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Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 8:28 PM

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So as you all know, post HSC life has been a bit of a drag for me =/ Having no car and license has proven to be the obstacle preventing me from soaking up the freedom that I've so longed for =( For that reason, I've been stuck at home doing nothing and umm .. yeah nothing. Being home alone is starting to take its toll me mentally I would say .. to put in simply, I'M GOING CRAZY ==" I needed to get out of the house like NOW. Hence I've been on the hunt for a job. No luck at Liverpool and that but then my aunty told me about a fish shop at Whetherill Park that was hiring. My lucky break I thought ? Boy, was I wrong ..

So the sign read
"Junior Position Available.
Immediate Start.
Apply Within."

So thats what I did. I applied within. I got a call later that day and was asked to come in the next day for a trial at 7am. I was so happy at that moment, thinking that I finally could get out of the house for once ==" I couldn't even sleep that night .. maybe cos my sleeping pattern is retarded but still =/ Anyways it was soon 7am =(

I rocked up in a black shirt and my Mossimo jeans (dont ask why I did that, they said black jeans, it was the closest thing I had to black ==") They supplied me with an apron and some gumboots ? Yeah then it was off to work =/ .. wait the word "work" shouldnt be used here, let's use "torture". Yeah that sounds about right. Torture.

It was 7am in the morning and the first thing they told me to do was to clean the floor. I was thinking "if they asked me to clean it first thing in the morning, I'm gna do this again at least 3 more times =/" And I was right =( There I was, broom in hand and brushing away. When I was done, I was made to wash the walls of the shop. Now the guy told me to "clean it", by my definition of "clean" it means cleaning it so it looks as new as possible =/ So I cleaned it tile by tile, scratching off the little black marks on the walls, when the guy comes over and tells me off for working too slowly. He goes "here I'll show you" *literally rubs the wall twice with a cloth* "There" ==" If you wanted me to do that, I would but its like my first day and I didn't wanna make a bad first impression =(

After I was done with that, I had to scrub with a hand brush all the grime/rust that was building up on the metallic surfaces such as the poles and underneath the sink. Yeah thats right, UNDER the fricken sink T_T You know the long bench thing at the front that holds the fish and shit ? Well behind that theres like a gap of maybe 60-80cm off the floor ? I literally had to crawl in there and scrub all the brown shit off it .. and do you know how long that fricken sink thing was ? ==" Whilst I was doing that, other staff members were serving customers too so I was stepped on a couple times as well =/ But being stepped on was the least of my worries ..

Next I was told to wash some crates at the back so I got the hose and proceeded to wash them but as I was walking to the crates, another worker tells me to go out the front to scrub the floor =/ I was like "But Gary told me to clean these crates ?" he said "yeah no worries, you can do that later" So I was like okay then ? I went to get the brush and detergent and walked to the front when another worker comes and tells me to take out the rubbish to the bin outside T_T" I got told off almost simultaneously for not listening to "instructions" =( So much for good first impressions.

I'm not gna go into detail about what I had to do for the whole 12 hours. Yeah that's right, 12 hours =( I got like one 30 minute break at 1pm, I never loved a fillet burger at Red Rooster that much in my life ==" I worked 6 hours without a break until then *sighs ..

My other duties included draining 6 crates full of octopuses (it felt like 15kgs at least T_T) I had to pour the crates into this drainer crate and then pour it back into the original crate. After I did that, the guy said there was still water in the octopus crates so I had to do it again ==" I dont know how but I got stung by them even though they were dead =(

Not sure if you can see it but that's from a fricken octopus =="

After that, I had to work in their freezer for what felt like 2 hours =( I had to restack frozen boxes of seafood that each weighed like 10 kgs T_T Half way through I was thinking "how the hell am I gna blog about this if my fingers freeze and just snap off ?" It was really a frozen hell in there, not to mention the fact that they gave me this jacket, beanie and gloves to wear which was probably worn like a few thousand times before me seeing as the stench from it was unbearable =/ It smelt like sweat from fat, hairy people fresh from the gym *throws up*

Clean up wasn't so bad, just a lot more heavy lifting with all the ice in the crates and a whole lot more detergent and water ==" Seriously I had so much soap on my hands, when I went home and showered, my hands were still soapy O_O It was crazy .. longest day of my life. Ever. I had to tell the boss that it was wayyyyy too demanding and that I couldn't be possibly ready to work another day *sighs .. I quit after one day. In a way, I feel pathetic but proud that I lasted the whole 12 hours. I have new admiration and respect for the men and women in the labour workforce, in particular my dad. I know he may not work in the same conditions as I did, cos I worked in hot, wet and freezing conditions all in one day ==", but still it's labour all the same.

I'm just glad its over .. this morning I woke up with the sorest back, shoulder, neck, forearms ever. Maddest gym session ==" I came home and first thing I said to my brother was ..

"Stay. In. Fricken. School."

ja ne *drops dead