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Sunday, January 2, 2011 @ 11:19 PM

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First of all, I wanna wish everyone who reads this blog a very HAPPY NEW YEARS and to pass my wishes onto all their families and friends =) I hope everyone had an awesome countdown this year with family and friends close by cos New Years is an awesome milestone in the year which, I think, brings everyone closer. A new year does not necessarily mean a fresh start but if you like to think that, then I guess it's for the best cos with that comes New Year Resolutions (which I will write a post about later). Anyways I would personally like to extend my most awesomest thanks to Felix and company for organising such an awesome NYE party =] Thanks guys and special thanks to that awesome guy who supplied his PS3 and Singstar *angel face* LOL

It all began on the 30th of December when Felix invited me to his NYE party the following day =) Initially I had NYE plans with Jess which went to hell, so I tried to plan something up with Lyn which ALSO went to hell, then Kevin invited me over for his NYE/brother's birthday party. I was like who's going ? And he was like random people T__T" LOL But yeah, he said there would be champagne and you know me, I LOOOVERR ME SOME CHAMPAGNE :3 But then yeah, Felix called and I couldn't pass up one of Felix's parties ^^" Sorry Kevin! Guess your NYE kiss will have to come another year ;)

When I got there, people were starting to cook food already so I got there just in time =] Tracie and Carmen were also present btw ^^ They helped out with the Fried Rice and such .. which I thought lacked a little flavour but hey I didn't help out with the cooking so I cant say anything ^^" I REALLY liked the fruit salad and the chicken salad thingo too :3 YUMMERS! After that, I set up my PS3 in the lounge room and Tracie wanted to play some SingStar so that's what we did =] Soon enough, our awesome singing caught the attention of the other party guests and they joined in as well =D Lots of records were broken (but surprisingly no glass windows were LOL) I cant believe I lost my high score on "With You - Chris Brown" ==" I WILL GET IT BACK CARMEN >=[ SingStar took up most of the time, others played Poker for a bit and came back to play Singstar until about 10 mins till midnight, we brought out the cake and countdown shots =D

Nothing like starting off the New Years with 6 shots of Henny and 3 cruisers =] I know it aint a lot but these were the leftovers from Felix's 19th so yeah, we saved up from last time ^^" There isn't much to blog about apart from the friendships made, records broken, shots taken .. etc. If I blogged every single detail, it would be like a diary entry and real boring ==" So ima litter this post with awesome pictures from that night =]

P.S GEOFFREY IS A DOG THAT DOGGED FELIX'S PARTY FOR HIS FRIEND'S PARTY >=[ I thought we were buddies Geoffrey =( Was looking forward to our NYE countdown kiss ;) ROFLOL~

Thanks again to Felix and all his friends for putting on an awesome party for NYE! For those that go parties with me, you'll know that I'm a boring person LOL I don't really talk to anyone or do much =/ I tend to sit down and play with my phone a lot =( That's a bad habit that I should change .. but at Felix's, I talked to everyone :3 I shared numerous laughs with each of them through Singstar, food, poker, shots ^.^ It was a good change =] But them being nice people made it so much easier =D THANKS AGAIN GUYS!

This year I did not have a countdown buddy. Instead I had countdown BUDDIES :3 Here is what my countdown buddy list looks like now ^.^

2006-2007 = Jenny L
2007-2008 = Tien C
2008-2009 = Tien C
2009-2010 = Jessica H
2010-2011 = Felix T, Tracie K, Carmen L, Evan L, Thanh B & everyone else at Felix's that night :3

ja ne =]