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Sunday, March 20, 2011 @ 8:10 AM

WMP: Clive Wearing Segment on 60 Minutes
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I'm studying for Psychology at the moment. This 60 Minute segment about a guy named Clive Wearing is one of the pre-readings or suggested videos for Psychology .. even though I have not been instructed to watch it yet LOL I figured the uni net is pretty fast so why not download all the videos now ? ROFL So I have videos for Forensic Psychology which I don't even need right now and yeah .. just downloaded all of them =) HEY at least I downloaded LEGAL shit T_T *coughsLyndownloadedawholebunchofvideosthathadnothingtodowithunicoughs* LOL

Anyways back to the point, this 15 min segment on a man named Clive Wearing is probably one of the most touching segment I've watched on 60 Minutes .. wait its the only segment I've watched LOL It's about Clive, a 70 something year old man, who has the worst case of amnesia in the world. His memory spans no more than 30 seconds and he has been living this way for the last 20 years. Apparently some ulcer virus got into his brain and just ate away at his recollections of life. He literally walks into a room, sits down and forgets why he was there, where he is, what year it is .. basically everything. And if that's not emotional enough, get this .. the only thing he remembers is the love for his wife, Deborah.

Need I say anything more ? It's completely astonishing that this virus ate at all his memories except the one thing that made him happy. Clive had to live within a retirement home with people that has brain issues and Deborah found it extremely hard to cope with seeing Clive in such internal pain..

"Deborah will be here in a minute"
"Yes well I've never seen her since I've been ill. How many years have I been unconscious ?"
"20 years."
"Can you imagine what it's like to walk around for 20 years, with no dreams, no thoughts. Being totally inactive, day and night, exactly the same."

She described Clive's pain as "a month of crying that never ceased for a minute". This became unbearable for her and she decided to leave Clive behind in England and leave the country..

Over time she has realised that "there is no replacement for the feeling of love" and has moved back to England to be with Clive. 60 Minutes shows the moment when Clive and Deborah reunite again after not seeing each other for so long and it's nothing short of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen ='( Clive literally jumps and claps like a little kid when he opens the door, followed by kisses and a hug that he never seemed to let go. They repeat this "first" meeting countless times in a day because for Clive, it's the first time he's seen Deborah since he got sick.

"It feels like I've never hugged you in my life"

Clive keeps a diary in which he writes his first thought in the morning. He writes:

"8:40am - My first thought: I love Deborah for all of eternity"
"10am - Now I am perfectly awake .. for the first time"
"11:10am - Now I am perfectly awake .. for the first time"

He crosses out the word "first" cos he doesn't remember writing it down and thinks all previous entries are wrong cos he's never seen them before. The only entries he DOES remember are the ones to his love, Deborah.

"Dear Deborah, please fly here immediately at infinity miles per hour. Love Clive."
"Dear Deborah, I adore you everlastingly Darling. You are the light in my life. Love Clive."

"Why do you implore Deborah to fly here ?"
"Because I love her."

I've seen and heard of many stories of the real kind of "true love" but this one is just something else =')

ja ne.