workload and shit but like I always say, friends that want to be in your life WILL make the effort to do so. Right now, I'm down to just texting Tony and Jess when I can but we'll pull through cos we're thicker than blood =]

Special mention to the following people:

Jim - First person to wish me happy birthday. (12:00am)
Ro - First Person to text me happy birthday. (12:00am)
Geoffrey - First Person to facebook me happy birthday. (12:01am)
Cassie - First Person to call and wish me happy birthday. (10:40am)
Cassie - Best birthday wish.
Lyn - Last Person to wish me happy birthday. (11:59pm)
Jess - Longest birthday wish (23 text messages)
Michelle - Funniest birthday wish
Uncle Ching - Furtherest birthday wish (Universal Studios, LA, America)
Felix - Loudest birthday wish (a total of 79 exclamation marks LOL)

Another special shoutout to everyone who called to wish me a happy birthday =) I'm taking it as you think a call is more significant than a text rather than your laziness to type up a text LOL



ja ne =]