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For as long as I can remember, my playbook for finding/attracting/keeping a girl has been simple.

Be the nice guy.

In my experience, this play has been more sucessful in helping one climb higher in the friendship ladder rather than the relationship ladder. It's the one thing I don't get about girls, I've talked about this before and I will bring it up again - why is it that girls are attracted to guys who treat them like shit, have nothing going for them in their lives, or are just plain jerks ? Story of my life, really. But with that being said, not all girls are like that. Only a handful of girls will take a stand and choose the nice guys over the bad boys, but even those handful of girls will not be able to deny the fact that they don't like bad boys. Many ponder the meaning of life and why is it that humans exist or what are our purpose(s) on Earth, but for me, nothing will ease me more than to know the inner workings of the female mind.

Since most of my readers are female, in fact I do believe that I have like max 3 guys reading this blog and they do not read on a frequent basis either, I will reveal how "Chat Boii picks up his chicks".

Be nice - I grew up in a household where manners are fundamental. It's like common sense to me now, I respect people so they respect me back. It's simple and efficient, the only thing it isn't ? Effective. I fail to comprehend why being nice doesn't get you the girls, I mean, who doesn't like being treated nicely ? Who doesn't like talking to someone who will be honest with you and gives you nice complements ? In today's world, being nice will get you nowhere will the girls, in fact, it'll bring you close to being labelled as her "bitch". I'm not saying I'm the nicest guy on the planet but I do believe I am nice to an extent, perhaps not enough ? Girls help me with this one.

Give her your undivided attention - Girls, in their lifetime, will go through more issues and problems than guys (I know this how ? LOL I don't. It's just a stereotype) But the point is, they'll always need someone there, someone to listen, someone to give them answers. I know this may sound like the girl's best friend's job, but who's to say that guys and girls cannot be best friends ? For me, I like helping people with their problems, I like consoling my friends when they aren't feeling their best, you cant tell me that you don't like the company of someone who is willing to help you ? Just being there sounds like a friend's job but being the only person that she turns to when she needs help isn't. If I want a girl, I want to be the guy that pops up in her head when she feels like shit. I want her to recognise that I wont let her down. I want to be reliable (that's the word LOL). If one can achieve this, you have her trust and you know what trust means.

Gaining her trust - Trust wont come easy and it certainly wont come at a price. I have found myself countless times trying to gain someone's trust but how to do so without seeming pushy or desperate ? The last thing you wanna convey is a nosy guy who wont get out of your business. Trust is about patience, you need to convey yourself as a guy who values trust so the girl will feel more comfortable about telling her life stories to you. I find this part relatively easy but time consuming, it can be a lengthy process but the end result will definitely be worth it.

Okay these three plays are my essentials. They are also key to being a good friend .. no a GREAT friend. But to take it to the next level and show that you want to be more than just a friend is more complicated, not to mention the risks associated with this decision. Sometimes once I've worked my big 3 plays, I find they are better off to me as a friend because relationships come and go but friends are forever. That's also something I take into account.

Make her feel like a princess - If I like someone, I will go all out without seeming desperate of course. Your friends will know how you interact with other friends but the difference here is that you treat her better than that. Why ? Because she's different, she's special. You need to show her this. Making her feel like a princess is everything it sounds like, I know girls may say they don't want presents cos they feel bad or guilty .. blah blah blah .. but everyone likes being spoilt and she will find it hard to hide that beautiful smile once the gifts come. The risks I mentioned earlier is knowing if there is the slightest of chances with her because if not, she might take advantage of you and your wallet.

Breaking your habits - I know some say to change for someone is two-faced and not really showing who you are but people can really open your mind to better alternatives. A prime example would be me. My earlier friends can attest to the fact that I've become a better person cos of my relationship. Maybe some aspects got dragged down but overall, I think I'm a better person than my junior self. One habit I'm learning to break is breaking my big notes. Research at the University of Chicago had found that women associate coins with cheapness (I'm not making this up), so using bigger notes will make you seem more "up there" (I refuse to use the HR word LOL).

Become "desirable" - Girls in today's society are able to make snap judgements about one's worth without even having to say a word to you. Yes they are THAT evolved LOL You know the saying that a guy/girl will become more attractive if they are in a relationship ? Well that can be applied here. Surround yourself with a selection of female friends and that will be your mental shortcut to proving your worth. Being with other girls means you're pre-approved and therefore desirable. No one needs to know it's your cousin who is hanging out with you LOL

Make the first move - Guys who display courage display levels of manliness, plus the statistics say 40% of relationships will not last if the girl makes the first move. One needs to be bold and take a stand, as you will not get anywhere (in life as well for that matter) without taking a chance.

That's most of my plays revealed =/ I guess I'm only revealing this cos they don't even work for me LOL I'm gna change it up a bit, I'm gna change it from "being nice" to "make her do the chasing". Not necessarily "hard to get" but like in the words of Barney - "Subtly put her down". Small doses of negative complements demonstrates that you're not attracted to her based on looks alone. Girls are more attracted to people who they feel like they've won over. Let's see if this play will be a game winner ..

ja ne =D