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Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ 11:06 PM

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So yesterday I spent the afternoon and night over at Felix's for a three family BBQ. Just like old times. Felix's family, Geoffrey's family and mine. I really like how even though we haven't seen or talked in ages, everything is the same as it used to be. The laughter, the games, the stupid shit Geoffrey does =] I think that's what friendship really is.

After so many years, it was a game of basketball that allowed me to realise that if you take the first letters of each of our names in order of age, you'll find ..

F elix
A llan

What does it spell ? ROFL And if you add Simon and Steven's names to it ..

F elix
A llan
S imon
S teven

The many parties and BBQ's we've had at Felix's place each has its own memorable stories, stories that I will never forget, even if I wanted to. Like the time we played Mario Party on the 64 and Felix's TV was missing the colour cable or something so it only displayed black and white. You would think the party will end there, I mean when's the last time you've stared at a black and white screen for more than an hour ? LOL But it didn't. It only made the game more fun in some funny way. There was this giant flower petal game, each petal with a different colour. When Toad raises a coloured flag, you gotta run to that coloured petal as the rest of the flower drops into the ocean or something. Without the colour display, this game would be extremely difficult but hilariously entertaining at the same time LOL We stared at the coloured flag and tried to work out which shade of black it was or follow the COM's x] But you know Mario Party COM's, they be stupid and run to the wrong colours as well ^^"

... Or the time some idiot put the settings on 99 turns and Spanish language settings T_T I was the only one who had played it enough times to know all the mini games so I had to explain each minigame but it didn't matter cos I still won .. with 47 stars LOL

... ... Or the countless times we played Pokemon Stadium 1&2 where I would always own :3

... ... ... Or the time at Felix's 18th where I absolutely did NOT get tipsy/drunk T__T"

We've had so many awesome memories but still not enough if you ask me =/ When we're like old and wrinkly and shit, we'll still be Mario Partying or laughing at Geoffrey's stupid face LOL Seeing as I had absolutely nothing to do this summer break, I decided to go through some old photo albums and look what I found :3

Left to right: Simon, Felix, Allan, Geoffrey (the one stroking my hair LOL), Steven

Left to right: Steven, Felix, Allan, Simon, Geoffrey

Left to right: Steven, Felix, Allan, Simon, Geoffrey

Left to right: Simon, Allan, Felix, Jeanny

Left to right: Allan, Simon, Felix, Geoffrey, Steven

Left to right: Allan, Simon, Felix, Geoffrey, Steven

ja ne =]