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Day 26- What you think about your friends

I think the world of my friends =) They make me who I am today cos without them, I wouldn't be as awesome x] I'll list my closest friends who actually read this blog so I wont waste time ^^"
  • LYN
What can I say about you Lyn ? Every major turning point in my life, I don't need to think twice before consulting you about it first. You've taught me valuable life lessons that I'll carry to the grave. The meaning behind the word "trust" and the difference between "friends" and friends are just some of the things I've learnt from you. You know how they say "Fights between two parties will strengthen the bond between the two" ? I think we gave new meaning to that saying. I think you're the epitome of what a friend is because you're just always there. So I promise to do the same. For always.
  • TONY
From our days from primary school to today, it's always been the two of us. And although I don't come to you for advice or anything, it doesn't mean we don't share a bond. The best friend kind of bond that is. I think you're a extremely dedicated person when it comes to studies, you make maths seem easy when it's not. And even though, we have a well-known rivalry in this field, I'm really happy that you got your desired ATAR estimate mark and I don't wna jinx anything but seriously Tony .. you'll probably just give the jinx the finger and ace the HSC anyways. The two of us grew up together thus far and I promise that we will still be playing table tennis with each other when we're 80 .. well I don't know if you can handle being defeated that many times but we'll see wont we ?
  • JESS
Let's see .. what do I think about Jess ? Hmm .. I think she's aweso .. did you really think I was gna finish that sentence ? LOL *serious mode* I think Jess is a really easy person to become great friends with, I mean she's funny, she's got an amazing personality, and she likes Toy Story for crying out loud. She's a pretty out-going person whereas I'm generally a home person, so I think she's a good influence on me, on social terms that is. When I look back on 2010, it'll be the year I made a friend to keep .. and also the year I forgot Erika's birthday .. which by the way, Jess wont let me forget.
When I first met Kevin, I never thought we would become close friends .. or friends at all. But fast forward to 2010 and you have two close friends, brought together by a common interest. I used to think of Kevin as the most sportiest person I knew but as it turns out, he's a lazy asshole. We're at the courts for 10 mins, Kevin takes two shots and he's all puffed out. Even so, his random personality and sense of humour amuses me to this day, I mean who finds a kangaroo kicking someone into a river funny ? Like seriously .. when I laugh Kevin, I'm laughing at you LOL But still, those moments make my day sometimes. I remember some days I'm emo in the mornings and then we have English, and I forget why I was emo. So thanks for that Kevin, if I'm ever depressed or in need of a hug, I'll give you a call ;)
Juntree ? I think there's one word to describe him and that word is TRAITOR LOL Do I need to remind you of the times you dogged me to side with Harry ? ASSHOLE LOL We haven't bonded as much these past years cos of HSC and all but we have forever to do that. The four of us will have our little reunion and remember the good times. I think that'll be an awesome day =] I think Juntree is one of those friends everyone has to have, a blond friend LOL Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're stupid. I'm saying you're unique =) It's good to be different you know ? It makes you who you are. If anyone knows what that means, it's you Juntree. I appreciate that part about you. Just not the betrayal part.
Gay fag .. *stares. Geoffrey and me ? We go way back, back to the time when Geoffrey didn't have the pubes to cover his tiny dick LOL I'm just playing Geoffrey x] Although we aren't the greatest of friends, I'd still like to think of you as family cos the three of us ? We were the best of friends back then and I would hate to see that go to waste. When this is all over, I promise we'll spend more time together, whether it be in your room or mine .. it doesn't matter ;)