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Thursday, November 11, 2010 @ 11:44 PM

WMP: S1E16 The O.C
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CAUTION - May contain spoilers of the T.V series 'The O.C"

So today we didn't get to go formal shopping at the new Westfields cos Kevin got really sick last night apparently and yeah outing was cancelled =/ Sonya called me at like .. 7:30 ? to tell me that my "boyfriend" was sick and we could maybe reschedule to the coming Saturday or something. I kinda hope so cos I really need some formal stuff before the 16th =( Speaking of which, I need a haircut too ..

Anyways I spent the morning watching the O.C =) You might be wondering as to why I'm re-watching this series but I actually think its pretty good now =/ When the series first came out, I really liked it but then I was like .. what 12 ? So I didn't really get the storyline and everything but I'm watching it again now =] Summer (Rachael Bilson) is soo fine its not funny =/ But in the earlier episodes of season 1, they make her seem so much like a slut and a bitch =( I feel sorry for Seth Cohen LOL But then comes Anna, some new girl from like .. some place I forget ^^" Anyways she has like everything in common with Seth, she likes sailing, she likes comic books, she likes video games .. she was everything that Seth was, but in the form of a girl. Some might call that a perfect match but the series would prove you wrong =( Seth eventually ends up with Summer, whom he has had a crush on since forever and has even named a boat after her. Now when I was watching this series, I have to admit that Anna's character really appealed to me =/ Despite the fact that she has short hair, she's really .. something ^^"

I've never been a fan of short hair on girls and I don't think I'll ever be .. but she really took my attention away from the fact that she has short hair for some reason =/ Maybe it really suits this one girl but regardless, my future girlfriend will definitely NOT have short hair =] FLASHBACK - Ross dating this girl and Rachel convinced her to shave her head LOL

After lunch, Tony called me up and asked if he could use my laptop for his RTA practise test LOL Yes that's right, Tony is finally studying up for his L's x] If he had gotten his L's at the right time, he could be on his green P's by the end of this year =/ But because of extensive delays, Tony will get his green P's at a much later time in his life ^^" Anyways he came over and he did the practise test .. and failed his first 4 attempts LOL x] Then he did a couple more and got distracted cos I was watching "Who Am I" on my PS3 LOL We like looking for goofs in movies now, like failed stuntmans or failed props within the set. For example, in Rush Hour, did you notice the scene where Jackie jumps onto the traffic lights, there's a crane visible on the side of the road ? Or what about in Who Am I, where an asian stunt double was used every time a white guy got owned by Jackie ? LOL It was so fail x] The white guy has blonde hair but suddenly he has black hair ? That's an asian for sure LOL Yes I know .. we're bothered people =)

Then we played some table tennis while talking about how disgusting chicken feet is, not really .. Tony likes that shit =/ Dirty cunt LOL Anyways then we went outside to play some basketball, Tony wanted some "cardio" and you know me, I'm always up for a game of ball =) We played till 8:30 =/ I swear times flies when you're having fun LOL Tony challenged me to a game up to 20 LOL What a hero x] I raced off to a 13-2 lead and when I won 20-4, Tony said "first one up to 30, I'll beat you" I was like LOL your funeral =) I got up to 25-8 and then I got like really tired and Tony climbed back to a 26-20 score. At this point, he was the tired one and I got my jump shot going and shot the next 3 baskets =] When the score was 29-25, I wanted to finish him off good LOL With a slam dunk :3 I got close actually, crossed him to the right and missed the dunk =( But yeah, I still won LOL Then we sat outside and talked about random shit like good friends do =] Never really had time to just sit down and talk to friends without knowing in the back of my mind that I have some work to do for a very long time =/ It felt good to have all that weight lifted off my shoulders =)

After that, Tony went home and I watched Beauty&The Geek whilst eating dinner with my brother =) I swear the beautys for this series are blehh =/ I like watching the makeover episodes cos they are fricken awesome LOL Like today's ep, it was pretty good =] Then I beat my brother in 2K11 again where he chucked a massive sook about me having the better controller ==" So we swapped controllers and he beat me by 14 =/ .. DOESNT COUNT, HE HAD THE BETTER CONTROLLER >=[ LOL

*Summer kisses Seth when she stops and says..*
"No, god! No!"

"Uh, what's happening here?"
"I like Seth Cohen!"
"You, uh... you what now?"
"Nothing! I wasn't talking to you, Seth. But if you tell anyone what you heard here, I'll kill you."

ja ne :3