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Friday, June 4, 2010 @ 6:23 PM

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Sometimes when I'm bored, which is a lot, I tend to let my mind wander =/ I tend to think a lot about random things such as the future, the past or what I'm eating for lunch =] But lately I've been thinking a lot about "what if's". I've always thought "what if" this never happened or "what if" this did happen, what kind of difference it would have made and what kind of person I would be right now ? Here are some of the major turning points of my life thus far.

Moving to St Johns High School at the end of Year 10

- This decision was made by myself at the end of year 10 when I wasn't so sure about the whole scaling system they used for the HSC. Thinking that I was at a disadvantaged school, I decided to move to St Johns, in hopes of better scaling. Yeah this was the year 10 Allan, stupid and an ass. I had an interview with the school and was about to be accepted based on my results from SC but I wasn't residing in their local area and was rejected ^^"

- What if I had moved to St Johns ?

- Well first of all, my current close relations with Kevin and Jess would not exist. We had only become close recently and I wouldn't be friends with them if I had moved =(

- I would have lost Tony as a best friend cos we only made our bestfriendship official last year. Wow, that sounded gay LOL We wouldn't be going to the same tutors, and I wouldn't have went to Peak or HD =/ Hence I wouldn't have became friends with Tien or Maria =(

- I probably would have become closer to my cousins Tracie and Mandy cos they would become my ride =]

- I think I would have been a totally different person to what I am now if I had moved =/ St Johns is like asians galore ^^"

Drifting away from the Asian group at the end of Year 8

- I stopped hanging around the asian group by the end of the year 8 and began to hang around the library. I think I would have been a very different person if I stayed =/ I'm not dissing anyone, so don't take it the wrong way, I'm just saying that I wouldn't be the same guy that I am today.

- This led to multiple important friendships such as Lyn & Juntree. Lyn is now my best friend and one of the most important people to me. Juntree might not be my best friend but he is one of the close guy friends I TRUST. Sorry I had to palce emphasis on the word trust cos I don't think I would have learnt the meaning to that word if I had stayed >.<

The idea of moving to New Zealand early last year

- The idea came from my grandmother who thought life would be better for our family if we all moved back to New Zealand. My dad was against it but its disrespectful to argue with your mum, regardless of what the matter is (yeah this doesn't apply to Generation Y cos we're badass LOL) Initially he was gna go through with it but decided that it was best if I stayed here while Mum, Dad and Jim left. Something to do with a better education here or something =/ But Grandma suggested it would be better if we were all together.

- So one of two things could have happened, I would have stayed here and lived with my uncle who lives in Hoxton Park and moved schools to there =/ or I would have moved to New Zealand and never see any of you guys ever again ='(

- If I had stayed, I wouldn't see my brother until I'm like 20 something and he would have just graduated from high school =( I think that would have had detrimental effects on our relationship =/ How weird would it be to start over when we're all mature and stuff ? It would feel like we're strangers who were forced to be best friends overnight >.< - If I had left, you guys wouldn't be reading this blog right now and you wont even remember that tall guy with the messed up hair anymore. Friendships would have been broken forever, lives would have been changed =( I really cant imagine what I have done if it came down to me never seeing you guys again *cries

Meeting Tien and our 2 year relationship

- I think my 2 year relationship was really what shaped my personality into what it is now =/ I remember changing myself a lot to seem more appealing to Tien. I know its a bad thing but come on, I was 15 at the time ==" But hey, it turned out great for my personality right ? =/ RIGHT ? ^^"

- Through all the laughter, the smiles, the fights, .. and other stuff *angel face* LOL, I would like think it played a role in giving me a big lesson on my life. Thinking back to the beginning, I really didn't know what I was doing =/ How do I ?.. Where do I ? .. What do I ? .. yeah I was pretty noob ^^" But Tien paved the way for me and made me look good =] In a way, I think that changed my personality forever. I changed hairstyles mulitple times, I learnt how to talk nicely to girls (oh trust me, you don't know me back then ><"), I changed my fashion sense, I learnt how to value things, how to deal with issues in relationships, how to be a nice guy in general ^^ OH I almost forgot .. the most important thing, I learnt how to kiss-ass ^^" Yeah I do it alot now don't I ? LOL I used to give chocolates to her parents every time I visited and I even considered learning viet too believe it or not O_O ROFL - Had I not been in that relationship, I think I would be a pretty big douche *thumbs up* I'm serious =/ I read my chat logs from years ago and I think .. "man what I would give to hit this stupid asshole right in the #$*%!" I was a dick, maybe I still am ^^" Perhaps I need another 2 year relationship LOL~

Parents deciding to move to Green Valley when I was 5

- I used to live in Cabra and Mt Pritchard before moving here. Thinking "what if" I hadn't moved here ? I cant picture my life at all =/

- Though if I had stayed, my relationships with Felix and Geoffrey would be air-tight for sure ^^ I guess that's the biggest loss of me moving here, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have made all the awesome friendships that I have right now. Felix and Geoffrey will always be around cos we're practically family already and although our relations aren't as close as I would like them to be, we have forever to catch up on things =3

- I would have been enrolled at Canley Vale with Geoffrey or Patrician Brothers with Felix if I hadn't moved =/ How different would that have been ? O_O

That's all of the life changing decisions that my fate has made for me that I can think of right now because I'm so goddamned sleepy =( But if I ever get bored again, I'll be sure to let you guys know =] Thanks for reading guys =/ I apologise for the mushy tone of this post ^^' I get emotional sometimes *cries

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