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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 9:46 AM

WMP: HIMYM S6E9 - Glitter
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Currently: Eating lasagne for breakfast *drools ..

First of all, allanHEARTSlasagne =) It's the shit LOL I think it's my favourite Italian dish .. I think it's Italian ? =/ Yeah well I love it =]

Second of all, this episode of HIMYM is the best one for season 6 so far =) I downloaded it yesterday right before the Hurlstone formal but I didn't get to watch it till this morning =] SPOILER ALERT - the main chick from the PussyCat Dolls is in it .. Nicole something .. :3 Hilarious episode .. so hilarious that ima watch it again =D

So ..
What: Hurlstone Agriculture High School 2010 Formal
When: 16th November 2010
Where: Dockside, Darling Harbour
Who: Hurlstone 2010 Graduates + dates
Cost: $98 + $50 (Limo Hire)


This formal was student run so in other words, the formal committee was ACTUALLY a formal committee. They handled everything from payment, table arrangements, DJ, everything =/ & for me, I think they did an awesome job =) If I had to pull something like that off, I couldn't imagine what it would be like O_O" But yeah, it was student run cos their official formal was before the HSC and yeah, all the asians weren't allowed to go LOL So they made another one =] I reckon if our school had that, we would just complain about it and then let it slide .. I mean seriously would anyone be bothered enough to do all the work for a whole grade plus their dates ? That's why I praising this formal committee =]

The night before the formal, people like Jess, Maria etc. were asking me if I was excited for the formal .. I don't get why I would be ? It's not even my formal LOL On the morning of the formal, I watched 3 eps of The O.C and played 2K11 for about 2 hours =] I still remember the afternoon before Year 10 formal ^^" Lyn, Juntree, Tony and I all crashed at Harry's place before the formal LOL Good times =) At about 3, I got ready and inhaled a good amount of hairspray whilst doing my hair =( *coughs

At 5, Tracie and her dad came over to drive me to Lyn's friend's place =] Thanks again Tracie for the lift =3 While I was there, I realised that I forgot to charge my phone ==" I had like 2 bars of bloody battery left the whole night =( After the girls got ready, we got into the limo =) It was my first time .. actually I think it's Lyn's first time in a limo as well. There were about .. 6 other girls in the limo and you know those moments where you wanna enjoy the moment with your friends (such as this one) but there's like this one random person there and you don't wanna look like an idiot in front of them or something ? I felt like they wanted to belt their lungs out and sing along to the songs playing but noo Lyn had to bring her random friend aka me ^^" The ride there was long .. I mean LONG ==" At one point, one of the girls requested the song "Tik Tok" and asked Lyn to ask the driver (who btw was like .. old LOL) Lyn was all like "hey can you play the song Tik Tok ?" and I was like "yeah cos he listens to Ke$ha" x]

When we got there, I met Lyn's friends - Andrew&Lian =] Now to be honest, Lyn talks about Lian like a lot .. like A LOT A LOT x] I've never seen her before and in my mind, I was picturing another little B2ST freak just like Lyn LOL But no, she actually looks like a human being ROFL Hi Lyn :3 I knew Andrew from tutor but didn't really talk until Tien's 18th or last night =] Pretty nice guy ^^ Later I met with Tien, Quyen, Kaushalya, Blosia, Steph, Mabel, John, Phil .. and the rest of their dance crew A2N whose names I forget =( .. oh wait, Chris LOL Cos he talked to me for a bit =D Then after like 20 mins, Juntree and Alison came ==" I bet it was Juntree who got them lost *angel face*

When we entered the function room, they had to frisk search the guys =/ When the guy frisk searched me, he stopped at my stomach cos he felt something and looked at me. I was like "abs" x] It was my packet of chewing gum actually ^^" WHICH HE MADE ME THROW AWAY =( The whole packet too =( NO gum allowed apparently. The function room was highroller and a half LOL

I'm gna fast forward the whole 5 hours I was there cos I didn't do much LOL I had a headache going into the formal .. IT'S NOT 2K11's FAULT, DONT HURT HER =( and the loud ass music didn't help it at all ==" The food was pretty yummers, I didn't get to take photos of the food cos my phone was on one bar battery left =( But yeah, it was yummers =] After the food, Hurlstone had some performances such as a dance from its very own A2N, performing a modification of Poreotics dance routine from America's Best Dance Crew. It was awesome :3 Then they gave out the awards and had some speeches =] I swear they all so charismatic, their speeches are so good and had a good variety of comedy, much like my speeches at school but they were 10x better ^^ I quote ..

"While the HSC can be compared to a female dog, don't count your moments, make your moments count"

*guy talking* "Since I already won an award, they didn't let me take this award either. But the award for Dream Girl .. " LOL

After that, it was dance time LOL JK I dont dance. Ever. It's not in me to dance, Alison and Juntree were trying to get me to dance all night but I don't see the fun in it =/ But yeah, I don't dance. End of story =] For most parts of the night, I was like standing outside on the balcony looking out onto the quiet nightlife of the city. It was nice ^^ There was a nice breeze, it was quite, nothing was moving, it was just perfection to me =) I realised that I'm a quiet person, I like my peaceful and tranquil moments, while Tien, Juntree and Alison kept thinking I was being emo ==" LOL I looked out onto the wharf and saw two people sitting down by the water, how I envied them. I just wanted to leave and go for a long, long walk by the water =] No I wasnt feeling depressed okay ? Some people like peace and quiet, especially when you got a fricken raging headache T_T

After it finished, I chilled with Andrew, Lian, and Lyn while we waited for our ride home. The time was 12:00am. I got what I wanted and sat by the water on Darling Harbour. It was the best part of my night, the breeze, the smell, the quietness, I didn't have a headache after that. It was so perfect, it was just missing one thing .. The time now was 1:00am and our ride still wasn't here but I didn't mind =] I was having the most fun at this point, the nightlife of the city is awesome :3 Then Andrew's dad drove Lian, Lyn and I home .. despite living so far from us =( I feel kinda bad about that .. such a nice guy that he puts me on show ^^ A big thanks to Andrew for his efforts and it was nice meeting you and Lian =]

I got home at about 2 something after falling asleep in the car ^^" I left my laptop on and it was on facebook so I updated my status and went to bed in my formal clothes minus the socks LOL I cant sleep with socks on :3 Then for some reason, I woke up at 8:45 and couldn't get back to sleep =/ Oh wells, more 2K11 for me then =D If there's one thing you could take away from this post, it's Allan does NOT dance =] For anyone >=P



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