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Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 1:28 AM

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Currently: Looking at my jar of lollipops =]

What do these two girls have in common ? THEY'RE BOTH LEAVING ME FOR VIETNAM T__T" And they're not the only ones too .. I know other people who are leaving for Vietnam this summer as well. So my question is .. Is there like an awesome New Years party at Vietnam this year or something ? If not, WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ?! It's Christmas. It's a time for giving and sharing but instead you guys are packing and leaving =="

You guys are going for a whole month too .. that sucks BIG time. Guess it cant be helped =(*sighs .. I hope the both of you have a safe flight, a pleasant vacation, a travel vaccination, a strong stomach and my number LOL You guys both deserve this time to relax and spend it with family so as much as I'm gna miss the both of you, family comes first. Always. So when you come back, looking like you just fell through a chimney, dinners on me =] Seriously LOL Wait .. depends if I get myself a job this summer first *angel face* If not, you shout me x]

Dear Jess,

I'm really sorry about today. You came over to visit me one last time before leaving and I treated it like any other time you came over. It was a case of bad timing yet again =( I was sleeping and you texted me. You woke me up and you know what that means =/ Allan gets grumpy ^^" Doesn't matter who it is, I will get grumpy =( I thought you were gna come at like 8-9 at night so I could get a chance to shower and freshen up you know ? But you came over and I was all sweaty and smelly ==" But even so, I felt special that you came over to visit me =] even if it was only for a while. It might have made me a little more big headed x] Looking back on it, I think it was kinda good I avoided the whole Goodbye confrontation. This way, you dont feel like you're actually leaving you know ? It was just another day at Allan's =] A grumpy Allan at that ^^ Cos you know, I'm good with words and I can make people cry with them *angel face* I mean that in a good way btw =/ LOL Anyways I could go on about how much I'm gna miss you this summer but I wont cos you already know =3 We had plans and I only saw you once since the Biology exam. When you get back, ice creams every night ? LOL But yeah, I wanna thank you for keeping our Christmas Tradition alive =] You started the tradition back in year 9, I brought it back last year and this year it still lives. I'm happy about that. You see, Jess gave me a jar of lollipops, decorated with ribbons and reindeer stickers, for Christmas 3 years ago. I returned the same jar, filled with lollipops, decorated with Buzz Lightyear pictures I printed out and ribbons, to her last year. And this year ? Well see for yourself ..

I hope you have the time of your life over at Vietnam Jess. You deserve it, putting up with me and all LOL & don't worry, I'll look after your brother x] Try to call me ? Cos I don't wanna go a month without talking to you =( And even if you look like an idiot, I'll still love you ROFL I'll miss you heaps too MSJAYY! ='(

Dear Tien,

You're still here so I'm not gna write you a dedication post yet =) Plus I'm gna see you before you leave anyways so awesome :3 Yes that's right, we ARE going to play ball before you leave LOLOL =] Let Quyen know and plan a day! We don't have much time left! =(

ja ne =]