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Monday, October 25, 2010 @ 7:38 PM

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Currently: Feeling the pressure of the HSC as it breathes down my neck =(

So today was the examination day of 2 Unit Mathematics .. a week since the English papers and suddenly I don't feel that great anymore =( I know there are people who walk into those halls with what they feel is a "sufficient" amount of study being done. Truth is .. there is no sufficient amount. Because you can never do enough study or practise for one examination because they'll always ask you some bullshit questions that you've never seen or done before ==" This is my new opinion of things after the unexpected events that transpired in my examination hall today ..

A week to study for what would be deemed as the hardest exams I would sit for .. a week to "prepare" for whatever they could ask .. a week to refresh my memory on the things I've learnt over the last 2 years. I can honestly say I don't know if I could have done anymore study =/ I've worked myself tirelessly most days (I wont say everyday cos let's face it .. I'm a Facebook addict), I've done piles of questions from past papers and such and yet the Board of Studies decides to throw this bullshit in my examination paper >=(

To be fair, Q1-Q7 weren't all that hard .. in fact I finished Q1 and Q2 in 8 minutes, well I don't mean to brag but I just wanted to convey the level of diffic .. okay fine I wanted to brag .. "ya happy Truthy McGee ?" Anyways, the title of this blog post takes us back 2 years .. back to the day we were sitting for our 2008 School Certificate Maths Exam. I remember it like it was yesterday ... for breakfast, Dad woke up late so he didn't have time to make breakfast and went out and bought these new Hungry Jack's breakfast burgers or something. I had one and it was the first time I tried it. During the maths exam, I had the most painful stomach ache ever ... I would go as far as comparing it to period pain EVEN THOUGH I know some of my female readers will not agree with this. I assure you guys it was hell. I called for a toilet break which ended up taking a whole 30 minutes of my exam. I still managed to finish the test however, I filed for Misadventure just in case. I ended up getting a 92, despite visiting the loo for 30 mins =="

Now .. fast forward back to 2 weeks before the HSC. I carefully selected the brand of cereal that did not give me stomach aches during the morning and bought 3-4 boxes of that. I thought I'll ease into the HSC without any stomach aches which proved to be quite effective actually. For the first 2 weeks, no stomach aches and regular bowel movement (yeah sorry I had to mention that) Even during the English exams, nothing wrong =/ This morning, however, I visted the bathroom 3 times before entering the hall. I didn't know what I did wrong .. diet has been the same for 2 weeks now and nothing was new =( I walked into that exam room, feeling like I got it all out of my system .. boy I was wrong ==" After completing Q2, they came back T_T I didn't wanna sit there with my stomach about to explode so I called for my first toilet break this HSC period and again .. was stuck in there for a good 30 minutes. Hence, the title of today's post.

So with 30 minutes lost, I raced back in there to finish as much as I could, knowing that a 92 (what I wanted) was no longer within my reach. I knuckled down and completed most of the questions. Looking back at the test paper now, I think I may have skipped a total of 16 marks =( Provided I get everything else correct, 104/120 = 87% isn't exactly a good mark but I was lost for time so recognise that I am in a disadvantaged position ='( Again I filed for Misadventure, only this time, its the HSC. Meaning they are much more strict on accepting these appeals, which in turn means that I'm fucked. I wanna rip out my stomach and seriously mutilate it >=(

I saw a doctor this afternoon to provide medical validity to my appeal but she wasn't so sure as to what to do for me, saying it was her first time filling out one of these forms. I wanted to see my doctor, an asian one. He wouldn't ask so many questions and would just give me the medical authority I desired in a second cos he's awesome like that. But as fate would have it, he wasn't in today and the form needed to be validated the day of the examination. So yeah .. I'm fucked =(

Now I'm gna put my head down and just do my best for 3 unit .. God knows I'll need the marks in this test to pull me back up from the horrible results of today's test ='( Spent the whole afternoon just moping about my failure .. I just wanna give a shout out to Tony, who doesn't always know what to say to console me but this time he did. "Don't worry too much about it, you got 1st ranking for assessments. That should cover you hopefully. It's all about rankings remember ? =)" To be honest, I don't really know what the whole ranking thing has to do with anything but he seems content that its a positive thing so I trust him. Thanks Tony =] I also wanna give a shout out to Lyn&Geoffrey, who I called to check how things were with them. In a turn of events, Lyn was actually kinda cheery despite not doing as well as she would have liked. That made me feel a little less depressed as she is not always so optimistic. Thanks Lyn =] Geoffrey, the bastard, said the test was "alright" which made me feel stupid but he said to me that English will pull you back up cos I do Advanced or something =/ Again I do not know what he is talking about but I trust him too. That made me feel a little less worried. Thanks Geoffrey =]

Look at me .. I'm getting sucked into the depression state again ==" I'm fine now but I'll be better if the 3 unit's level of difficulty is suited to my liking =( GOOD LUCK FOR EXT. 1 MATHS STUDENTS ON WEDNESDAY! God knows I will need every bit of it .. in fact, give me some of your luck yeah ? :3

ja ne *sighs ..