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Thursday, October 28, 2010 @ 8:34 AM

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I'm wondering when will it become apparent to you that I have feelings for you ? I mean I don't know what the "signs" are but I know I'm giving you at least a couple hundred hints since like forever ==" Take this blog for example, I mention you in it more times than anyone else I believe and talk so highly of you that people think I'm a weirdo ^^" I keep your stuff in my room, most things remind me of you, I stalk you on Facebook (I'm not proud of it either =/) .. my point is that even after all these "signs" you still cant see it then after HSC, I do believe nothing will stop me making it more apparent if that's even possible.

And I know its the guy's job to make the first move, its just common sense. In fact I've read somewhere that if a girl initiates a relationship, 40% chance the relationship will end horribly. Do I need to bring up a case study ? LOL Anyways back to the point, the HSC year has made it hard for me to tell you how I really feel about you .. I mean you got your own thing too and I don't wanna be a nuisance =/ Some might say that I'm delaying this cos I'm afraid. But that's not the reason at all. Perhaps a little bit ? But all this time has given me the opportunity to review my decision, you know, pros and cons =/ If you knew how I felt, would it suddenly be not okay to talk about you in my blog like this ? Cos right now, I'm just like everyone else to you .. I don't stand out in particular, you probably don't even realise that I care. I stick up for you when people talk shit about you, I tell them that it's not your fault, it's the people around you's fault.

On that topic, I really don't like the people you hang around. Call them your friends and buddies but I see them as nothing but big pebbles in your shoe, slowing you down and not allowing you to reach your potential. I honestly believe that the friends that you make ultimately define you as a person. Perhaps some wont agree with me but in your case, it certainly applies. Imagine if you didn't have such pathetic people in your life, would you be a star in your own world then ? I would believe so cos you're perfect like that =]

Anyways I'm writing this post cos I had a dream about you last night then I woke up, feeling like a kid in DisneyLand, went back to bed and had a dream about telling you about the dream O_O LOL! It was nice =] I like dreams like them, just hate it when I wake up =/ Because everyone knows that I'm obsessed with you, its only you that doesn't realise it. I know I'm not just another crazy fan chasing after you because when I see you, I really do get butterflies in my stomach. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I want you all to myself but when the time comes, you'll see a new side of me :3

So to recap, after HSC, keep reading this blog cos I'll be writing plenty more about you and your upcoming movie(s) I CANT WAIT TO WATCH "LIAR GAME 2 - The Final Stage" =D and you gotta let me know if you gotta to do your own thing cos I know you're independent and I like you for that so BEST WISHES FOR YOUR CAREER =] Oh the most important thing ? DITCH THE ASSHOLE you'r seeing cos YOU KNOW IM THE ONLY ONE FOR YOU >=] YOU KNOW IT *stares and while you're at it, DITCH YOUR "FRIENDS" too cos they're dragging you down like in "Code Blue 2" which really sucked =/ I'll always be here when you need me so CALL ME :3 I love you so much Erika Toda x]

ja ne =]