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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 @ 11:58 PM

WMP: Foolin' Around - Usher
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Probably one of the best weekends of my life thus far started off on a Friday afternoon =] On 1HD, they were showing one of the best match-ups in the NBA this season and it so happened that it was my brother and Tony's brother's favorite teams going head to head LOL The San Antonio Spurs VS the Denver Nuggets. I called Kevin cos I knew he finished work in time to watch the game as well LOL This was the first time we all watched a game together .. usually we just call each other after the games and scream at the loser over the phone LOLOL x] Pretty much went like this "WHAT TONY WHAT ?! FUCKEN BOSTON, FUCKEN SHIT CUNTS LOL JK they're my second favorite team" ROFL Anyways the game was extremely tight and was only decided in the final seconds .. =/ I did not anticipate such an awesome game LOL

After that, the time was about 3 ? We all went out back and lowered the ring again so dunking would be easier for Tony LOL Then we played a game .. BEST. GAME. EVER. ROFL So much dunking .. so much trash talking .. so much rejections .. so much EVERYTHING LOL It'll be an afternoon I'll NEVER forget =) Especially Tony's face when Kevin faked him or when Kevin dunked HARD on Tony's brother (the ring nearly came down O_O) x] It was so much fun that we lost track of time .. and played till 9 .. =/ And that's when the doorbell rang and I had some very EXPECTED guests that I totally forgot about =(

Yvonne and Rufina =] Two girls from Melbourne who are apparently my aunties despite me being older than one of them T_T They were staying over at Felix's for a holiday here for a week and my mum wanted to meet her cos I think Mum and her mum were good friends ? I forget .. But yeah, at first I thought Yvonne and Rufina were sisters =/ Turns out they were cousins .. how embarassing LOL Anyways I'm usually a bit weird about meeting relatives from overseas or whatever cos yeah .. it's just weird sometimes .. cos they're all quiet and you're all quiet and you sorta feel like you wna talk to them but you don't at the same time ? I don't know I'm weird whatever LOL But yeah, this time it was different =/ A lot different ^.^

When I saw them at the door, I immediately remembered that they were coming tonight and was like "shit I all smelly and sweaty O_O awesome first impression .." So this was what I said to Yvonne and Rufina first .. "Since when did Felix and Simon become girls ? LOL" Yvonne giggled and Rufina smiled at my half-baked joke =] But yeah, the reason why it was different this time was cos Yvonne was really really friendly =/ Like no joke. She's really nice, she's smart, she can just talk away the awkward atmosphere that I normally have around overseas relatives .. and if I remember correctly, she laughed at all my stupid jokes =/ No one does that LOL But she did, and it made it extremely easy for me to get along with both her and Rufina. Yvonne is my age and finished the HSC at the same time while Rufina is 16 I think ? Yeah =)

We basically talked about ourselves and what we like and stuff .. you know the general shit you say when you introduce yourself ? Yeah that crap LOL Apparently Yvonne plays dotA O_O" HOW FRICKEN AWESOME IS THAT ? Well it would have been if I'm a gamer LOL But still .. I have never met a dotA girl before =/ Oh wait .. I know Geoffrey .. sorry x]

They mentioned the fact that they were gna go fishing later that night with Felix and stuff so I was like .. *puppy dog eyes* to my mum .. PLEASE~ ? She was against it naturally I mean it was like 10 at night and I'm going fricken fishing ? But yeah, I begged like no tomorrow cos this would be my first fishing experience and I doubt I would get another chance like this ever again .. So I went and while I was at it, made arrangements to sleep over at Felix's =] Which was also my first experience in sleeping over at a friend's place but then, Felix and I are practically family anyways :3

So yeah, there I was, in the car with Yvonne and Rufina heading back to Felix's place. Yvonne tried to explain to me something called "network marketing" that she does .. something to do with vitamins and the body's essential needs ? But yeah, basically a type of business .. but I hadn't done any sort of business studies before so everything she said .. was kinda .. =/ But I didn't wna see stupid so I tried to be co-operative and say shit like "ohh yeah I get how that works .. that seems really good" "oh I wasn't aware that could work ?" "Yeah I know, I've read that somewhere" ROFL Yeah .. leave me alone, I'm a mad shit talker =]

Let's skip ahead to the fishing trip cos the ride there was just a whole bunch of reminiscing =] The place we were fishing at was called "Hen and Chicken Bay" at Burwood =/ Two of Felix's friends were there already .. Evan and Thanh =] They're pretty awesome dudes, Evan taught me how to drop fish (he can explain things really well ^.^) and Thanh is funnehhh x] They had already caught a flathead but the whole time we were there, we didn't catch a single fish =( Probably cos of my noobness, I mean I thought fishing was about patience so I was sitting there like a loser holding onto the rod, tugging at it every few minutes .. After 15 minutes, I got frustrated and reeled the line back in and realized the fish had already eaten the bait ==" I gave up and just threw banana lollies into the water after that LOL Cos I hate banana .. everything banana is ewww =/ Overall my first fishing experience was pretty cool, would have been better if I wasn't so noob =(

After that, we went for a quick Maccas run where some shit went down LOL Some asian couple (and I must place emphasis on ASIAN) because the chick left her phone and wallet at the table and just left ==" I didn't see this happening though .. but next to them were a group of middle eatern guys (yeah your stereotypical YALLAH BRO guys). One of the Indian Maccas workers picked up the phone and asked if it belonged to them (this was the part I saw) and the guy just said "yeah" and walked off. 5 mins later, I saw an asian couple frantically coming back into Maccas, obviously searching for something .. that's when it hit me =/ They asked the maccas managers and they all went outside to look for them O_O I was like .. whoa~ some shits about to go down =/ But yeah we went home .. LOL Sorry no drama ^^"

While we were at Felix's, Yvonne tried to explain the whole "network marketing" scheme to Evan and Thanh =/ Apparently she works for them or something ? I forget .. LOL But yeah, she was advertising =) While Simon and me were looking up stupid shit on youtube ROFL x] Check out "swearing grandma" or "ducks getting blown off their feet" LMFAO! We slept at 3:40 that night .. I slept in Felix's room .. with him LOL JK I slept on the mattress Felix so kindly offered me =] He likes to sleep with the windows opened and I woke up a little sick =/ But its cool, I'm a strong boy ^.^

Goddamn .. this was just Friday night =/ I think its too long for one post, I'll end it here and start saturday on a new post =] But one of the best Friday nights of my life ^.^

ja ne :3