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Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 2:00 AM

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Ever look forward to something so much that you talk about it with your friends all the time, that you are filled with joy every time it gets brought up ? That was Post-HSC for me. At least what I thought ? It's kinda not the first time though .. like the time I looked forward to owning a laptop or the time I yearned for my own net. It seems when I get something I always take it for granted .. either that or you shouln't make plans at all.

I had plans to get my P's. Dad's always working, always tired, always NOT wanting to take me out to drive. There's no one else to teach me to drive and I don't plan on getting a driving instructor cos I just dont have that kind of money plus I like driving with my Dad .. its gives us time to bond. So yeah this summer may be a little less funner than I expected.

I had plans to spend quality time with my friends. For starters, two of them are going overseas for a month, one is working his ass off, one doesn't even talk to me, one lives a bit far away .. yeah I have more friends than that but it's only these friends that I wanted to spend time with. Hey I'm not complaining because I know everyone has their own lives and all but I miss you guys sometimes. While I was waiting school to be over, I imagined late nights on the net, on the phone, out .. whatever. I sound kinda pathetic but I guess I feel like regretting my belief that the less friends, the better. Because I thought the fewer friends you have, the closer those friends will be instead of spreading your time with a 1000 friends and not really knowing any of them. I still do feel that way but it gets lonely sometimes you know ?

I had plans to get a job and some money. One - Christmas presents. Two - online shopping to spoil myself. I did try and find a job but it's a lot harder than I thought. Doesn't help when you're picky as well. Plus my timing is all over the place, I figured Christmas will be a busy time and people will be hiring more staff. I was right. But I forgot about training and stuff so most retail stores have filled their rosters already so yeah .. looks like I'm ready to believe in Santa again *sighs ..

I had plans to have an awesome New Years Eve this year with another countdown buddy. How did I go from having a list of vantage points to see the city's fireworks to having nothing planned ? Regardless, there's another month to go ..

I didn't really plan this but I was hoping for it I guess ? I've mentioned before that I sorta miss the joy that I get from being in a relationship. Well it's been a while since I've been in the dating game and this summer gave me some time to spend so I figure I'm ready to play again. But you know you don't plan these things, it just happens. Things just happen .. you don't even see it coming .. but they happen anyways. Everything happens for a reason but when it does, the least you could do is tell me.

ja ne.