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Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 12:04 AM

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What: James Busby High School 2010 Formal
When: 25th November 2010
Where: Le Montage, Leichhardt
Who: James Busby 2010 Graduates + Teachers
Cost: $98

You know I have to say .. no offence to formal committee or anything but I found Hurlstone's one a little bit more entertaining than our one. I liked the dance performance, I liked the rap performance (even though I didn't hear a single English word LOL), I liked the whole awards ceremony with the sashes. And even though I didn't know like 90% of the people there, the view was awesome and I got to have that awesome walk by the water with my best friend =] I already mentioned the good parts of the Hurlstone formal so I wont do that again.

The good parts about our formal ? Definitely the food. I didn't even to take photos that they plated up for us cos I WAS FRICKEN STARVING =( SORRY GUYS! But I assure you, it was yummers x] Entree was this crepe thingy, main course was steak & vegies, then a BIG PLATE OF FRUIT & & it had WATERMELON :3 Then a plate of chocolate ice cream which was a bit too chocolatety to my liking =/ BUT the best part of the formal WAS THESE SUPER YUMMERS FRUIT DRINK THINGYS (Lyn calls them mocktails ? But who cares LOL They're YUMMERS!) They're only meant to be like a entrance drink but I kept going to the bar and asking them to make me more until the lady got mad =( LOL

Yes you can see how many of the drinks I had LOL

That was probably the only thing I liked about the formal =/ Oh that and the view =) I didn't expect it to be by the water and its such a shame they dont let us go for a walk and come back =( We're responsible people now! >=[ But unlike Hurlstone formal, I didn't get to go for a walk by the water with my best friend. Why ? Well for one, its Tony ROFL I dont walk by the water with guys LOL I rather walk by myself =] Christa and I wanted to go for a walk, the view was really nice especially when the sun was setting :3 SPEAKING OF CHRISTA, SHE LOOKED LIKE FRICKEN LUCY LIU x] Let me see if I can find a photo .. on Facebook that is LOL

Okay bad photo but she really did look like Lucy Liu on the night =( ASK JUNTREE! Btw does it strike you as odd that Christa and Nina (Lucy Liu lookalike from Hurlstone formal) wore the exact same dress ? FRICKEN DEJA VU SHIT LOL

Oh I guess there was one more good thing about our formal .. the last song that was played. For me, the song selection by the DJ was shit. He didn't seem like he knew what he was doing =/ Just played songs that seem to suit the atmosphere. The first song played was "Like a G6". The last song played was "My Boo". How funny. Tien and I were talking about slow dance buddies the night before formal and I was like there aren't gna be any slow songs == And what do you know .. they play my favourite slow song. The rest of the night I chilled in the smoker's room which was also the balcony. I don't smoke and only went there when no one was smoking =]

I find it kinda ironic that the whole night .. I was taking photos with the people who dont have Facebook. YAY ME LOL Well I did pay money for the professional photos but they come in about a week's time =/ I'll upload them later.

Overall, I was sorta disappointed =/ I imagined it would be a bit like the year 10 formal ? At least we had some MC's going and an award ceremony ==" But no, no award ceremony. No sashes. No little glass cubes with the school emblem embedded inside as a present. No performances. No cakes. No emotional speeches. It was just 20 mins of food then hours of dancing. I had fun for 20 mins of the night. I'm super awesome. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying after you experience an awesome formal run by students, your expectations are suddenly a bit higher =/ That's all.

The thing I took away from this formal is the fact that I wont be seeing those assholes anymore =) I can live my life with only the people I want in my life and the moment I realised that was a moment to remember for me. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with friends like you guys close by my side :3

Tony: Hey what are you doing on the day of the formal ?
Allan: The O.C and 2K11. I have a life dude LOL
Tony: You wanna go Harry's ?
Allan: I was thinking the same thing. You remember 2 years ago ? Before the Year 10 formal, we chilled at Harry's with Lyn and Juntree. It was awesome.
Tony: Yeah I know. I wanted to do that again before year 12.
Allan: You got a car ?
Tony: Nope.
Allan: Fuck it.

ja ne =]