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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 9:56 AM

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I KNOW RIGHT ? I can blog from school now LOL Not sure if that's a good thing though ^^" Anyways Miss is away for Biology so I'm procrastinating in the library x] I will be blogging about last night's epic adventures with my best buddy GEOFFREY =D

One Saturday night, I was missing Geoffrey like ALOT so I opened up his chat window and started a conversaton :3 He told me there was an information night for engineering courses at UTS =/ I am still in the process of deciding which course I would like to do at uni next year but engineering did strike my interests =) So I decided to sign up. He told me to invite some friends too cos I would be bored around his friends but I don't have any friends that do engineering =/ Plus Tony had already decided to something in medicine so yeah =/

I got to Cabra station at around 4:45pm, called up Geoffrey and he was taking his time so I bought a pork roll =D Haven't had one in like so long x] Geoffrey, that motherfucker, took his goddamn time LOL He finished school at like 12 and I still got there before him >=[ I met his import friend, Ricky, and we took the train to Central at 5:15 or something and arrived with like 8 minutes to spare. On the way there, Geoffrey and I caught up on random shit =) while Ricky did his physics work .. I think he felt left out =/ Amongst the topics that we talked about was clingy guys and girls O_O Don't ask LOL I was like "there's no such thing as a clingy guy ? WTF ? LOL" Geoffrey was like "Yes there is ? =/" I thought there was only clingy girls ? ^^" but doesn't matter, they're both annoying x] AND JUST THEN, SOMETHING EPIC HAPPENED ROFL! There was this asian guy, sitting 2 rows in front of us, and he just lifted his phone into the air and FLASH! HE FUCKING TOOK A LUVO HAHAHAHAHA x] Geoffrey and I tried so hard not to fill the carriage with laughter xD There was this tank fob guy, in front of us, and he was like *shakes head* I bet you he was thinking "fucking faggot" LOL If not, that's what we were thinking LMFAO

So we got to Central with 8 minutes to get to the uni cos the lecture starts at 6:00. We still didn't know our way to the uni so we asked this asian guy at a cafe and he said *HARD asian accent "you go to the traffic light, then you take a left and left again". We nodded and walked off x] Geoffrey, being the dumb cunt that he is, started right ==" FAIL WHALE MUCH ? LOL We eventually got to the lecture at like 6:15 =/ They didn't start the lecture yet cos you know, they were like "oh Allan and Geoffrey aren't here yet so we cant start =D" *angel face* There was a long table outside the lecture hall, filled with sandwiches >< The pork roll did NOT fill me up =(

The lecture itself was really insightful. There were a lot of experience talkers about engineering, the different types of engineering and whatnot. I came to the information night, stuck between civil and electrical engineering. I walked out of the lecture, stuck between civil and electrical engineering ==" But it wasn't a waste of time cos I learnt a lot more about engineering than I would though reading pamphlets and brochures.

On the train ride home, Geoffrey and I just started comparing the different kinds of engineering we could do =/ UTS offered internships whilst you are studying the course which allows you to earn money while you study =] I still don't know what to do after HSC so anything is possible =/ but for now, I'm leaning towards this career path ^^ Hope its the one for me =]

ja ne =3