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Day 24- A letter to your parents

Dear Mum&Dad,

Everything you guys do, from the many hours of overtime right down to the random things Dad buys from Trash&Treasures, I know that all of it is for the benefit of our little 4-man family. I sometimes wonder if I make you guys proud or if I am the son you wanted. Don't ask why .. I just do a lot of thinking when I am bored. But I've come to see that these are trivial things that don't matter, simply because well you're stuck with me either way ^^" But seriously, ever since my little bitch fit last year, I can see the improvements in our family in terms of bonding and what it really means to be in a family. It just so happens that fate would not cooperate with me by throwing the HSC in my face, effectively cutting down the family outings we normally have. But remember the promise I made to you Mum ? That when I'm done with all this, YUMCHAS ON ME!

I just wanna thank you guys for being there .. not the way I see in movies and dramas but still there regradless in your own little ways. I wanna thank you guys for not being the typical asian parents that pressures me into living out the lives they want. I wanna thank you guys for understanding that I'm not born a genius and can only do the best I can. I wanna thank you guys for being able to financially secure the resources I need (and I stress the word "need") whenever you guys can. I wanna thank you guys for being the central piece of our family puzzle cos without you guys, this family simply wouldn't exist. Well it might .. just not as awesome without me of course *angel face* (Don't worry Mum, I'll explain what awesome is to you later)

Dear Mum,

You are the typical asian housewife mum did I ever tell you that ? For one thing, you cant even read this post and another thing is that you're extremely self conscious. I cant even walk to school with a FRIEND WHO'S A GIRL because you think someone might see us. But you know, without this, I probably would have too much freedom that I could handle. So while I get irritated at times, in the back of my mind I am, in a way, grateful. I love how you make me laugh with your fobby pronounciations of certain english words such as "Abo-digital" .. but DEFINITELY NOT "Ellen" ==" I love the awesome dishes you cook every night which I swear, owns MasterChef sometimes. I love how you buy and bring home random goth shirts, thinking I would like them cos they're black. I love how you think every girl that comes over is my girlfriend. But most of all, I love you Mum. Thanks for everything.

Dear Dad,

So I heard you like Jimmy's Father's Day present ? If you must know, it was me who bought it for him you know ==' But I'm sure you already know cos seriously .. Jim buy such awesome presents? Okay .. yeah right x] Anyways Dad, I think it was from you that I got my nice personality from =] I mean, people call you to do favours everyday, when you work and when you don't work. I swear you're more busy when you don't work. Yet you never complain, you do it without asking questions. I've asked you why and you replied back saying "cos we're family that's why" That really opened my eyes. If I grow up to be half the kind person you are, it will be all worth it. You guys know how I love nagging teachers for extra marks after exams right ? Yeah I got that from my Dad as well x] Cept he does it on a more professional level. Bargaining with the shops LOL You know how asians love to bargain with each other right ? Well Dad bargains with everyone and I just love his style LOL I love how you fail at cooking surprise dinners for us when Mum isn't home. I love how you think you can fix everything yourself (saves money). I love how you buy random 50 cent decorations from Trash&Treasures and decorate the house. I love how you talk to McDonald's Drive Thrus or when you order Pizza Hut. But most of all, I love you Dad. Thanks for everything.

Much love,
Your son Allan :3

ja ne =)