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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 6:34 PM

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Currently: Slightly depressed .. still

After the results come back for HSC this year, you wont find me in the country ==" Cos after today's 3 unit maths exam, I don't know what my future will be like now .. It's true what people say about planning your future and never getting what you orginally planned for .. perhaps its just the emo side of me talking again .. but can you blame me for having failed maths ? =( I appreciate all the "you did your best" compliments and all, I really do, it makes me feel like people actually care enough to console me =/ But then again, I have awesome friends so that's to be expected =]

So yeah, 3 unit maths was a bitch like its been all year =/ I'm beginning to think maths is not my thing =( which leads me to think that engineering is not my thing T_T So I guess its back to square one for me now .. ==" I'm gna be honest here and say that I left out 23 marks .. straight out ='( In what felt like the shortest 2 hours of my life, I did what I could which was very little as you can see by the amount of marks I left out ==" At this rate, I'll be lucky to get a 50% in 3 unit .. how fricken awesome T_T So long estimated ATAR of 92.40 *cries ..

After the exam I really felt like doing nothing .. I just felt like lying down and closing my eyes .. in hope of waking up in another life or something .. somewhere away from what happened in that hall today. The feeling I felt was somewhat overwhelming .. it just made me feel so much like shit that I couldn't feel for anything for anyone =( I met up with Jess after the exam cos she needed to see Ms Prins about something biology related and yeah, no one was home and I didn't bring keys with me so I chilled with her for a bit.

She had to go visit her older brother at his place so I tagged along. I met her niece Sandy, who was about 4 I presume, and I don't know what happened but I kinda felt better at that moment. Whether it was her energy and overall enthusiasm or the fact that she reminded me of a better time when things was so carefree .. I don't know. But Jess took her out back to her swingset, which btw is fricken awesome .. in fact the whole fricken house is awesome, and she just went all out. I love kids and I really cant wait to have one of my own LOL I know I don't wna grow up too fast but I really love kids, they just know how to put a smile on your face even when everything sucks balls =/

The whole time I was there, Sandy kept teasing Jess and making me feel all big headed saying stuff like "Aunty Jessica, can you go home and let Allan stay ?" and "when will you bring Allan to play again ?" What can I say ? Kids love me =/ She's 4 and doesn't even speak English yet I got along with her so well LOL She offered me gum, played half a game of "Cockemon" cards, and we watched this ABC kids show. They were drawing this animal that looked like half a sheep and half a goat O_O but I was like "GIRAFFE!" and Sandy was like "nooo .. DONKEY!" then I said .. "SHEEP .. GOAT .. CAMEL .. why did I say camel ? =/" LOL but the animal was actually a lama ==" At one point she made faces at Jess and it was adorable x] Not the "Erika-adorable" cos that would be creepy =/ But Jess was like "she's never like this when I'm here by myself" T_T" LOL Kids are so adorable =] So Jess .. "when will you bring Sandy to play again ?" :3

To make my afternoon slighty better, the NBA season opening game was on today and it was the Miami Heat Vs the Boston Celtics =) A highly anticipated match up of the season, ima watch the replay at 8:30 tonight =] So yeah I guess my depression didn't last that long but its only cos I have awesome friends like Jess who have even awesomer nieces like Sandy =D Thanks for letting me meet her Jess :3 When I said you make my day that much better when we talk, I really meant it =) I'm just sorry you have to put up with my depression mode these last couple of days =/ It'll get better I promise :3

OH BTW I cant believe I forgot to mention this .. JESS SPRAYED ME WITH A HOSE >=[ AND WET MY $200 JACKET .. okay not really $200, I got it on sale for $70 but THATS NOT THE POINT >=( YOU WET ME (LOL that's what she said) AND LOOK .. I'M SICK NOW *sneezes =/ YOU OWE ME ICE CREAM NOW =] thanks Jess :3 I LOVE YOU TOO =D

ja ne =]