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Wednesday, June 16, 2010 @ 7:58 PM

WMP: Breaking the Magician's Code Ep1
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So a lot of things happened over the long weekend that are blog-worthy but I'll keep it succint for now cos I really wna go showers x] Anyways I'll start with Saturday =)

The day did NOT start well for me because SOME DICKHEAD *ahemtonyahem* called me and woke me up ==" GOD I HATE BEING WOKEN UP ><" but it was kinda good cos I had to go tutor anyways ^^" After tutor at Cabra, I went to eat lunch with my dad and grandma at this new Cambodian restaurant =D It was funny to see my grandma diss the food, saying it was "not worthy to be called Cambodian food" x] After that, we proceeded home where I was expecting the visits of Tony and Kevin. Tony said he wanted to come over and do that stupid physics assignment on the photoelectric effect with me while Kevin said he wanted to come over and play some table tennis =) Tony came over but Kevin stood me up LOL He had to help his dad with something or something =/ So I called up Steven and asked if he would like to play some table tennis =D So the whole afternoon it was Tony, Steven, my brother and me playing table tennis until Tony left mid game (doesn't matter cos I was winning anyways *angel face*) then we decided to go play basketball in my backyard =] My brother decided to learn some tips off Steven cos my brother loves him T_T" LOL So in the end, I didn't start my physics assignment nor did I manage to get my revenge on Tony ... OH SHIT that's right, I'm not sure if I mentioned this but TONY BEAT ME IN TABLE TENNIS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS >< He beat me in 5 sets and wouldn't let me hear the end of it that asshole x] But it was a good game =] *shakes hands*

Alright on to Sunday .. hmm .. I had a dinner/family reunion kind of thing for the remembrance of my grandfather who passed away suddenly a couple years back =( But yeah this post is a HAPPY POST SO =D I did nothing on Sunday, in terms of Physics assignment that is, but I did get to finish off "The Spy Next Door" =3 I reckon it was a pretty good movie, a good balance between Jackie Chan's original action genre and a nice drama-filled plot =] I hate that red head chick though >=( What a bitch LOL

MONDAY was an awesome day ^^ I managed to finish my physics assessment in less than half a day AND play some "basketball" with Tien&Quyen =] Tien had told me that she was coming over tmrws to visit and to "pedo-hug" my brother ROFL~ We ended up playing a .. well .. different kind of basketball LMFAO =) So it was Tien&Quyen VS Allan&Jimmy >=] Well at first, the girls wanted Jimmy on their team too cos apparently I'm a "showoff" LOL The girls won when they had Jimmy cos *ahem you know .. I let them *angel face* But when I got Jimmy back on my side, things were a little different x] Jim and I ran the "pick and roll" play which is an ATTACKING strategy which looks like this ..

So Jim "screens" for me which is like blocking the defensive player while I run behind Jim and get away from my defender =) Tien and Quyen did not know what "pick and roll" was so they asked. I explained and they did not understand why it was called "pick and roll", they decided that if the name was so random, it might as well be called "cherrypicker" LMFAO~! So the whole afternoon, Tien&Quyen were like "QUYEN RUN THE CHERRYPICKER!" xD

What a good day =) I managed to fit in an awesome game of "basketball", help Cathy with her English essay which she did not even finish *shakes head* and finish my physics assignment =) Hope that I get high =3 which reminds me CONGRATS TO CATHY FOR HIGH MARK IN 3u =] which is BS cos you didn't even study that much and you got higher than me >< LOL dont mind me, I'm just being a jealous bitch *angel face*

In other news, a light aircraft has crash landed in Canley Vale and gave Geoffrey a blackout while he was on the dunny LMFAO~ I bet you shit yourself Geoffrey .. literally LOL!

In other other news, BOSTON LOST TODAY =( STUPID FRICKING KOBE BRYANT! *punches hole in wall* I DONT WNA HEAR IT KEVIN LOL I've already had to defend myself from Cathy and Jess LOL YOU GUYS JUST WATCH =] GAME 7 is OURS :3

Highlight of the day was Ms Lakhan being away =) I had a double free period where I watched the post-game conference talk in the library with Cathy =] RAY ALLEN IS AWESOME x] DOC RIVERS NEEDS TO STOP SHINING HIS HEAD & KOBE BRYANT NEEDS TO BREAK HIS LEG FOR GAME 7 x]


ja ne >=[