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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 @ 11:17 PM

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Happiness - a state of well-being characterised by contentment and joy, often brought about by an activity or other beings.

Today I did just that =) Well I mean I've been happy before this and certainly a lot more happier in the past but I just thought it would be sophisticated to use a dictionary quote LOL Anyways I spent the day with Kevin and Sonya :3 I got an invite to go out to eat and as soon as Kevin said "Sonya asked if you wanna come tmrws", I knew I was gna have to live up to my promise to buy her yumcha LOL I guess I can cross that off my list .. or so I thought =/

Sonya came by at around 8:30 with Kevin and drove us to Cabramatta =] I didn't get to mention this to her today cos I forgot but her driving is pretty awesome LOL Some of my P plate readers may be offended by this but you guys know it to be true x] Her reverse parking is so quick and precise, I think it may be better than my Dad's O_O LOL But to be fair, my dad drives a 4WD so =P Anyways back to the point, we went to .. crap I forget =/ Some yumcha restaurant .. near Woolworths LOL

We ate some and we ate some more =] But quick question, who here eats chicken feet at yumcha ? O_O Cos that shit is .. yeah =/ No offence to the people who do eat it but like seriously .. there's no meat on it, there's no flavour on it .. IT'S CHICKEN FEET O_O Need I say anything more ? ==" But yeah, I would like to know what's so appetising about this particular "dish" ..

So when we called for the bill, the guy took it back to the counter and brought it back right .. and well Kevin thought he wrote some Chinese on it LOL I saw swiggles and shit but I looked at it closely and I thought I saw $274 .. ='( We had to call the guy back to confirm the price =/ It was $27.40 .. scared the shit out of me LOL Anyways I lived up to my promise and owed Sonya yumcha =] Apparently she didn't want yumcha, she just wanted to attempt to kill my wallet LOL So she said I owe her another yumcha T_T .. just don't hold your breath Sonya =)

After that, we went to the bank so I could check out something for my Paypal account =] Then Sonya needed to check something for hers but the line was crazy long so we got some drinks (watermelon YUMMERS) then we went for a drive to Carnes Hill. I've never been before but apparently the line there is shorter for the bank =/ While we were there, we decided to go formal shopping tmrws at the new Westfields at Cities =) I'm hoping to finally get something for the Hurlstone Formal on next Tuesday since Lyn didn't give me much advice on last Tuesday LOL

Anyways we chilled at my place for a bit until Sonya had to go home while Kevin stayed back and we played 2K11 until about 5 (We're even Kevin, you won 2 and I won 2, even though you cheated xP). After that we went outside to play some basketball and then I dropped off Kevin at home, I had KFC for dinner and watched Kung Fu Hustle with Dad for a bit at night. Mum, Dad and me had a talk about stuff for a bit and it was funny =] Then we all measured our heights cos Mum thinks Jimmy is growing at such a fast rate that he'll be taller than me some day .. PFFT as if =) Then we all ate ice cream and talked some more ^^ I spent the last 2 hours watching the O.C x] Yeah I know this last paragraph is a lil rushed but its like 1:14 right now and my eyes will not stay open for much longer .. =( So good nights loyal readers =] I shall update you guys on the formal shopping tmrws =3

"I never should have told you"
"Why ? Cos I'll tell everyone ?"
"No cos he told me not to"
"But see the unwritten rule of a relationship says you're allowed to tell your girlfriend. Because everything you say to me, stays with me"

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