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Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 8:45 PM

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So today was Day 1 of the 3u workshop thing that my career advisor had signed me and Tony up for. It was at USYD and started at 1:30 =/ This workshop ran for 5 days starting today finishing on Friday. I plan to attend 4 of them minus one cos of Peak =) Anyways today was also Maria's birthday outing at the cities, which I had no idea was gna be on the same day as the workshop, so I decided to show up at Maria's for lunch only and still make it on time for the workshop. I'll try to keep my posts relatively short for a period of time now cos I don't think I'll have enough time to blog as much as I used to =/

So Maria's outing was scheduled to start at 11 where we would go to "Pancakes on the Rocks" and eat some .. ICE CREAM! LOL (dw inside joke x]) I wasn't really that hungry to be honest, I had like a pork roll before I came and so I only ordered a "regular stack" which had 3 normal pancakes with maple syrup and whipped butter =/ It wasn't that bad .. it tasted a lot like the McDonalds breakfast hotcakes though LOL And after today I realised I'm not a fan of pancakes anymore LOL I saw what the others were eating and it was like chocolate covered or cream filled O_O made me feel like throwing up ==" Maybe it was the weather or the fact that everything in that restaurant looked so fatty ? >< but yeah, SORRY MARIA =( I couldn't stay longer, it was nice meeting your friends though ? ^^"

Then Tony and I walked to George St to find a bus that would take us to USYD =) Eventually we did and the whole way there, Tony was just like "How mad would it be to live in the cities ?" He was like a tourist on vacation I swear LOL We got to the university and found the room our lecture was in, we were 10 mins early ^^" Then I saw Kartic O_O who was doing 2U workshops upstairs .. then I saw Jeanny O_O I was like WTF ? ARE WE HAVING A PARTY OR SOMETHING ? x] Then she told me that they were doing 2u workshops too =/ learn something new everyday I guess =/ The workshop was okay I guess ? The guy made so many mistakes it wasn't funny ^^" "Sir ? Isn't it supposed to be this ? =/" was the most asked question LOL

Highlight of the day ? Hmm .. there wasn't much that would fall under "highlights" but I guess exploring the uni with Tony was good =) We bummed in the library, full looking suss, while waiting for my dad to pick us up. And my day-long texting spree with Cathy was awesome too ^.^ Oh which reminds me, I was gna blog this ..

You know how I TRY to only buy things if I NEED to ? and NOT if I WANT to ? =/ Well Kevin was being a smartarse about it and questioned me on my decision to watch Toy Story 3. Here's how the conversation went:

Kevin: So I heard you went to watch Toy Story 3 last night ?
Allan: Yupp (^3^) it was AWESOME =3
Kevin: Did you NEED to go watch it though ? =/
Allan: Of course I did! Waited 11 years for last night x]
Kevin: But you could have waited till Tuesday when its cheaper =] But you didn't. You WANTED to watch it. You didn't have to, but you did anyways >=]
Allan: *speechless*

Yeah .. stupid Kevin ==" LOL And then Cathy came along and said this:

Cathy: I don't think your philosophy is a good idea LOL Cos the only things you NEED are food, water, and shelter =)
Allan: Oh great, not you too =="

Thanks guys ^^" LOL

ja ne :3