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Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 10:12 PM

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I was supposed to blog this yesterday but I had a japanese speech to do which I didn't even finish ==" And tonight I was supposed to finish off maths homework but didn't finish that either .. and I've got a 3u test on tuesday which I'll fail *thumbs up* This weekend is gna be so emo for me T_T which is kinda ironic cos I was really happy last night, too happy some might say ^^" but you don't have to believe them *angel face* YESTERDAY WAS THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF TOY STORY 3 IN AUSTRALIA *runs in a circle* And of course, the number one fan had to go watch it x] YES THAT'S RIGHT, I'M THE NUMBER FAN, NOT YOU JESS! >=]

I'll start off with school, nothing special happened =/ Normal day, normal classes =) Only thing probably worth mentioning was the fact that Tony and I went on a chocolate fun-raising spree LOL Tony had gotten an early headstart on tuesday when I had biology 6th period and he had a free period. Our school had grade sport and so all these peeps from Moorebank bought chocolates off him and he finished the whole box within 1 period that ass =( I brought my box home and left it on the table. The next morning I woke up and it was gone =/ I was like "aww thanks Dad, I love you :3" He had taken the box to work to keep me in the game with Tony LOL That night, Tony decided to bring his new box of Summer Rolls to PEAK x] For those that don't know, Summer Rolls are these long thin chocolate bars with coconut sprinkles on it. Here's a conversation that took place at Peak ..

Tony: Hey you wanna buy some chocolates ?
PEAK kid: *looks at box* that's not chocolates.
Tony: T_T

Anyways my dad sold more than half the box for me which isn't his personal best but I appreciate it nonetheless =) THANKS DAD! I took the box to school the next day and by recess, I had finished my first box =] I went and got another box of Caramellos cos everyone LOVES caramellos =3 I had a free period after recess and by the end of that period, I had finished my second box *hero stance* Now Tony and I are finished our third box =) I decided to donate my earnings from the third box to Kevin cos he helped out a lot =] THANKS KEVIN!

Okay first of all, CONGRATS TO JESS FOR PASSING HER P's =D remember that time when you promised to take me to all those places that you erhh.. promised ? x] Yeah she drove me home from school =O dw I still got 2 arms and 3 legs, its all good =D LOL I'm just kidding, Jess is actually a pretty good driver, considering that I was the first person she drove on her P's *feels special x] I wonder if I can ever drive like that =( 3 hours of driving time for the win man ==" Anyways I got home and ate some lasagne and got changed =] Waited for Jess's to reply on msn and off to the movies Steven, Jess & I went =3

Got all the way to the roof parking and it was like near deserted O_O No "Full carpark -Fuck Off" signs, no little kids running around, dressed up as buzz and shit (lucky I didn't dress up then x] ), there was like no little kids in sight at all ^^" I guess they all felt highroller and went to watch it at IMAX =( So this time, I jumped in line FIRST and bought 3 tickets for my awesome friends =D I know right ? I'm so kind *angel face* LOL JK I'm uninteresting and a dick =) Anyways the 3D version of the movie didn't start till 7 so we went downstairs to eat some maccas =] After that, we went to Timezone cos Steven thought he could beat me in that basketball game =/ His just lucky there wasn't a table tennis game LOL! But yeah, we played 5 games and he won the first 2 =/ THEN COMEBACK WIN FOR ALLAN =D .. which would have been better if I didn't lose to Jess as well .. =/ LOL

MOVIE TIME =) We went in and some assholes took our seats =/ don't worry, I didn't rage x] We found better seats anyways so >=P I wont kill the movie for you guys cos I know you all are just DYING to watch TOY STORY 3 after reading this blog LOL But rest assured, you wont be wasting your money =] THE MOVIE WAS SUPER AWESOME, BEST ONE OUT OF THE 3 FOR SURE, HANDS DOWN x] 11 OUT OF 10, 5 STARS .. SOMETHING ELSE THAT RATES THINGS .. OH TWO THUMBS UP x] You guys need to go to your nearest cinema like now and WATCH IT >=]

Unfortunately my childhood flashbacks were ruined by a blaring alarm during the tense moments of the movie =/ It was this one scene where the movie was super dramatic and I was on the edge of my seat when this LOUD ALARM started RINGING O_O I was like "SHIT talk about quality sound effects x]" No one suspected anything was up until the tense scene was over and the alarm was still ringing =/ Then a staff member told us to evacuate the cinema .. O_O at this point, I was like WTF MAN, WHY NOW ? ==" I thought it was a fire or something =/ As it turns out, it was A FRICKING FALSE ALARM >=( NOW I GET TO RAGE ><" They made me miss out 10 mins of my movie and in Steven's words "I was just getting into the movie too" ROFL They gave us a 'refund' in the form of a free movie ticket valid until next year so I guess I can come back in the holidays and watch it again =3 WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ? x]

We went back inside and watched the rest of the movie. The ending was first class and seriously was a Kleenex moment for some, even a pat on the head maybe .. but NOT FOR ALLAN WHO DOESN'T GET EMOTIONAL EASILY, EVEN IF WATCHING HIS CHILDHOOD FILM OF 11 YEARS *looks away .. I swear it was the fogging up on the 3D glasses Jess >< YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME ROFL~ I hope there will be a Toy Story 4 =( When Andy is all grown up and shit, has kids that will play with Buzz and Woody =) But seriously, yesterday night was really awesome and special =] So I would just like to thank Steven & Jess again for making it all possible ='] I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH :3

Here's pictures of the childhood Buzz that my mum bought for me when I was 5 years old. Apparenly, my mum said that I chucked a tantrum saying I wouldn't go school unless I got my hands on that toy ^^" PFFT SIF MUM *angel face* I LOVE YOU FOR GETTING ME BUZZ ANYWAYS =3

ja ne x]