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Sunday, November 7, 2010 @ 7:20 PM

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So it's been 3 days since my HSC period has finished and I'm having the time of my life :3 While others may be going out and such, I've been spending time with family and close friends over at my place =] Who needs a car when you got everything you need at home ? *angel face* x] I need to look at my "list of things to do after HSC" blog post again =/ I forget what I wrote LOL Anyways 3 days into my freedom and I'm loving it =]

Yesterday, I finished vacuuming off the house for Mum in the morning and was looking forward to my movie session with my awesome aunty who DOES love horror movies unlike some people ==" Anyways I wanted to watch Saw 7 but Aunty wasn't into the gore stuff plus the fact she hasn't seen Saw 6 yet so =/ In the end, we decided to watch Paranormal Activity 2. I wasn't too keen on it, considering how shit the first one was, I'm surprised it made enough money for a sequel ==" They had the guts to give themselves the title of "Horror movie of 2010" when the final installment of Saw 7 comes out this year >=( But to be fair, the Saw franchise isn't considered a horror movie, but a thriller =/ Anywho I plan to watch Saw 7 with Tony cos at least he has balls to come with me ==" Bad part is neither of us have a car or a provisional license .. so yeah =/ I don't like taking the bus either, it's .. yeah ^^"

Anyways Aunty and I watched Paranormal Activity 2 at Liverpool in V-Max experience =/ No idea what that was but apparently its like in between Gold Class and standard ? There's like leather seats and more leg room =D There's also a 20 metre screen, I'm assuming thats bigger than the regular one ? =] Did I mention that Aunty bought me Taro cakes for the movie ? *angel face* She just gets me ROFL Anyways the movie itself ? .. what can I say ? I'm never wrong T_T AS BORING AND AS CRAP AS THE FIRST ONE ==" Which reminds me, I gotta text Mylinh about that =/ LOL To make it worse, there was a group of TB cunts, sitting in front of me about 2 rows down and they were like trying to scare each other and shit. There's like other people in the fucken cinema as well you know ?! The movie isn't fucken scary you little shits, the door moves a little bit by itself and you fucken shout out "OH SHIT! DID YOU SEE THE DOOR MOVE ?!" MOTHERFUCKER WE ALL DID, IT'S ONLY THE FUCKEN MOVIE ON THE FUCKEN 20 METRE SCREEN ==" I apologise for the high levels of profanity, I just get really pissed when people interrupt me during my movies >=( That's why I used to prefer to watch movies by myself but society looks down on those who do so yeah ROFL!

When I came home, it was about 5 in the afternoon and my brother was playing 2K11 without me >=[ I went to shower and played 2K11 for a bit before dinner, afterwards I was so into the game I had to play some basketball myself LOL So I went outside and played for a bit =] The other day when Kevin and Tony came over, we lowered the ring a little bit so we could dunk it LOL but only I could jump high enough to dunk it =/ I thought Kevin would be able to but he could only touch the rim ^^" Anyways the ring was still lowered so I was dunking for a bit, it's like the most funnest shit ever x] .. that is, until I dunked it too hard and broke a nail =( I KNOW RIGHT ?! A BROKEN FINGERNAIL! *panics and gets a manicure* Pretty boys gotta stay pretty =] Narh seriously, it was pretty bad and it hurt like hell =/ but big boys don't cry :3 LOL

At night, I wanted to play 2K11 but Dad got to the TV before I did LOL I watched "iRobot" with him for the night and I didn't realise it was such a good movie =/ I need to rewatch that movie again =)

This morning I went to Trash & Treasures at Casula with Tony and my dad. It was Tony's first time going there in 5 years x] He wanted to go and I was eager to see Tony's bargaining skills =] And I wasn't disappointed =) The first thing Tony bought was a cooling pad for his laptop, valued at a dirt-poor $7 ... I remember buying the same one like 2 months ago for about $13 =/ And Tony looked at it and said to the shop owner "$5". The shop owner laughed and said he couldn't do that. Tony walks off. LOL moment of the day x] Tony bargained again later when he came across this dragon statue thingo (typical asian ==") and it was valued at $15, the sellers were vietnamese and I think that's pretty self explanatory LOL Tony just went hard out with his viet and eventually convinced them to sell it to him for $10 cos that's all he had left LOL

As we were going home, I received a text from Steven and I knew straight away he was looking for some table tennis LOL I didn't have much planned for today but I wanted to go driving, but Dad was like I'm not ready for the road yet ==" So I was gna play 2K11 but table tennis is more healthy I guess, plus I haven't seen Steven in a while =/ Good to catch up =] Anyways we played for a bit and then I got hungry so we dropped by 7/11 for some free slurpees. Steven didn't know what the deal was so I asked the Indian 7/11 guy ..

Allan: "Hey is it free slurpees today ?"
7/11 Guy: "Yeah but what's the reason ?"
Allan: "Excuse me ?"
7/11 Guy: "What's the reason for the free slurpee ?"
Allan: " erhh .. I'm thirsty ? O_O"
7/11 Guy: *laughs .. "who told you about the free slurpees ?"
*Allan thinks : "errhh .. facebook ? =/"
Allan says: .. friends.
Eavesdropping customer: "IT'S 7/11 BIRTHDAY, THAT'S THE REASON FOR FREE SLURPEES. TODAY'S 7/11!"
Allan: "is it ? O_O OH I GET IT NOW LOL"

I got a Sour Apple slurpee and Steven got a Cola one =] Then we went to get some KFC for lunch and back to my place for some more table tennis :3 Tony came over again and we played some more LOL Steven won a set against Tony before Tony beat him again ^^ I took revenge for Steven when I beat Tony back *angel face* He can't beat me >=P No one can. LOL that's too big headed x] Then Tony and I played a couple games of 2K11 =] BEST GAME OUT I SWEAR =3 We're still learning so we're pretty crap LOL Oh Tony made me some Com Bo Luc Lac cos he wanted to try and make it =] My review is: the rice had a yummers smell but was too hard and didn't have the taste of tomato rice even though it was red. the cubes of beef were soft and tender but did not have the juicy texture that is essential to the dish. I'm not being critical cos God knows I cant cook myself but I'm just being honest =] Thanks for the kind gesture Tony, I wish I could return the favour .. but unless you like Green Eggs and Ham, I don't think I'll be cooking for you anytime soon LOL ^^"

Tomorrow is Monday and Kevin might be coming over to play some 2K11 with me since Jim will be at school and I'll be home alone =( Then on Tuesday I got a movie date with Lyn and Ro to look forward to, I'm hoping we get some time to go formal shopping too :3 Then on the 16/11, I got Hurlstone Formal =) Then on the 20/11, I got a horror movie marathon with my Aunty which is gna be AWESOME x] Highlights of this month so far ^^ I haven't made much plans yet due to the awesomeness of 2K11 *angel face*

P.S It was nice catching up with you Maria =] Sorry we couldn't finish, I had to help my brother with his speech and when I got back, you left me for Gossip Girl ==" LOL Talk again soon you fricken rager :3

ja ne =D