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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 @ 5:22 PM

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I guess I had the wrong impression of uni =( I thought uni life was supposed to be less stress and more freedom, a complete opposite of the life I endured during the HSC year .. but I was so wrong >< 10 ="(" life ="="">.>" When I procrastinate during the HSC year, I was like I'll make it up by losing a couple hours of sleep but when I procrastinate now .. I'll have to stay up ALL NIGHT ==" I don't have time for ball, I don't have time for NBA, I don't have time for dramas, I don't have time for work, I don't have time for anything ><" I don't even know why I'm wasting time writing this post but I feel like I needed to vent before I start pulling hair out ..

So it's nearly been a month since I came back from Japan and nearly a month of uni. This is my evaluation on uni life so far ..

BIOLOGY - My most favourite and best subject going into the HSC. Now ? My most hated and worst subject ==" I don't understand how they expect people to do so much work in a week or 2 weeks time .. it's fricken crazy =( Just for biology I have 2 assignments and on top of that, every 2 weeks I have HB Online which is like an online activity thing that you're expected to do before coming to prac classes. Every HB Online segment has like 4 topics .. FML I'm behind in almost every aspect of biology except the lecture notes.

PSYCHOLOGY - Almost all my expectations of uni have went to hell, I am so thankful that my desire to study psychology did NOT fail to meet my expectations =) I love psychology! It's like my best subject right now and I'm owning it LOL I do the extra credit point research experiments and quizzes like when they come out and I'm up to date with everything in Psychology =] Just yesterday I aced the Science and Statistics Quiz 10/10 first go :3 If it weren't for psychology, I would hate uni so much T__T"

HEALTH SCIENCES - I have 2 subjects for this unit: Foundations to HS and HS Research. Both of which suck balls .. super boring and they go for 2 hours .. EACH! =( One of the lecturers just reads off the slides and talks in a super monotone voice that almost ENCOURAGES you to sleep ==" The other lecturer is a bit too jumpy for my liking, he jumps up and down when he talks and waves his hands in a bit of a girly manner .. *sighs NOT TO MENTION, the tables in Wallace Theatre cannot be leaned on T__T They are designed so you cant sleep on them I SWEAR LOL ='( SOOOOOO BORING .. I'm not even bothered to do lecture notes on them ==" I have a essay due in 2 weeks .. FML.

TRAINS & BUSES - I officially hate trains and buses .. actually I like the trains and buses in Japan but the ones here ? OMG ==" I literally take 2 hours to get to uni and another 2 hours to get back .. it's so fricken annoying ==" I dont get any work done on the train cos it makes me sleepy and on top of that, it's so expensive LOL HEY I don't work so I don't have income hence everything is expensive to me =(

Here's a pre-work quiz for Biology that I kinda stuffed up LOL ..

So like you're allowed 10 minutes but you can save it and continue it later but I didn't know that .. I just closed the window and the quiz is still running ==" I realised 3 days later =( Thank god this is not assessable ROFL

ja ne =/