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Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 9:59 PM

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I'm writing this post as a request from Maria =] She read the post entitled " The B.I.G B.O.N.G Theory" and asked the question "so what kind of girls do guys like then ?". I know my tastes in girls differ from every other guy but I guess this will suffice ^^ Most of the qualities I mentioned in "Likes & Dislikes Part 1" are still what I look for in a girl but I guess I can add some more =)

To summarize the stuff mentioned in Part, here's a brief list =D

1. Short girls
2. Pigtails
3. Childishness
4. Knows how to dress conservatively
5. A sense of hygiene
6. Does NOT crack up like a crazy person
7. Optimistic

For the fill post, click here

8. ... okay now I know why I stopped writing last time, I cant think of anything else =/ But people say that in a couple, opposites attract. I don't know if I agree with it cos if I have interests in something, I would definitely like the other person to like it too. Say I like basketball, if the other person doesn't like basketball, whenever I wanna go play basketball or watch basketball, they wont be doing it with me =/ If I like a certain type of movie, and the other person doesn't, they wont watch it with me =( As for me, I like to keep open minded about things. If she has an interest that I've never come across, I'll still give it go =] Cos that's what relationships are about, feeling connected to each other. And yeah .. I know there aren't many horror fans out there, but I guess that's what's gna make my future girlfriend awesome *angel face*

9. For the people who don't know me as well, I like cute stuff. LOL yeah I know, you wont believe how many times I've heard "Are you a weirdo or something ? That stuff freaks me out O_O" I don't know why it is =/ But little gestures that show you still care and have feelings for each other are awesome. For me, I think the first couple of months of any relationship is the best. It's full of happiness and warmth, after that it just gets old and just downright not the same anymore =/ That's why I think little IHEARTYOU Post-It notes keep the relationship alive. If you are a commitment person, you need to give this a try. But this doesn't go without saying the other person will think the same way ^^" Sorry if you know think I'm weird LOL but that's what I like in a relationship .. yeah I'm just different that's all =(

10. I also like a girl who respects my dislikes and understands them. I hate chilli stuff, I cant stand the smell, the taste .. I just don't know how you can eat it =/ If you try to make me eat it, you will regret doing so *silent treatment* ROFL I don't mind if its like playfully teasing, but if they seriously wanna just shove it in my mouth then yeah *silent treatment* x]

11. I really hate seeing make up on a girl. I don't mind if its just eye liner or something small, but if I softly bump into you and a puff of foundation flies off your face then yeah you know what I mean =/

12. I like girls who can make me smile, make me laugh, you know just knows how to make me happy =] Generally I'm pretty optimistic about things so I wont be feeling down alot =/ But you know I do have my emo moments and I would prefer it if she could magically make me happy again ^^"

13. Overall I wouldn't say looks is a dominating factor for me though don't get me wrong, they do play a part. I'm not a shallow guy but you would be lying if you said looks never played a part in your relationships.

14. I don't like party girls =/ Chicks who smoke or drink or both do not equal Allan's girlfriend =)

Yeah I know I'm pretty picky but I'm a guy who likes long term relationships. These are all just my opinions so if you do/are any of the bad things I mentioned, its nothing personal =] Just some of the things I look for in a partner ^^ If we're friends then the bad stuff don't apply to you =D Hope you enjoyed it ^^" I'll add more stuff to it when I get more picky =3 UNTIL NEXT TIME LOYAL READERS~

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