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Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

I have a few people who have hurt me recently >=[ Of course I'm just playing around but apologies will still be accepted x]

Dear Jess,

I just thought I should let you know that I'm deeply cut about you not taking me with you to watch "Despicable Me" .. although I think I've made this clear to you already LOL You took your niece instead of me which shows where I stand in your life x] Did your niece ( I forget her name .. Elizabeth ? Emmy ? YOU HAVE TOO MANY NIECES ^^") get you an awesome present for your 17th ? Does she provide you with Cosmo or Dolly ? LOL I thought we were closer than that Jess *shakes head* x]

Much love, your awesome friend Allan :3

Dear Tien,

While I did have an awesome time with you for Open Day, I did not appreciate you making me stand outside Cotton On Body for the whole duration of you being inside the store .. which to be exact, was like a billion years ==" LOL You know I'm so much more mature than that *angel face* But obviously you think I'm just a little kid =( That says a lot Tien >=[ LMFAO

Much love, the guy with the pink drink :3

Dear Jimmy,

When I was sick all day yesterday, I just wanna say I did not appreciate the pulling my blanket away gesture >=[ It was cold and uncomfortable =( If you ever EVER do that again, don't blame me when you wake up with only one eyebrow left intact. That is all.

Much love, your friendly barber Allan :3

Dear Juntree,

When we used to play Bleach on our DS's, I thought I had made it clear that it was our SOLE mission to take down the evil, cholesterol-filled entity that is Harry >=( So last week, when we decided to play for old times sakes .. WHY, OH WHY, DID YOU KILL ME FOR ?! LOL You know very well that you could never take Harry one on one x] YOU NEED MEEE~ ROFL Let this be a warning Juntree .. for the next time you decide to unleash your Bankai on me, I wont be held responsible if I stand back while Harry air-combo-rapes you and I repeatedly press the down button as my character stands above your lifeless body =D

Much love, Ichimaru Gin & Urahara Kisuke :3

Dear Telstra, TPG .. & all you other ^%$@!* ISP's >=[,

So let me get this straight .. every single one of the houses around me can have ADSL & ADSL 2+ broadband access but ONLY MY HOUSE CANNOT ?! What is this ? Some new form of cyber bullying ? Cos I tell you I feel really upset, especially at you ALMIGHTY TELSTRA, for our family has been loyal customers for years, and you refuse to provide the sole neccessity of a young, awesome teenage boy living in the 21st century ? THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS BLASPHEMY >=[ *rages a lil more

Much love, your not-so-loyal customer Allan :3 .. *signs contract with Optus

ja ne =]