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Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 2:19 PM

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Yesterday was my final day of that 3u workshop thing and you know how at the end of them workshops, they give you this evaluation sheet thing ? =/ Like if you thought the lecturer was good or bad or if the workshop was up to your satisfaction. Yeah .. well they gave me one to fill out and I dont know if I was being honest or nice LOL Cos I filled it in and this guy sitting next to me was like "a bit generous with them marks dont you think ?" ^^" I would like to think I'm being honest but who knows =3

So this last few days of the workshop was hell =/ .. if hell was freezing cold and ridicously wet ^^" Plus the fact that Tony didn't wna come to them anymore ==" I had to catch a train from Cabramatta to Town Hall and walk to the bus station on George Street then take a bus to the University =( It wasn't all bad I suppose, I mean I did get a lot of work done on the commute =) Except for yesterday when I brought my DS along x] Anyways karma got me back by making it rain ==" It was perfectly sunny when I woke up yesterday morning, then kinda cloudy when I got to Cabra, then the ground was wet when I got to City but not raining =/ Then I got on the bus and it was pissing rain T_T I had to run about 500m (which includes a flight of stairs) all the way to my lecture room on the otherside of campus *thumbs up*

After my last class, I decided to see how quickly I could get to Town Hall station cos my aunty finishes work at 5 as well, but takes a train from Circular Quay to Town Hall. She gets there at 5:14 so I had to .. run ==" I ran from campus to Broadway but the bus tickets are all prepaid =/ I had to find a 7-11 and buy a ticket, I ran out of the store and saw my bus drive past ==" But thank god for traffic lights =D Then I got off at QVB and ran for Town Hall station, got to the platform JUST as the train got there *phew =/ I made in on time and played some more DS on the way home ^^ I even got to Liverpool Station before my dad did =] Even had time to pee as well x] Yes I had to mention that =P LOL

This whole week was one big workout for my legs man =( I seriously thought my legs were gna cramp later in the night =/ But they didn't :3 So today when I had tutor at Cabra, I thought all that running was behind me .. but as fate would have it, I was wrong =( I woke up at like 10:30 (tutor starts at 11 btw) and tried to get ready in like 10mins which is physically impossible for a "pretty boy" like me x] NOTE TO SELF - BUY MORE CLOTHES =) But yeah, got to Cabra at like 11:05 but my grandpa likes to park a fair distance away from Cabra so he doesnt have to pay the carpark =/ Yeah asians .. =3 So I thought to myself, here we go again *sighs .. *runs

Btw I think I'm sick =(

ja ne (^3^)