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Friday, January 28, 2011 @ 10:21 PM

WMP: Yeah x3 - Chris Brown
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Ima do this one in dot point form as well cos I'm super lazy tonight and I have a lot to blog so yeah =/ I'll just summarise everything :3

Day 3
  • Day 3 was spent once again with Cassie and Vincent's family =]
  • Our parents are best friends or something =/ Mum said something about Cassie's mum being her Maid of Honour O_O" I forget =/
  • We went over to their house early in the morning about 11 .. YEAH THAT'S EARLY FOR ME OKAY ?!
  • I met with Cassie's brother, Vincent, properly that morning and found out that we have a lot in common =] Sports and .. well yeah sports LOL
  • I saw Cassie's room .. Collingwood supporter =/ BOO~
  • We talked about the differences between SYD education system and MELB's =/ Obviously our one is better .. for even more obvious reasons LOL But the awesome thing is .. THEY GET TO DO PSYCHOLOGY AS A SENIOR ELECTIVE T_T
  • I stalked Cassie's school photos and YES Cassie, I saw your Year 7 ones =)
  • After our parents finished talking, we got in the car and drove to the city of Melbourne =]
  • I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THE FAMOUS MELBOUNRE "HOOK TURN" .. it's like a special type of right turn in the CBD cos of the trams there =/
  • On this particular day, Cassie's parents were taking us to Crown Casino =] It's friggin' massive .. it puts Star City on show =/ SOOO BIG AND SHINY O_O"
  • We didn't stay for long .. in fact, we just used it for its parking and walked elsewhere ROFL
  • We walked to Melbourne's DFO and its SO MUCH BETTER than our one .. I had to admit that cos I'm such a huge fan of DFO ROFL :3 They have TWO LEVELS first of all and it's just so much bigger than our one =/ I bought 2 Mossimo shirts for $20 there =] I HEART DFO LOL
  • After that, Cassie, Vincent, my brother and I got bored so we walked all the way to a place called Docklands .. that's like walking from Central all the way to Circular Quay T_T The adults were still shopping at DFO =/
  • We got to Docklands and it was pretty nice, it was like a shopping centre near the water side =] Pretty highroller stuff LOLOL
  • The adults came soon and we found out that there was FREE tram rides T_T STUPID CASSIE!
  • We then walked back to Crown where my brother wanted to play some MT at the Timezone there.
  • We played for a bit and the Timezone there is friggin huge as well ==" Brother spent $20 on random games and ended up with enough tickets for a tiny ass water gun .. which he now keeps in his room as a "momento" T_T Loser.
  • We then went back to Cassie's place and ordered Pizza Hut for dinner whilst watching "The Longest Yard" =) Awesome movie :3
  • We then proceeded to watch "Saw 4" but Cassie hid behind some pillows and when there was a CLEAN scene, I told her and when she looked, there was blood T_T ... soon after, there was blood on my face as Cassie stomped off to her room LOL
  • Cassie taught me her secret recipe of mixing Raspberry Soda water with Coke =3 It's surprisingly yummers O_O" I have yet to try it myself at home =]
  • After that, we went back to our hotel and clean, warm towels :3 Showered and played Advanced Wars with my brother till 2am and zzz ...
That pretty much sums up Day 3 to the best my recalling ability =/ Here's some pictures to make up for a short post =]

At Docklands =)

Sick cunt playing MT =/


ja ne =]