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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 8:33 PM

WMP: Happy Birthday - NewS
MSN: Jess, Lyn
Currently: Giving the guy in the mirror a hug =D


HEY GUYS~ =) if you haven't already guessed, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY LOL Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, really appreciate it ^^ As you know, I'm not a big fan of having a party for my birthday =/ I have friends from many schools and other social groups as well, and I really hate those parties where you have little groups of friends by themselves and not really mingling with others. That's why I never do much for my birthdays =] Just receive some birthday wishes and gifts from family and close friends and just let the day go by =D After all, "its only my 17th" LOL

This year was no different =] I had no plans for birthday whatsoever LOL it was pretty much 'a normal day' ^^" School was okay =) People wishing me happy birthday and all :3 Didn't really do much at school xD After school, I went to get a X-ray on my teeth for the dentist which took like 2 mins but parents lagged it T_T Ended up going to Cabra to buy a cake as well and the whole trip took more than an hour and a half ==" which made me miss Lyn's birthday visit =( She drove to my place to give my gift but I wasn't home >< SORRY LYN~ but I got your present =D AND I LOVE IT~ =3 Here's Lyn's presents this year =]

Lyn's attempt at drawing Minami :3 PIGTAILS~ ><




I didn't get much presents this year but I don't really expect presents anyways so its all cool =] But I have to say, I've never received a gift like this next one .. *teehee

Yeah .. no joke. I got 12 ball point pens for my birthday XD Guess who from ? The librarian from school O_O" Yeah she's like 70 something and she gave me a packet of blue pens for my birthday ROFL~ AT LEAST GIVE ME PURPLE ONES x] Narh I'm just kidding =] It was really nice of her to give me a present ^^" THANKS MS SMITH .. (I think thats her name .. LOL) Here's something Sonya doodled on the back of it =)

Yeah .. apparently "Ally" is my pet name given to me by Sonya T_T She's trying to make it a thing like "Swarley" from How I Met Your Mother LOL IT'S NOT GNA WORK~!

I wanna thank all the people who gave me birthday wishes via MSN =D It's always nice to be mentioned on someone's pm .. I suppose LOL Yeah don't mind me.. I'm weird =/ Anyways here's the list of people I saw, if I missed you IM SORRY~ =(

Okay here comes the best part ^^" I was sitting at home, on msn, talking to Jess =] She had previously told me that she would be coming over to 'chill' at my place =/ and I thought it was a bit odd because Jess doesn't like to go to guy's houses to 'chill' x] But there I was, sitting in my chair, talking on MSN when the doorbell rings =/ .. I get to the door and I see Jess .. TONY & JUNTREE & STEVEN =3 Apparently, Jess had organised a mini surprise sort of party ish thing for me the previous day ><" IT'S PROBABLY THE NICEST THING ANYONE'S DONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY SO FAR *cries THANK YOU JESS ='] I LOVE YOU SO MUCH~ Donna and Jess had chipped in for a cake as well =') Here's a picture ..

It looks sooooo~ awesome LOL

Here's the taro cake mum bought for me =3

Who is 'Chat Boii' ? x]

The tall&short candles remind me of something ROFL x]

After a while, we decided to go eat dinner at Mounties =] I went upstairs to change and came back downstairs to find only Jess sitting on the couch O_O Apparently the rest of the guys went home ... to get some money LOL Jess didn't look comfortable all by herself ROFL Sorry Jess but I wanna remember this some day :3 Anyways we watched 'Neighbours' (eww ..) while we waited for the guys to come back =/ While on the road to Mounties, we still weren't sure if we wanted to eat there so we went to Cook's Hill to eat some more YUMMY STEAK =] BUT THE LINE WAS SOOO~ LONG >=[ So we drove back to Mounties LOL

We went to eat at the 101 Buffet and when we were paying for entrance, Jess didn't let me pay for her >< But at least I got to pay for the rest of the guys =) TONY, JUNTREE & STEVEN GOT DINNER ON ME =D and man did they pack it on .. ROFL The buffet was practically empty O_O There wasn't much people there last night =/ THE WAITERS DIDN'T LET ME PLAY PLATE STACKING LOL There was more people in the Asian Karaoke than in the Buffet ROFL We ate A LOT =( SO MUCH that it got to the point where we were just playing with our food LOL Mixing it together with everything x] Here's the recipe:


- Hot Chocolate
- Some of Juntree's fruit
- Jess's vanilla ice cream
- Steven's watermelon
- Salt

1. Mix
2. There is no step 2

After that, we left for the games upstairs when the girl at the desk said "did you want an annoucement ?" and I was like "oh we're just about to leave anyways ?" LOL She was pretty persistent =/ and eventually she got her way and made the happy birthday announcement for me x] THANKS MOUNTIES CHICK =] No Steven, she doesn't 'like' me T_T ROFL

Upstairs we played an awesome game of pool =3 ALLAN&JUNTREE&JESS VS TONY&STEVEN. We lost .. LOL It was a good game though, cos we're all so shit XD cept for Steven & Jess =D Funny shots that SHOULD have went in but didn't and yeah LOL Then we played MT a couple times, I won a couple times =/ On Oosaka & Hakone but on that new track, I just couldn't win LOL Steven won most of them and even Jess won once =/ REMEMBER I LET YOU WIN >=]

In other news, Tony lost to Juntree in Tekken when all Juntree did was button mash XD YOU SUCK TONY >=P

After that, we came home to sing Happy Birthday and eat some cake even though everyone was feeling fat already LOL We played some more table tennis and then dropped everyone home =] I took some of the cake Donna chipped in for and brought it over to her house at like 11:15pm LOL We stayed at her house and chatted for a bit since she couldn't make it tonight cos of work =/ I got home at around 12 ish and didn't sleep until 2 >< I was SO DEAD TODAY =( LUCKY YOU DIDN'T SEE JESS LOL

Anyways I think I should end this post LOL too long XD SORRY! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES GUYS~ I LOVE YOU ALL BUT EXTRA LOVE TO JESS, STEVEN, TONY & JUNTREE (who missed out on Glee Return) for my birthday awww :3 I HAVE SO AWESOME FRIENDS >< *cries .. okay tears of joy are coming now ROFL The only lowlight of the day would have to be the fact that my dad didn't wish me a Happy Birthday but what Jess did made it all better anyways =3 THANKS AGAIN~

ja ne <3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 @ 9:50 PM

WMP: White Xmas - KATTUN
MSN: Jess
Currently: Bored =/

This is gna be a short post but I just wanted to say thanks to Kevin&Sonya for buying me a TimeOut chocolate bar today~ Kevin read my "100 things you didn't know about me" list and saw that my favourite chocolate is TimeOut and they bought one for me ROFL I haven't had a Timeout bar in soooo~ long and that's cos I recently gave up on chocolate bars. I found out that you need to run 30 mins straight on a treadmill to burn off all the calories from one 'fun-sized' chocolate =( Yeah .. not so 'fun' now is it ? =/ I just thought it wasn't worth it.

And I know what you guys are thinking .. Why am I worrying about my weight when I'm so goddamned skinny right ? Well it's not my weight I'm worried about, its the fact that I have a high metabolism and so I don't wanna develop a habit cos when I get older, the metabolism will slow down and I'll be on the scales of the Biggest Loser before you know it =( But yeah I ate the chocolate bar ^^" I promised myself that I wont eat another chocolate bar again .. unless its for a special occasion =)

Anyways I just wanted to thank them for getting me the chocolate cos I don't think anyone has ever gotten me a TimeOut bar knowingly that its my favourite chocolate =D So yeah THANKS~

P.S - I later found out that the chocolate bar was expired on the 26th of April ... Today is the 27th *thumbs up*

Kevin's defence statement - "It says BEST BEFORE" ROFL

ja ne :3

Saturday, April 24, 2010 @ 9:32 PM

WMP: Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa
MSN: Jess, Tien Tran
Currently: Bored =/

HELLLOOOO~ my loyal readers =) its been a while ROFL As many of you have witnessed with your own eyes (except for Ro LOL), I got a haircut x] And its a real haircut this time, not just thinned LOL Cut off my sideburns and fringe =( "Why ?" You ask ? Cos I'm lazy that's why =D I'm too lazy to straighten my hair in the mornings or when Jess decides to last minute me and I gotta take like 15-20 mins to get ready =( Well NOT ANYMORE =D but Jess, word of advice, don't take that as a free pass to last minute me now ROFL

Anyways no photos yet, cos I'm no longer what you guys call a 'luvo' >=P Tien said there's a difference between taking photos of yourself and a luvo and I was like .. "what is it then genius ?" and she goes "the luvo angle" .. I'm like " WHAT ? T_T" Apparently its the angle at which the photo is taken =/ something about the high shot or something ROFL it made me .. yeah ROFL xD

I went to the dentist on Friday afternoon at Cabra and Tony had just been there last week, he told me that he had a supposedly 'hot' dentist to clean his teeth for him XD and I was hoping I was going to the same one cos you know we have similar tastes =D Well sort of .. he doesn't think Minami is cute WHICH IS SOO WRONG >=( SHE'S LIKE THE NEXT BEST THING AFTER ERIKA & THE COLOUR PURPLE LMFAO Oh speaking of Minami, I think I'm cheating on Erika *gasps* *dramatic music plays* yeah .. I recently thought about it LOL and let's just say you know you're in love when you write "minami" instead of "minimal" in your Biology notepad ROFL I never had that with Erika =/ but I don't know .. Erika&I have been together for a while now LOL and you know .. things change ^^" BUT! this is just a rumour and nothing more, I will keep you guys posted on this controversial issue LOL

ANYWAYS~ about the dentist LOL I didn't get Tony's dentist =/ How did I know ? Well that's cos I got this old guy and unless that's what gets Tony going, I'm pretty sure I got someone else LMAO I got my teeth cleaned and was told that I have gum infection O_O don't worry its nothing serious, I just gotta brush properly or you know more effectively =/ and in a week's time, I'll be all good again =D But the point was he suggested I should get braces and that brings me to today. Dad took me to an orthodontist to see what the specialist said about my teeth and how I should go about getting braces =] And apparently I have a baby tooth stuck between some teeth and that's gna have to be pulled out O_O" and then I gotta take out my wisdom tooth ? and then I gotta close the gap between the bridges .. yeah its all very complicated XD Point is I gotta go get some X-rays done first and go back next Friday =]

The specialist that I had was so young O_O He was like .. 20 .. 24 MAX if you ask me =/ He was really polite and knows his shit LOL You can tell he is a professional =] Not one of those assholes that just want your money T_T He was all like "I think you should get braces after HSC, that way you can focus on your studies more for upcoming HSC" and I was like "awww .. YOU CARE *HUG*" ROFL So yeah I'm gna get braces after HSC =)

Highlight of the day ? Well two things actually .. One would be going back to Cooks Hill and eating that SUPER AWESOME OISHII STEAK again *drools .. ITS THE BEST STEAK IN THE WORLD =D I WANT SOME NOW =] Okay off topic .. where were we .. OH yes the other highlight of the day .. when I went to orthodontist today, there was a pretty receptionist at the counter =] She was no Erika or Minami but how she talks is ADORABLE XD Even though she's like .. 20 something =/ Anyways funny story .. I had finished my consultation with the awesome orthodontist and was at the counter with Dad, paying for the session when I noticed a Coke can on her desk when I said "Isn't it a bit ironic that there is a Coke can in a dentist's office ?" She laughed at my joke and said "Well I need my sugar today" =D No I was NOT hitting on her T_T I was just being myself LOL but Dad wasn't O_O We had to book another session at Wetherill Park next Friday and Dad was all like "So you wont be there at Wetherill Park ? cos then I wont bother coming" .. I was like .. "what are you doing .. O_O" ROFL

So yeah .. I got new hair, and will be getting braces .. I wonder what's next .. breast implants perhaps ? =/ LOL I'm sleepy ^^" Leave a comment and have a good night =)

ja ne ^^

Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 4:32 PM

WMP: Dude, Where's My Car (film)
MSN: -
Currently: Not doing maths homework ^^"

For those of you who have been my friend for long time now .. let's say a couple years =], you'll probably agree with me when I say I'm not a very interesting person LOL However there are those who will disagree with this, maybe cos they're being nice or cos they love me *angel face*, but for this post, I will try to write up 100 things about myself (emphasis on the word 'TRY'). So grab a pad and a pen and maybe you'll learn something new about me ^^

1. I love my best friends =3 its funny cos if I were to say that to the two of them, I would get two very different responses LOL "ngaww :3 I LOVE YOU TOO!" & "are you a gay cunt ?" You can figure which ones goes with who yourself =D

2. I've learnt to value only the opinions of those close to me and screw everyone else's opinions because despite what you think of me, I don't really care what others think of me =]

3. I have trust issues. With everyone. Don't ask.

4. I love family. Its the next best thing to having a best friend unless of course you're both =) I love my family cos they provide me with everyone I need but at the same time, can be unreasonable at the same time. I've recently found the courage to step up to my family and tell them off for the things I feel are unjustified in this house. I know its a little disrespectful but I believe I'm at that age where my views are not deemed insignificant. I basically attempted to open up my parents eye's to reality and allow them to see what is really going on in this family. I didn't expect immediate results but I can see improvement =) Soon enough, I wont need best friends but then again, you guys are already family *angel face*

5. My view of life ? Optimistic. If you've noticed, I'm not really a depressed child often. Maybe cos I don't see the point of it ? Being positive and thinking things through have always been my first course of action but that's not always the case is it ? I encourage people to see things my way, the positive way but you'll find that changing a person's mentality is near impossible.

6. I absolutely love Japanese culture (excluding natto beans *shudders*). I don't really have a reason for liking Japanese stuff but if I had to pick one, I would have to say cos everything is so interesting and adorable I guess ? =/




10. I don't like reading, in fact I hate it ^^" Reading is okay if its like subtitles or a short story or newspaper article or magazine but novels ? PLEASE LOL

11. I am a very hygienic person. If you ever get the chance to visit my room, you'll find its fit for a princess .. I mean king xD I like to be tidy and neat, call me what you want but I ain't the one living in a mountain of clothes =P

12. When it comes to picking friends, I usually have no criteria. But with that being said, I do have preferences. I like friends who are funny and have a genuine personality. I also like friends who strive to help others or those important to them. Friends are not hi&bye, they are here to stay.

13. My definition of a friend, a close friend, a girlfriend and a best friend are extremely different from others. A friend is a buddy whose company you enjoy, a close friend is one you can talk to, a girlfriend is everything you want, a best friend is everything you need.

14. I am a big time sucker for pigtails =3

15. If I trust you, don't ever take that for granted or you might regret it. Ask around.

16. I believe in extra terrestrials i.e. aliens. The universe is huge, there is no way we are alone .. as scary as that might seem =/

17. I have really bad nightmares when I have a high fever. Best you stay away when I do.

18. I like cute girls more than hot girls which means to say I like personality better than looks. I ain't your average shallow guy =P

19. I love sports. Almost every sport is good, except for cricket & baseball. Favourite ? basketball =]

20. I like to think of myself as a great listener because I like to help people when they feel crappy ^^ So even if its not true, I am trying =3

21. I don't like short hair on girls, but I wont run away if I come across a girl with short hair ^^"

22. I love sweets =) Chocolate, lollies, chocolate lollies, yeah I love them all .. except for liquorish =(

23. The number 23 reminds me of the best basketball player ever .. Jordan Michaels ROFL!

24. I adore turtles & penguins *angel face*

25. When people think "Japan", they think "anime". Yeah well I'm not really a fan of anime =/ I used to be but not anymore ^^" I'm a drama person now *thumbs up*

26. I'm not a hard core gamer but I am super competitive >=] Beat me at a game/sport ? You wont leave until I beat you back =D (exceptions include Harry & Kevin)

27. My favourite movie(s) of all time is Rush Hour 1 & 2. "My daddy will kick your daddy's ass all the way from here to China or Japan or wherever the hell you from" ROFL

28. I love music =] I generally listen to R'n'b, JPop or slow jams =3 I don't have a favourite song cos I usually just go through a phase where I listen to one song for an extended period of time LOL but "Lovers & Friends Remix" By Usher, Ludacris & Lil Jon is my favourite slow jam of all time =D

29. I am a huge horror fan =) Anyone who can sit through a GOOD horror film is a friend of mine LOL My favourite horror to date would be "Shutter (thai version)" Check it out =]

30. I don't like the colour yellow at all. Don't know why so don't ask XD

31. My favourite car is the Toyota Supra RZ but a very close second is the Mazda RX-7.

32. I have never been overseas =(

33. I like to read Men's Health XD

34. I wish I never started this post ROFL .. I can't even find 50 things about myself .. How boring am I ? ^^"

35. I have always liked the names Vicky and Rachel.

36. I always drink a big cup of milk every night.

37. I love attending weddings, maybe cos I like to dress formally =/

38. Inspiration isn't a thing for me LOL I watch something or see something and I get inspired for like 5 minutes and then I forget about it ^^"

39. I love sleeping in on a cold winter morning. I might love it even more if I had someone next to me *angel face*

40. I didn't learn to wear thongs until I was 14.

41. I believe in true love only because I've sniffed a bit of it.

42. I can't sleep if I wear socks to bed =/

43. I can't sleep if I don't have something to hold on to ^^" I hold on to my blanket now =3

44. I can't sleep on the floor O_O

45. I like Biology & Japanese & Physics most at school, Maths is my least favourite =/

46. I am a BIG fan of magic =D

47. Pho Tai & Com Bo Luc Lac are my favourite Vietnamese dishes =]

48. I will most likely have a Sinh To Bo at my table if I'm not feeling tight LOL

49. I'm not a big spender on myself but for those I love, I tend to spend quite a bit ^^"


51. I believe in ghosts =/

52. Girl & Guy best friends are real. Deal with it.

53. Favourite tennis player is Andy Roddick.

54. Favourite Basketball player is Allen Iverson.

55. Favourite Basketball team is the Philadelphia 76ers.

56. Favourite NRL team is the St. George Illawarra Dragons.

57. I've been told that I have great skin ? O_O

58. If I was a chick, I would totally marry Hideaki Takizawa =3

59. Hugs are not better than kisses >=) Hugs are comforting and warm but kisses are everything a hug is plus more. You can hug anyone but you can't kiss anyone (for me that would be guys ROFL) but seriously, you can hug a stranger on the street, it wouldn't mean anything =/ but a kiss would =3

60. I don't believe in fate cos it makes me feel like I'm not in control of my own life =/

61. I'm not a fan of change but change isn't always a bad thing ^^" Examples ? Year 7 Allan to Year 12 Allan, which one is better ? ^^"

62. I sleep in a star shaped position *angel face*

63. I like to stare outside the window when in a car .. except when I'm driving LOL

64. I don't like how my voice sounds =( My voice sounds awesome when I hear it as I speak but when I'm being recorded or something .. IT'S SO GAY XD

65. I wear briefs for underwear not boxers or tighty-whities ROFL

66. I've always liked the new born baby smell =) you know that milk-ish smell ? =/ yeah that LOL

67. I've never been admitted to a hospital in my life =/

68. I HATE chilli stuff =(

69. LOL

70. I love lying down somewhere with someone special and just stare into the sky (yeah I'm running out of things to say LOL)

71. I am huge fan of the American sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" but the best American sitcom would have to be "Friends" =D

72. I don't use soap in the shower, I use that body/shower gel thingy =/

73. I've dislocated fingers, sprained my wrist 3 times, sprained my left ankle 2 twice but never broken a bone ^^"

74. I like orange & grape flavoured lollipops

75. I don't sing in the shower but I sing in the car XD

76. Favourite comedian is Arj Barker

77. I have a queen-sized bed *angel face*

78. I went to Mt Pritchard Public School for Kindergarten before I moved to Green Valley.

79. My favourite chocolate bar is Time Out *drools ..

80. I am EXTREMELY passionate about sports, in particular basketball and tennis =] If you ever have the unfortunate task of sitting with me on the sofa and watching a game with me, then you probably have hearing aids XD I think my brother's a bit deaf at the moment ROFL

81. I can quote lines from movies/tv shows quite accurately ROFL (perhaps I should put that shit on my resume LOL)

82. I love violin music >< I LOVE ITS~ examples ? "Gimme That" - Chris Brown and "Truth" - Arashi

83. Cookies&Cream be my ultimate desire on a Friday night in.

84. I write only in capital letters.

85. I hope to be really good at ice skating one day =] its looks so awesome xD

86. I apparently set a world record .. unofficially of course. It was for a game LOL I scored 112 hits on the "Whack-A-Monty" mini game for New Super Mario Bros On DS =]

87. I've never slept over at a friend's place =/

88. I've never been drunk *angel face*

89. I've never been camping.

90. I'm not a smoker or a drinker .. I SWEAR >=[

91. I bite my nails.

92. I file my nails after I cut them.

93. My favourite Disney movie of all time is Hercules (I cant believe I left this till now T_T). A close second is Toy Story 1&2.

94. I have 4 fishies .. yeah I'm running out of things okay ? =="

95. I love the beach =) minus when sand gets everywhere >=(

96. I have perfected the art of silent treatment .. just not on certain people *angel face*

97. I hate attention seekers >=(

98. I'm a great cook .. okay fine .. I'm not. But I really do wanna be one =3


100. I'm a virgin.

I'm gna go sleep now .. ja ne *yawn*

Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 6:03 PM

WMP: Relax! - No Sleeves
MSN: -
Currently: Taking a well-deserved break from work

HEY LOYAL READERS =D I'm sorry for not blogging for a while .. I know I usually blog like once every 2 days or so but maths homework is really breathing down my neck right now. I just finished my biology assignment which is awesome~ so I'm taking a break from work for about 2 hours =] So if you're on MSN, and you wanna have like a deep, meaningful conversation, now's the time ROFL Anyways since homework has limited my holidays to just being at home .. nothing interesting has happened as of late so .. once again, I find myself clueless as to what to blog about =/ But then I was in the shower today (yeah I know .. use of hawt imagery ay ? xD), and I thought about this psychic's prediction thing of what's gna happen in the future and yeah I know, I'm usually the guy that says "I'll believe it when I see it" but you can't say things like this doesn't intrigue you. By the way, that "I'll believe it when I see it" thing ? I have 2 exceptions for that .. One being the possibility of extraterrestrials and two being the existence of supernatural forces (i.e ghosts). I believe in both of those but I have never seen one .. with that being said, I hope I never have to *fingers crossed*

Anyways back to the prediction thingy .. there's this grandma in .. Austria or something =/ who claimed to have predicted the 9/11 tragedy and the assassination attempts on various world leaders. Many have been convinced of her paranormal activities (not me *angel face*) and are expecting the next prediction to come true as well .. the announcement of World War 3. Here's part of the list of predictions she made for the future ..

2010 – World War III. War will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014. Will begin as usual, then nuclear will be used initially, and then chemical weapons.

2011 – As a result of the fallout of nuclear fallout, in the northern hemisphere, there will not be any animals or vegetation. Then Muslims will wage war against chemical surviving Europeans.

2014 – Most people will suffer skin cancer and other skin diseases (a consequence of chemical warfare).

2016 – Europe will almost be empty.

2018 – New China becomes a world power.

2023 – A little bit of change in the Earth’s orbit.

2025 – Europe still little settled.

2028 – Creating a new energy source (probably a controlled thermonuclear reaction). Hunger is gradually being overcome. Launched a manned spacecraft to Venus.

2033 – The polar ice are melting. Greater levels of the oceans.

2043 – The world economy is thriving. In Europe, Muslims rule.

2046 – any bodies (organs) can be manufactured (cloning?). Replacing the bodies is becoming one of the best methods of treatment.

2066 – During the attack on the Muslim Rome, the United States used a new kind of weapon – the climate. The sharp cooling (instant freezing).

2076 – Classless Society (communism).

If you're interested, here's the complete list @

I remember when Tony read that list and the first thing that caught his eye was the "classless society" one, which basically meant communism would end. He was like "WHAT ? 2076 ? I'm not waiting 77 years for communism to end LOL" (He found this prediction thing last year).

So nothing's gna happen in the year 2012 ? =/ LOL I knew that movie was a cheap rip off =] Anyways I don't believe in this prediction crap, but if you read about what's happening between Iran and America at the moment, you'll feel perhaps a little persuaded =/ The story is Iran holds a lot of uranium, which can be utilized for weapons but only at a 90% purity rate. The uranium is currently at a 3.5% purity rate until Feb 10 this year. Iran said, at a United Nations conference, that they plan to purify it to 20% for energy purposes which was when America stepped in and said "Fuck you, you're gna make some uranium shit to blow us up! >=(" .. LOL can you imagine Obama saying that ? xD But you cant blame him for being so suspicious cos Iran does hold the record for most violations of the United Nations Code =/ The point is there is tension between the two countries and on top of that, China is picking fights with America also which means in the event of a war between Iran and America, China will back Iran up and Australia being America's bitch will get drag in as well. And let me tell you that Russia is not gonna stand by while a war is happening on its borders as well, which means Europe will be dragged in and before you know it, you wont have anyone on your Christmas card list =( But you know .. stay optimistic =] I would like to hear what you guys think though .. based on what I've told you so far =/

To end this post on a better note, here's a picture showing why Geoffrey and me are the best of buddies LOL

Don't you just love that song ? xD RICKROLL FTW =] "Never gna let you down~ x)


Behold… the Perfect Picture. In today’s technologically-driven society, 83 percent of all layage (LOL) is a direct result of the pictures you post on your social networking page.

“Okay, so how do I take the Perfect Picture,” you ask? Easy. Look at any picture of me.

“But Barney,” you’re saying, “I don’t look like you.” True, but maybe that’s because I’m not wearing a backwards trucker hat or standing shirtless next to a pimped-out Civic. You need help. Here it is.

How To Take Perfect Pictures

Step 1: Put on a suit. Just kidding. You’re already wearing one. Right? RIGHT?!

Step 2: Stand in front of a full-length mirror and practice your “perfect pose.” Things to focus on: angling your body in relation to the lens so you appear strong and sexual (think Barack Obama). Also, you’ll want to broaden your shoulders to appear extra manly (think Hillary Clinton).

Step 3: When you’re at a venue where cameras are common (parties, birthdays, a camera store), listen for clicks, beeps and servos, as these are the sounds of digital cameras snapping away. Try to ignore the camera bearer and her friends’ “amazing” stories about how smart their cats are and put yourself in prime position for a picture behind them.

Step 4: Watch for premature flashing (aloha!), as most cameras flash twice. After the first, you have between one and three seconds to transition into your perfect pose. Don’t dawdle.

Step 5: Review your photo. It should be perfect. If not, a few hours of Photoshop can fix anything (exception: Meg Ryan). Now, post your photo and get ready to post.


ja ne =]


Sunday, April 4, 2010 @ 5:01 PM

WMP: Relax! - No Sleeves (AKB48)
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Everyone who reads this blog will know that I spam *angel face* A LOT huh ? =) WELL~ I have found somebody who does it more than me and HEAPS BETTER TOO =3


OMFG she's the next best thing right after ERIKA & THE COLOUR PURPLE xD SHE IS SOOOOOOO ADORABLE ><" AND AND AND SHE'S ONLY 18 =O AND AND AND SHE SPAMS PIGTAILS AS MUCH AS I SPAM *angel face* I first discovered .. no wait .. fell in love with Minami when I saw her in her latest drama - "Mendol - IKEMEN IDOL". It's about 3 girls who want to be Japanese Pop Idols but fail almost every audition .. until a producer sees potential in them .. but as guys. They dress up as guys and become pop singers but they start off where every idol does, at the bottom. You see their adventures in trying to make it to the top of the music charts which is pretty hilarious as they have troubles hiding their real identities =] Including this male director who thinks he is gay when he falls in love with one of the girls ROFL. I totally recommend this drama to anyone who loves well dramas with a funny twist or anyone who can tolerate Minami's INCREDIBLY CUTE yet highly childish voice/personality. SURPRISE SURPRISE! Yupp she's childish too ^^" I LOVE HER TO BITS xD To share my new found happiness, I'm gna spam some snapshots from her drama =3

This is what she looks like when dressed at a guy =] ISN'T SHE JUST THE CUTEST ? LOL

This girl reads my blog LOL She just spams pigtails *blushes*


There is a part in the drama where 2 of the girls start making faces at each other and Minami feels left out and joins in. SO CUTE ><"

Some might say I have a weird taste in girls cos I like cuteness and childishness over the hot stuff =/ If you're one of those people, here's what MINAMI&I have to say ..

Yeah you tell them girl =D

She's no Erika but I'm gna have sweet dreams tonight LOL =]

ja ne =3

Friday, April 2, 2010 @ 11:27 PM

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MSN: Maria, Geoffrey
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Here's what a conversation between two intellectuals sound like .. *teehee

you're gay
i wouldnt be talking LOL
ALLAN:im not gay
im awesome =]
GEO:thats why you're gay...?
ALLAN:cos im awesome ? =/
awesome = gay :D
ALLAN:no ..
geoffrey = gay
GEO:hence from above,
since awesome = gay
therefore geoffrey = awesome
too much maths for you buddy :L

*sub awesome for gay *

but since awesome cannot equal gay

therefore, the solution for geoffrey = gay is undefined and cannot be a solution.
ALLAN:i subbed awesome for gay
not awesome for gay =="

my bad =/
i WIN ! :D

whatever helps you sleep at night
stuff you
that'll help me sleep

stuffed roasted allan on a spit
remember that spit
farh we kept that party alive LOL
but stuffing them with food
that they couldnt eat
we're so awesome :L
excuse me
theres no geoffrey in we okay
ALLAN:ohh thats so cut

but theres allan in geoffrey
thats gay
so gay thats its going in my blog :L

you fucked up now
GEO:ust cos it fits the title of "when love comes looking for you" =.=
HEY it does too huh ?

good one =]
ALLAN:hey geoffrey ?
can i tell you something ? =/
i sense gayness approaching me

you know me too well :L


ja ne xD

Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 10:05 PM

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Currently: Horror movie marathon =]

First day of holidays .. what did I have planned ? A day at home with my hard drive LOL HEY! don't blame me, I haven't watched a whole movie in like months =( THANKS A LOT HSC >=( I decided to go for a horror movie marathon cos you know I LOVE MY HORROR =3 Today I found out that I have very small collection of horror movies =/ .. or good ones at least =( I'm download some more soon ^^ Any ideas for good horror movies ? =] My recommendation ? SHUTTER =) THAI VERSION! Don't bother with the American one, its nothing compared to the thai one =] Anyways I settled on .. Wrong Turn. Has anyone seen it ? COS ITS SHIT ==" 15 minutes into the movie and no scary scenes T_T I stopped at about an hour and went upstairs to check my emails when I got a message from none other than TIEN =) .. TRAN LOL

With blue skies and no clouds, I personally thought it was a good day for basketball =) while Tien thought it was a good idea to go city ==" TALK ABOUT LAST MINUTE >=[ Anyways we had a 30 minute discussion about where we should go out to ^^ I won of course =) And so we agreed on basketball =] but at Cabra PCYC LOL I got in my basketball gear *angel face* and took a bus and train to Cabra =D Met up with Tien at Cabra Library and walked to the courts =]

Tien was in a shirt and jeans O_O and wearing no socks as well ==" WISE CHOICE TIEN *thumbs up* We shot around and 'stretched' LOL Then we played a little game =] I DON'T LIKE CABRA'S COURTS >=( I didn't hit a single 3-point shot =( The ring is rigged =3 We also played H.O.R.S.E and "First to Swish The Ball" LOL Overall it was a funny afternoon at the courts even though I had an off game =/ Shot poorly, no luck off the boards, turnover ratio way too high LOL Anyways we left the courts at 3 cos Tien didn't want to stick around and wait for the invasion of the kids who finished school xD We walked back to the Library so Tien could change ? =/ Yeah don't ask LOL We walked to that Fruit Shake Store =) I LOVE WATERMELON ^^ While we walked back to the courts, we had a good "deep&meaningful" talk about .. stuff =] and yeah, it was nice ^^' Oh we also saw Jeanny along the way =)

We went back to the courts but not to play, just to sit down and talk for abit =3 We ended up talking for a longer time than we thought =/ It was about 4:30-ish when I suggested we should go late night at Liverpool =) Tien was up for it but wanted to change .. again T_T Yeah don't ask. We walked all the way back to her place in Canley Heights =) I met her sister Maitran (Sorry! if I spelt it wrong ^^") and that's when I realised Tien is tiny LOL Her sister is like in year 8 and she's nearly the same height xD Tien got changed and received some .. negative comments about her new outfit so we had to wait for Tien to get changed again ^^" After that, Tien wanted her mum to meet me =/ Yeah don't ask. LOL GREAT TIMING TIEN ><" Your mum seems really nice but I don't think she likes me =( I always get this feeling LOL

Tien, her sister and I walked to Canley Station and ventured to Liverpool for Late Night =D We didn't even know why we wanted to go LOL No one needed to buy anything cept for Maitran who needed to buy some Easter Cards =] We sorta just bummed around Liverpool, looking at random stuff and walked like .. 10 kilometers or something ==" MY FEET ARE KILLING ME =( I NEED A MASSEUSE LOL but all in all I HAD AN AWESOME DAY =D THANKS TIEN ^^" BUT YOU'RE COMING TO VISIT ME NEXT TIME >=P

ja ne =]