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Sunday, December 26, 2010 @ 1:09 AM

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Okay so catching up from where we left off .. Saturday morning at Felix's =) Felix woke me up at about 8:30 but then we both went back to sleep .. okay that sounds a bit gay but yeah LOL Then we woke up again at 9:30 cos Felix had some friends come over. They were all gonna go Jamberoo for Felix and Evan's 19th but Geoffrey and I didn't wanna go cos yeah .. it's Jamberoo =/ Besides I had to go to my first personal training session =3 So Felix, being the nice guy that he is, drove me all the way home (I was hoping he would take me in his BMW but nope =/ LOL) just in time for my personal training session =] I didn't get to eat breakfast that morning but it was alright I guess =/ Thanks to Felix for the sleepover and ride home! =)

Kevin was already there and I was really hungry =/ Regardless we begun our training session .. IT WAS A FRICKEN KILLER =( Well our trainer said every session wouldn't be like this but he just wanted to see what our fitness levels were like so yeah =/ He killed both Kevin and me doing the 3 sets of jump squats, which were immediately followed by clapping push ups, FML =( The rest of the workout wasn't so bad cos it was just lateral pull downs and core training which I ace *sick cunt face* LOL After the workout, Kevin came over for a bit and we just talked as we recovered from our grueling workout ..

After Kevin left about an hour later, I went to sleep cos I did not get sufficient sleep over at Felix's where we slept at 3:30 ^^" I slept at around 2 and woke up at 5:30, went to shower and get ready for Felix's birthday dinner at TK Something at Canley Heights. Here are some photos =)

We had the "All You Can Eat" thingo and yeah that's what we did LOL I ate so much that night, I was really happy that I starved myself that day LOL I mean I didn't eat breakfast, I had a little lunch and this huge ass dinner that was full of meat *drools .. Too bad Yvonne and Rufina were on their 1 month vegetarian thingo =/ They had to order pizza from down the road LOL But at least they could eat the desserts OMG .. I WILL GO BACK THERE JUST TO EAT THIS CREME BRULE THINGO THING ='( sooo yummers .. crap I just drooled on my keyboard ==" Here's a picture ..

I know it doesn't look like much but it was really yummers =( TRUST ME LOL I had about 4 of them *angel face*

After dinner, I still didn't feel like going home yet .. I begged my mum once more if I could stay over at Felix's =) Of course she was reluctant but how much constant begging could she take from me ? LOL Eventually I won (like I always do x]) and off to Felix's it was =] First things first, BIRTHDAY SHOTS FOR THE BOYS ^.^

After that, everyone went to the lounge room to play some Singstar that I so generously provided LOL Shame they didn't have a PS3 cos I have more Singstar on that =/ But yeah, I was still sick (blocked nose) from last night .. Felix likes to sleep with his windows open .. bad for Allan's nose =( So yeah, I couldn't play =/ Too bad for Yvonne cos I would have owned her *angel face* After a while it got boring cos there weren't many songs =/ So we all went up to Felix's room LOL Just to chill and talk .. wher Yvonne tried her 'network marketing' scheme once more LOL I was checking up on my emails, watching NBA highlights, facebooking .. until everyone went home =] The time was 3am .. Yvonne wanted to computer so I logged off and let her use it .. and she logged onto dotA ==" LOL So I watched her play until 4:30 when I just fell asleep .. I assume she was still playing when I slept =/

The next morning, somebody woke me up by tickling my feet T_T The time was 10:30 and YAY no hangover for me LOL but not sure I can say the same for Felix =/ We were gna go for a family yumcha at Iron Chef but it was fully booked out so we went to this Cambodian restaurant at Cabra =/ After that, we went home where Yvonne tried her 'network marketing' scheme again on Felix's cousins ROFL If you're wondering what it is, it's just like a business thingo that Yvonne is apart of. Basically, the more people Yvonne recruits under her name, the more recognition she'll receive from the company and get higher status or something of the like =/ She's only been in the business for 2 weeks and has recruited 6 people already O_O Hero.

Felix and Simon had to buy some Kris Kringle presents so we drove to Parra Westfields to shop around =] Nothing to blog about here except for the fact that we nearly lost one of Felix's cousins O_O It was pretty scary LOL We were walking from the pet store (ILOVERABBITS) and heading towards K-Mart .. while we were inside, we noticed that one member of our group was missing O_O We called his phone and texted him several times .. he didn't reply =/ But we thought it was the low reception inside K-Mart cos none of our phones had good reception =/ We walked outside where we had better reception and tried again .. no answer. We were beginning to worry .. we lost him for nearly 30 mins I would say. But yeah, we found him LOL He just walked a lil slow and lost sight of us, his phone died apparently. How convenient =="

When we got back to Felix's, they were gna go to a family Christmas dinner while I had to go to Jeanny's for a family dinner as well. I said my goodbyes to Yvonne and Rufina cos they were leaving the next day =( Dinner at Jeanny's was same old same old, had a good talk to my uncle about my preferences .. he thinks I should reconsider Physiotherapy =/ I'll have to take a lower course and climb up there cos Physiotherapy at USYD is 96 and well yeah .. self explanatory =(
But yeah .. we'll see what happens =/

Rufina on the left, Yvone on the right.

ja ne :3