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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 @ 9:21 AM

WMP: Michael Jordan Documentary - His Airness
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I remember how you used to take lyrics from songs and put them up as your facebook status or MSN personal message. I remember you did that because those lyrics represented how you felt at the time and we weren't talking to each other. Perhaps we were fighting or something, and you thought you could voice your feelings through a song and nobody would know. Cos they would just think you're listening to that song now or something but I knew. I knew you were "So Sick" of this shit, when you said "I'll Be Fine" I know you didn't mean it. And the funniest thing is you're still doing it. When I load up Facebook and I see songs like "Can't Make You Love Me" and "Here Without You", it really makes me laugh. Thanks for that.

I'm so happy that English is finally out of my life, fucken hate English. But I'm grateful for the questions that they gave us this year, I'm fairly confident on both papers but not so much for Paper 1 Section 1 or Module B in Paper 2. They're my weak points in English =/ Even though I'm glad that we finished English, I don't get why people would burn the paper afterwards =/ I get that you're happy and all but you don't have to go all dramatic and burn a paper that didn't even do anything to you. If anything, it did SOMETHING for you with them questions being relatively easy ==" People who burnt their papers are either pyromaniacs or are hatin' on English more so than me LOL Did any of you guys burn your papers ? =/

I got a week between now and my maths exams =( I must ace 2 Unit and get at least average for 3U, according to my ATAR estimate but we'll see how the Board of Studies treats me for maths =/ If the questions are anything like the English papers then I may have hope =] If not, *jumps off a cliff*

So I was at Tony's Nguyen's place yesterday so we could study on some maths .. *coughs .. that went well =/ LOL We ended up watching Michael Jordan highlights and all the Wildstyle battles on Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'n Out x] We're so awesome =) I gotta make up for lost time today so hopefully that's all good ^^" Anyways on his bedroom door, there were some A4 sized papers stuck to it, it looked something like this ..

LOLOLOL! Trust him to do something like that x] If you can't see it properly, it says

< 90 = Kicked out of house
90 - 93 = Disgrace to my family
93 = So close, Always hope
93 - 95 = Yes, Just made it
98 - 99.95 = GG shit, HAPPY xD

Fucken made me ROFL, well not literally cos you know, I'm not you Lyn x] LOL but yeah, that's his motivation I'm guessing xD

Anyways that's all from me today, gotta get back to maths =] But before I go, I just wanna give a shoutout to these people who recently made me feel awesomely special :3 For those people who like to feel cut all the time, yeah you know who you are *stares >=] LOL Again these lists are never in any specific order =]

For sending me a text, which read the lyrics to the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" LOLOL x] It's a long story but it's sort of an inside joke between the two of us =) Go do some work you random gayfag ^^

For telling me to look up "Kuchisake" on Google cos its a horror movie and we're horror buddies =D Search it up if you guys dare but I know I don't got much horror fans reading this blog ^^" Especially you Lyn, who gets scared watching Harry Potter :3

For sending me the download link to Professor Layton & The Unwound Future ( which I've finished btw *awesome face* ) THE LINK DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE MICHAEL =( But thanks again! x]

Tony Nguyen
For making me laminated paper pads for my sweating problem =] I tend to sweat a lot through the palms of my hands, even when I'm not doing anything =/ So that can be a problem during exams cos it sticks to the paper but he made me laminated pads so it wouldn't be a problem ^^ Thanks Dai Lao =]

For letting me know there's an awesome taro cake store at Cabra =] It's called "Savoy Cakes" or something but I haven't been to Cabra for a while so I haven't heard of it =/ Apparently the taro cakes are yummers there cos Anna doesn't like taro cakes but she liked this one ^^ So I must go there after HSC >=]

For paying me back with a $100 bill =] I love $100 bills cos I never want to break them and hence I save money that way =D and also for making me want to buy NBA 2K11 SO FRICKEN BADLY NOW =( I want that game on PS3 like RIGHT NOW >=[ Stupid HSC. After Biology, I'm gna get me a copy for sure or I'll cry >=[

For showing me the link to Bub's new Vlog channel =] which re-ignited my love for her cos SHE'S SO FRICKEN ADORABLE :3 After watching her first vlog, I proceeded to re-watch all her comedy videos and stalked her a lil bit on Facebook *angel face* HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD HER SNEEZE ?! OMFG x] <3

For feeling cut then complaining that I put her last x] I KNOW YOU JESS LOL don't try to deny it *angel face* Narh seriously, you've been one of the better friends for the last couple of months .. actually I would go as far as to say this whole past year ^^ For driving me to places when I needed a ride, for dealing with my shit, for trusting me with your shit, for making my day that much better when we talk :3 Thanks for everything =]

ja ne x]