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Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 12:55 AM

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Sorry I've been lazy with my blogging as of late but there's a lot of excitement concerning the appeal of university life lately =) Friends have been talking about uni life, everyone is picking out their subjects, talking about which uni they're going to, hoping on second round offers .. this whole week has been about uni, really =/

So as the title suggests, I did receive an offer from the University of Technology, Sydney to do a course in Design in Architecture =] It was my second preference ^^" First one was the same course at the University of New South Wales but I guess I wasn't smart enough for them LOL The course there DID require an ATAR of 95.40 last year and this year got bumped up to 96.60. My course was originally 91.15 last year and this year got bumped up to 93.15 =] So I'm pretty happy with that :3

I have to admit though .. at first I wasn't all too happy about making into this course =/ When I logged on and the offer came up, I was expecting to see "Bachelor of Health Sciences at USYD" which was my 3rd preference. Remember in one of my earlier posts, I stated I wanted to be an engineer but then I realised I couldn't take doing maths for a career so I leaned a bit more towards design in architecture. As the weeks went by and Info Day came along, I had realised that I had an interest in Physiotherapy. With Biology being my strong point and my keen interest in health and fitness, I figured this course was ideal for me. The bonus of it being offered at USYD was not even considered yet LOL

So there I was, ending Info Day on high spirits that I would make it into Bachelor of Health Sciences at USYD. At the time, I thought architecture was a bit out of my reach so I looked forward to doing Health Sciences majoring in Physiotherapy whilst keeping architecture as my first and second preferences. So when the time came to check my offers, I was really surprised that I got into architecture. My emotions were mixed, ranging from shocked to happy to feeling down.

At the moment, I've enrolled into the course at UTS and will pick out my subjects soon but there's still that little part of me that wants to do Physiotherapy. I'm still wondering what I would do if they offered me that as a second round offer =(

I would like to give a shout out to congratulate the following friends who have made it into their desired courses this year:

Tony N. - Bachelor of Architectural Studies at UNSW
Lyn N. - Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts at USYD
Geoffrey T - Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Architecture at UNSW
Rosalyn H. - Bachelor of Secondary Education/Bachelor of Science at USYD
Tien T- Bachelor of Advanced Science at USYD
Stephanie L. - Bachelor of Advanced Science at USYD
Quyen N. - Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media and Information)/Bachelor of International Studies at UTS
Jessica H. - Bachelor of Nursing at UWS
Kevin H. - Bachelor of Design in Architecture at USYD
Yvonne K - Bachelor of Biomedicine at UOM

Majority of my friends are going USYD .. fantastic.

P.S Check out the 4 member JOINT BLOG that RO, MK, VIVIAN & I made =]

It's still a working progress cos we're all so busy with uni stuff and Ro just got back from a choir camp so yeah =/ We're just posting random shiz atm but expect it to get better cos Ro, MK and Vivian are awesome bloggers =] You can find their respective blogs under my "Affiliates" tab ^.^

ja ne =]