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Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 2:38 PM

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This post was supposed to be typed up a while back now but yeah, I was waiting on photos and whatnot ^^" Hopefully my memory serves me right in writing this post out =]

So yeah, on the 6th of January, my family took a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne =) We left the house at like .. 7am I think it was and drove for about 11-12 hours .. with mini rest stops in between of course =] During the trip, I watched .. "The Other Guys" and "School of Rock" then I played DS and listened to music and caught up on some sleep LOL I find road trips are more relaxing and better than a plane flight .. domestically speaking of course LOL I can take 11 hours on the road but if we drove to Perth ? Fuck. Off. LOL

Day 1

When we got to our hotel at Glen Waverley, which was in the suburbs, it was about 7-8pm and I was fricken starving =( My uncle from Sydney was in town for a business trip so we called him up to go eat dinner with us =] It took him a while to get here so we ended up eating at like 8:30 ish ? Plus the time it takes for the food to come =="

While we were there, I texted Yvonne to let her know that we were in town =] She said that she was gna be catching a movie near the place we were eating at and that we could meet up for a bit later on in the night =) Unfortunately though, we were still eating when Yvonne and Rufina appeared. Yvonne and Rufina .. you remember them from my "Yvonne and Rufina" ROFL Yeah they watched the movie "Tangled" while we ate dinner =]

After dinner, we went back up to our hotel room =) I love the smell of walking into a neat hotel room :3 It's soothing LOL The best thing about ANY hotels are their towels x] I LOVE THEM =) They're so warm every time you use them .. best feeling in the world once you step out of the shower :3 I sat down and had a talk to my uncle about whether I should consider doing a Health Sciences degree at USYD cos it really appealed to me ^.^ He said he never heard of another degree that was so right for me LOL =/ He said "the more I read about this, the more I think you should take it" =D But now that I've made it into Architecture, he still tells me to do what I like but I know he wants me to do Architecture LOL =)

Here's a picture of what the view from my hotel room looked like ..

Yeah not the best view I've had from a hotel room =/ I should have taken a photo of the view I had when I was up on the 33rd floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel up in Surfer's Paradise =( Balcony and everythang >=]

I went to bed that night .. not knowing that my biggest nightmare wasn't gna happen whilst I was sleeping but rather, when I met her that following morning ..

ja ne =)