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Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ 11:05 AM

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Yesterday was my long-awaited horror marathon day with my Aunt =D I'm so loved these holidays LOL Everyone booking me in advance cos they all miss me *gets big headed* I mean Kevin wants to lose to me in 2K like everyday and Tony just rocks up whenever he wants T_T LOL Anyways back to the point .. what was I talking about .. =/ oh yeah, I'm awesome :3

We watched a total of 6 horror movies and I stayed over at my aunty's from about 12-9:30ish =/ I ate pizza for lunch, about half a big packet of Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken chips, at least 3 different kinds of candy and a couple cans of soft drinks =D My ideal Sunday LOL Im gna give a breakdown on the 6 films I watched yesterday, just briefly and I wont post the cover photos of each film cos I know you guys arent so much of a horror fan =="

The Girl Next Door (2007 American)
No, its not that half porno movie where a kid falls in love with a former porn star next door ==" Although you might be wondering how I knew that .. ^^" LOL Anyways this film is based on a true story and even though it's classified as horror, I wouldn't call it that =/ It's basically about a girl who moves in with her distant aunt and gets tortured by the aunt in the basement. In my opinion, this film is sick. Like fucked up sick. It's so sick that I dont feel like posting it up on my blog LOL But yeah, there is no "in your face" horror, no ghosts, no supernatural crap .. just plain torture .. American horror are learning fast from Asian horror x] I give it a 2/10.

Ju-On: Kuroi Shoujo (The Grudge: Girl in Black) (2009 Japanese)
YAY for Japanese horror~ x] This film is one of the 2 films made for the 10th Anniversary of the Grudge series, both of which I watched yesterday =] This film is about the grudge curse residing within a girl who apparently had a twin sibling whilst in their mother's womb. However, the twin mutated and its soul fused with the girl. Now it seeks revenge on the mother for not giving birth to it =/ I found this film watchable .. not scary but watchable =) I didn't like the storyline and I didn't like how the film was broken up into different perspectives of each character. Overall a bad anniversary film to the awesome Grudge series, 5/10.

Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo (The Grudge: Old Lady In White) (2009 Japanese)
This was the second film made for the 10th Anniversary of the Grudge series and I found this film more likeable =] This film had average storyline, good "in your face" horror, and it had the elements of a typical Japanese horror film - one that the first one lacked. I do have some questions about several parts of the film because once again, the film was broken up into different perspectives of each character. This makes it hard for one to enjoy the film cos it jumps from past to present, present to future, future to past ==" It's annoying. If you're gna do that, at least tie everything up in the end, make it all make sense. It is about a son who fails his BAR exam and brutally murders all five members of his family, including his 7 year old sister and his 80+ year old grandma. After that, he hangs himself while recording himself on a cassette player. The storyline is a bit confusing but the good horror scenes make up for that =] I enjoyed this film second best so I give it a 7/10.

Apartment 1303 (2007 Japanese)
For a Japanese film, this was a complete let down. I do not understand the storyline nor did I appreciate the Power Rangers villian concept of the ghost at the end. Her hair was used as ropes or something to pull her victims and there was all this smoke effect in the background, I swear if the Power Rangers jumped out and saved the day, I wouldn't be surprised. It was such a boring film ==" To be honest, I fell asleep a lil bit during the middle ^^" It revolves around the story of a girl who moves into the apartment 1303. She walks into a strange room at the end of the corridor, there is a closet. She sees something and goes nuts, hence jumps off the apartment balcony and dies. A little girl, holding a bear, walks up to the dead body and says "oh no, another girl fell ..." in that creepy tone of voice with that creepy look on her face LOL The sister of the dead girl investigates the suicide as she found it strange her sister would take her own life. She discovers a string of previous suicides in the same apartment .. 2/10 waste of time.

One Missed Call (2008 American)
Surprise surprise .. it was an American film that took the top spot for me yesterday LOL I was expecting a Thai or Japanese one but no, it was this American remake of the Japanese film "One Missed Call". My aunty said the japanese one was shit so I don't plan on watching that anytime soon. This film is about the deaths of 4 friends who die one after the other, the connection between the deaths is that they receive a voicemail from their future self moments before they die. For example, Tony receives a voicemail from himself which dates 11:00am on Monday tomorrow, he will die at that time. After he dies, he will call Jess and she will receive a voicemail from herself in the future at say .. 3pm on Tuesday. She will die then and she will call Kevin and the whole thing keeps repeating itself. One of the friends tries to get to the bottom of it before she gets "one missed call" .. 8/10 for interesting storyline.

Living Death (2009 Korean)
Koreans might be able to dance good, sing awesome songs about wedding dresses, and take my best friend away from me but one thing they absolutely CANNOT do is make a horror film. The concept of "save best for last" was not considered here apparently ==" Because this film made me RAGE >=[ Stupid film that revolved around a missing sister who is apparently possessed or some shit and then her older sister comes to investigate and people start dying .. O_O I WAS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN ? Such a let down .. not happy >=( If my aunty's net was a little faster, we could have been watching Phobia 2 (thai film) which I think would have been better than this stupid film ==" Actually any film would have been better .. definitely one of the worse horror films I have EVER seen. MINUS 2 billion/10 for wasting my time.

Kevin called during my marathon and asked me what I was doing. I said I'm watching my horror movies man, and he said "if you want horror, I could just show you my arse or something" ROFLOLOL!

Special thanks to my Aunt who is like the only awesome person in my circle of friends T_T If its horror, you'll be up for it =] Thanks for getting the movies for yesterday and thanks for the snacks and thanks for everything yesterday ^^

LOOOL Erika Toda is in Phobia 2 .. x] Wrong Actress buddy =] LOL

ja ne =]