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Saturday, December 18, 2010 @ 2:37 PM

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Okay so I know I haven't blogged in a while but that's cos I've been doing stuff lately =D I got a temporary job (a better one this time), caught up with Ro, met MK&Vivian for the first time, hired a personal trainer, watched a basketball game with Tony, Kevin and Jimmy, went fishing with Felix and Simon, met Yvonne and Rufina for the first time .. yeah pretty busy boy lately =/ But before you ask, I wont blog about my HSC results here cos I'm still pretty bummed out about it =( Those that I want to tell I have already told so it's all good =] In this blog, I will blog about my EPIC day with Ro, Minhky and Vivian x]

Alright .. it's been about a week since we went out so it might be a little fuzzy =/ But yeah, I'll do my best =] So yeah, Ro and I had planned to go job hunting this summer break and unlike all of our previous planned outings, this one did not fail LOL We actually set out to do what we planned .. ish =/ Initially, Ro and I wanted a job .. preferably a close one to suit Ro's "special needs" LOL Yeah Ro cant take public transport .. simply put =/ Don't ask why, she's just a special girl ROFLOL Anyways I went over to her place at around .. 10:30 ish ? I haven't seen Ro in years =/ Literally. So it was really awesome to see her again .. even if she hasn't grown at all LOL I got to meet her dog "Pax" =] Really shy dog but cute all the same ^.^

After that, Minhky came over and it was my first time meeting him LOL We seemed to get along well online x] But yeah, pretty awesome dude =) I say "pretty awesome" because "fully awesome" is already taken by yours truly LOL :3 Hi Minhky x] Then we proceeded to walk from Ro's to Canley Vale High for their Prize Giving Day =] Ro was about to receive an award so we accompanied her and watched the whole assembly ^.^ I also got to see their yearbook that Ro & the rest of the yearbook committee put together .. and let's just say .. I really wished I went to Canley Vale High now =( Awesome job with the yearbook guys =) And it was only 70 dollars including a DVD (which btw was also awesome :3).

Minhky was being ninja with his DSLR and taking multiple shots of me ==" I think he's secretly in love with me =/ .. but then again, who isn't ? *angel face* LOL Anyways CONGRATS to Ro on her Australian Defence Award ^.^ Got a big fat cheque for it too x] *pats Ro* Canley has soo many musically talented students like seriously =/ even the whole year 7 grade ROFLOL =) This one girl .. I forget her name .. but she sang .. I also forget the name of the song .. but yeah, her voice was like O_O" So soothing x]

After that, we waited outside the school for Vivian to come pick us up ^.^ She arrived in a car with reindeer antlers and since then, I've seen like billions of them LOLOL It was nice meeting Vivian for the first time as well after our awkward conversation with Ro about .. animal .. porn LOLOL We went Fairfield to apply for some jobs where Ro backed out and said "I'll just get my P's first LOL" So yeah it was just me, looking for a job =/We walked around .. and I applied at Oporto and Sushi Hub .. they were both pretty fobby so I don't know exactly what they said .. but I assume they'll give me a call LOL Here's how the conversation at Sushi Hub went ..

Allan: Hey I'm just wondering if you guys are hiring at the moment ?
Sushi Girl: Hai-er-ing ? *looks at sushi rolls .. Sorry we don't have any Hai-er-ing sushi =/
Allan: No, I mean like a job ? Do you guys need any workers ?
Sushi Girl: *asks other worker to come*

Yeah .. pretty fobby LOLOL After that, we were real hungry so we decided to go for some woodfried pizza at LAZARS! Vivian had a craving or something =) But yeah .. we got there and they told us to fuck off cos we're asian .. LOL JK they weren't open yet but yeah their attitude was pretty much "fuck off" LOL So we went back to Ro's and chilled for a bit .. watching the yearbook DVD .. or Mean Girls .. I cant remember LOL Then we went back to the restaurant, upon where they made us wait a further 45 minutes for our pizza .. =( I ate at 10 something and that was all I ate the entire day .. the time now was 6:15 and I still havent eaten my pizza =( But guess what ? Good things come to those who wait LOL And soooo right it was x] THE PIZZA WAS SOOOO YUMMERS =] We had a .. umm .. A PESTO CHICKEN PESTO ROFL & a .. BBQ meat ? Yeah whatever .. it was yummers =] Then we chilled back at Ro's for a bit more, played with her dog and all :3 Vivian was going nuts about how cute he was and how much she wanted to eat him .. .. LOL and she's not even viet *angel face* ROFLOL

So yeah, pretty epic day but I cant remember all of it so this post might not reflect the true epicness of the day that was epic =/ LOL Ima write a new post after this .. and finish it when I am bothered ==" So tired =(

ja ne x]