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Friday, November 5, 2010 @ 11:43 PM

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Today marks the beginning of a new era. It will be the day that life and I reunite once again. It will be the day that I crawl back into the arms of my bed and just like sleep forever. It will be the day that my *ahemnon-existingahem* abs .. erhh .. exist ? =/ LOL It will be the day that I form a new best friendship with basketball. ... Yeah I typed this up like last night but I was talking to like yeah .. 6 people on MSN I didn't really get to type anything ^^" I've been looking forward to this day for a long long time and now that it's finally here .. I wake up at 8 T_T" I didn't even set like alarms or something, I guess it's my mind subconsciously telling me that I NEED TO PLAY 2K11 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE LOL x]

Okay I'm gna go through the exams that I've done and then recount on the awesome day that was yesterday =) CAUTION - EXPECT A LONG POST ^^"

Here I was, losing sleep and hair over the HSC, the night before the test was one of the longest nights I've ever had .. just lying there, thinking .. "oh fuck, I'm not sleeping at all. I'm wide awake .. I'm gna be sleepy during the exam. Oh no .. " and then I wake up, it was just a dream ROFL I've always wanted to end a creative writing piece like that cos it's soo stupid LOL Seeing as I wont ever get the chance again, I did a lil creative writing just now x] Anyways the exam itself was easier than I thought it would be. The creative writing questions suited my prepared story and the essay question was not difficult at all =/ Section 1 is always my weakness, responding to unseen texts is a nightmare =/ I never know how to study for it and stuff .. learn techniques, past papers .. doesn't help me so *shrugs After the exam, I felt really good like really really good LOL I was kinda hoping the rest of it would be like that .. I was wrong, very very wrong.

Module A and module C were my favourites going into that exam, module B I've had trouble with all year. Struggling to figure out the concept of a "Critical Study", I didn't have high hopes for this essay. Regardless, I did that essay last and I didn't do as much as the other two but at least I wrote something ? Keeping in mind that for trials, I got a 10/20 for Module B =( If I had gotten a 15, raw assessment mark of 90% FUCK! =( Anyways I did what I could, I knew Module B was gna be my weakness so it didn't let me down in a sense that I didn't even have high hopes for it in the first place =/ Coming out of the exam felt awesome, no more fucken reading, no more fucken teachers that bear an incredible resemblence to Freddo the Frog LOL It's over, English is over *breathes sigh of relief

I already chucked a massive sook about this exam already and I'm not about to do it again. Reason being I'm like super happy right about now and talking about this shitty exam will bring me back down to shit .. literally ==" All I gotta say for this exam is that I've filed for misadventure and I've gotten statements from teachers and medical authorities to back up my case. I just hope that it goes through and that they'll see my performance has been hindered significantly by being out of that exam hall for 30 minutes =="

Maths is clearly not my thing. That is all.

I'm gna be straight out honest here and say that I had not touch any japanese work since the Trials. That's like .. a little over a month =/ I confessed that to Lyn the night before the exam, thinking she'll chop me up but then she was like "yeah hi5! Me neither" ROFL I was like "DUUUUUDEEE YOU'RE BADASS x]" Best friends <3 If my japanese teacher knew I did that, she would never look me in the eye again =( But I had Physics and Biology crammed up together and they were higher scaling than Japanese so I figured they were more important =/ and I couldn't be more RIGHT LOL Japanese was a fricken BREEEEEZE x] I had not performed well for listening tasks all year, getting marks like 17/30 and shit cos you know I got earmuff hair so it hinders my listening abilities *angel face* LOL Anyways the exam was pretty easy, I got most of the stuff I knew down onto the paper and all. But I just felt like I did good in this paper =/ P.S I'm really sorry to Kasi and Winnie for having the sniffles during the exam. I had sneezed in that exam like AT LEAST 20 times, I'm not even kidding. And all that sniffing and shit, I'm surprised Kasi didn't get up and swing her chair at me =/ LOL Friends ? :3

Surprisingly, out of the 2 sciences I did, the physics paper was a lot better than my bio paper =/ I felt that the physics one I actually understood and the high mark questions were typical of them to ask. I don't know, I'm not hoping for band 6, just a satisfactory mark to help pull my marks back up after the horrible performance in maths =( I felt really good about Astrophysics though, though the 7 mark question was a bit iffy =/ Like "Evaluate 3 technological advancements in measurement and how it has impacted our understanding of celestial objects" I was like .. measurement ? Measurement of what ?! There's measurement of resolution, sensitivity, distance, brightness, colour index, surface temperature, rotational velocity, density, mass .. FUCKEN BE MORE SPECIFIC ==" and I was like *raises hand during exam* .. "hey miss umm .. would you happen to know anything about physics ? LOL!" she was like "sorry dear, I'm still trying to do one question from your maths paper" ROFL I was like "well miss, they're not being specific =/ I could talk about a lot of things" she was like "take a guess ?" .. great advice .. I ended up doing 3-4 pages on that question, don't worry I had time to spare, and I just bascially covered everything that I learnt LMFAO but like summaries =/ not in depth or I would have written a fricken textbook LOL Overall it was good =/ *fingers crossed

The shock of the entire HSC exam. I was thinking .. good they left the best for last, this will allow me to go out with a bang. Boy, was I wrong .. beyond no doubt was this the most hardest biology exam I've ever done. All the previous year's 7 mark questions like "Describe the experiment that Pastuer and Koch did and its impact on our understanding of hygiene and sterilisation of instruments" WERE ALL IN THE FRICKEN MULTIPLE CHOICE ==" I could have gotten 7 marks for that, like straight out, I knew that experiment to the bone like I DID IT FOR FUCK'S SAKE ==" And what do they give me ? .. Pastuer was famous for : A) The swan neck flask experiment B) Fucking Allan over for Biology C) Fucking Allan over again after he's down and out D) pouring honey on him and throwing him into a pit of honey-eating ants ==" FUCKEN BIOLOGY >=( You were good to me all year, giving me 35/35 assessment marks, and 1st overall rankings and you turn around and FUCK ME over T_T That's just great biology, I thought we had something special there. You kill my life, I never want to see you again. I DONT WANNA HEAR YOUR EXCUSES! Just go. The door's there. Let yourself out, you fucken slut. Go sleep around with chemistry why don't you ? *gasps THATS IT ISNT IT ? I dropped chemistry and you're making me pay the price aren't you ? >=[ WELL FUCK YOU BIO AND FUCK YOU TOO CHEM! I DONT NEED THE BOTH OF Y'ALL IN MY LIFE ANYWAYS! I'll settle for Physics LOL *rips photograph of Allan and Biology* x]

*sighs .. In summary, here's what I'm thinking I might get ..

English - High Band 5
Maths - Whatever ..
3 Unit - Band 4 ? Like 60-ish .. maybe a pass =="
Japanese - High Band 5
Physics - Low Band 5, High Band 4 ?
Biology - YOU WERE MY BAND 6 SUBJECT, but now you can be like band 5 =="

Well the HSC is over now and my life can begin at last =] And after the biology exam, it really did =] After the exam, I called my 2 best friends ^^ Lyn first LOL To see if she would like to hang out today, but she was at hairdressers so I was like "damn .. you were my ride to Liverpool" and she was like "so you just wanted a lift then ? ==" ^^" But no I really wanted to spend some time with Lyn yesterday anyways, just so happens I needed to go Liverpool as well =/ Then I called Tony, he was busy gaming .. YEAH that's right you heard me LOL TONY WAS GAMING x] That's a first right ? I always call him and say "hey watchu doing ?" Tony would be like "Nothing much, just some 4 unit and chem =/" Like ALWAYS LOL but this time he was like "Smashing some cunts on Empire Earth 2 LOL" Anyways I caught a bus to Liverpool and bought myself a copy of 2K11 *fanfare music plays* I've wanted this game for a long time now and I finally have it .. I didn't even play it yesterday LOL I was too happy x] So happy that I vacuumed the house while Mum and Dad were out to dinner =] I'm a huge suck up, you guys should know that already :3 You're just lucky none of you's are my girlfriend or I'll be giving your parents more attention than you LOL x]

I got home and Kevin called me, asking if I wanted to do something today. No Jess, not that "something" ==" LOL So I said yeah let's call up Tony and we'll see if he wants to join us ... yeah I'm just making it worse aren't I ? ROFL WE'RE NOT GAY ==" But we do love basketball :3 We played 3 hours straight and it was like 7:30 before we knew it O_O Great game and awesome way to spend my first taste of freedom =] and I'm glad I got to spend it with one of my best friends and one of my closest friends :3 Kevin went home at around 8 and Tony stayed back until about 9 I think =/ It was really an awesome awesome day x]

Today I got 2K11 lined up for my morning session and then I got a horror movie marathon with my aunty to look forward to =) FUCKEN FINALLY! SAW 7 AND PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, please don't let me down =/ Make me shit myself please ==" I haven't been scared since Shutter Thai and that was like 2 years ago T_T I asked Lyn, I asked Jess, I asked Tony, I asked Kevin .. YOU ALL SUCK ==" HORROR MOVIES ARE AWESOME, you guys chickened out =( I was considering watching the movie alone, that's how sad you guys brought me down to LOL

Anyways I think I'll end this post here cos its too long as it is =/ I'll end it with a quote from Tony's mum LOL

Tony: During physics mum, our whole class like left early. Like an hour into the test.
Tony's Mum: What ? Are you a dumb cunt ? How come they finish the test before you and so fast too ?
Tony: NO~ they didn't even do it mum, they gave up =="
Tony's Mum: OH! *laughs
*Tony translates to Juntree and me*
Allan&Juntree: LOL!

I'm off to play 2K11 BITCHES >=] Don't disturb me now or I'll CHOP YOU :3

ja ne :3