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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 1:25 AM

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Day 2

So my first morning at the hotel was pretty awesome :3 Dad woke me up early so we could check out the hotel gym and swimming pool out as they opened at 5am =] Nice to spend some quality time with Dad but the swimming pool was tiny as shit T_T The only thing I liked about it was that it was empty LOL We had the whole gym and pool to ourselves :3

All you can eat daily breakfast was included in the hotel package thingo and I've never had a more UN-healthy breakfast to start my days in a week =/ Every day I had a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, & hash browns, then another plate of the same thing but put together into my own Bacon&Egg McMuffin, then a plate of chocolate pancakes, then a bowl of oatmeal cereal, then another plate of just scrambled eggs and then a chocolate chip muffin :3 All downed with 2 glasses of pineapple juice =] I'm a pig LOL So what ? I'm a pig with high metabolism =P

After breakfast, I met her .. ROFLOL I make it so dramatic =) Mum made a call to one of her close friends in Melbourne and told her to come by our hotel. I remember this aunty cos she's been to our place before and I remember she had a daughter about my age and a younger brother. I was kinda excited to meet someone my age cos we would have a lot of shit to talk about =) And that's when I met Cassie. Here's a picture of her, taken with her halfcast cousins and my mum =]

At first, Cassie seemed quiet and friendly through the way she talked with my parents and her mum but as I spent more time with her, I came to realise that was certainly not the case =P LOL She's actually very opinionated and friendly .. to an extent x] She's into the Collingwood Magpies and NOT into horror movies =/ MINUS 2 points for her automatically >=[ She eats VERY little .. if anything at all T_T She's into law or something of the like =] During my 5-6 days in Melbourne, I saw her face for 95% of the time LOL I literally met up with her family like every day x]

On this particular day, Cassie took us to Springvale, which she called the "Cabramatta of Melbourne" LOL And surely enough, it was =) Bad parking everywhere, the smell of durian and sugar cane in the air, fucken loud Chinese people .. sounds like Cabra to you folks ? LOL We were here for a bit just to check it out then Cassie took us to Chadstone =]

Chadstone is apparently one of the biggest shopping calls in the Southern Hemisphere and I only needed to look at the carpark to realise that =/ It's sooo fricken big and so fricken highroller =/ There's like a row of highroller shops like Oroton, Chanel, Louis Vutton, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren etc .. That's where cool people shop hay ? LOL Not me, I'm just a slave to those cool people =/

Wow .. it's like 2:30 and I'm sleepy as shit =/ I'm gna write the rest in dot point LOL Just the important parts :3
  • Cassie didn't eat.
  • Their Lychee Frappe is way too sweet and way too expensive.
  • Brother got owned in MT got a little 6 year old indian kid.
  • Met up with Yvonne and Rufina at Chadstone.
  • Briefly met with Cassie's brother, Vincent, before he left.
  • Yvonne told me she has a job. Envy.
  • Yvonne wants an iPad. Sheep.
  • Rufina told me to watch "Tangled"
  • Apple store has free net.
  • Yvonne likes the dogs at the pet store.
  • We didn't get to walk all of Chadstone.
  • It was fricken hot as shit.
  • Back seat drivers are cool.
  • We went back to Yvonne's place for a bit.
  • I got owned in both Tekken and Singstar.
  • Excuses Reasons being it was on PS2 =] LOL
  • Yvonne's dog likes me :3
  • Left Yvonne's place and dropped Cassie back at home.
  • Went to another family friend's place, where Dad and Mum just talked.
  • I kinda fell asleep whilst the adults were talking .. how embarrassing =(
  • Went to eat at a Chinese restaurant at fricken 9pm T__T"
  • Went back to hotel to new, clean towels :3 LOL
That pretty much sums up Day 2 in Melbourne for me =] I'll post up Day 3 soon ^.^ A show of hands who thinks Cassie is more awesome than me ? *a ball of hay rolls past .. yeah I thought so x] Leave a comment guys!

ja ne :3