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Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 10:05 PM

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Currently: Horror movie marathon =]

First day of holidays .. what did I have planned ? A day at home with my hard drive LOL HEY! don't blame me, I haven't watched a whole movie in like months =( THANKS A LOT HSC >=( I decided to go for a horror movie marathon cos you know I LOVE MY HORROR =3 Today I found out that I have very small collection of horror movies =/ .. or good ones at least =( I'm download some more soon ^^ Any ideas for good horror movies ? =] My recommendation ? SHUTTER =) THAI VERSION! Don't bother with the American one, its nothing compared to the thai one =] Anyways I settled on .. Wrong Turn. Has anyone seen it ? COS ITS SHIT ==" 15 minutes into the movie and no scary scenes T_T I stopped at about an hour and went upstairs to check my emails when I got a message from none other than TIEN =) .. TRAN LOL

With blue skies and no clouds, I personally thought it was a good day for basketball =) while Tien thought it was a good idea to go city ==" TALK ABOUT LAST MINUTE >=[ Anyways we had a 30 minute discussion about where we should go out to ^^ I won of course =) And so we agreed on basketball =] but at Cabra PCYC LOL I got in my basketball gear *angel face* and took a bus and train to Cabra =D Met up with Tien at Cabra Library and walked to the courts =]

Tien was in a shirt and jeans O_O and wearing no socks as well ==" WISE CHOICE TIEN *thumbs up* We shot around and 'stretched' LOL Then we played a little game =] I DON'T LIKE CABRA'S COURTS >=( I didn't hit a single 3-point shot =( The ring is rigged =3 We also played H.O.R.S.E and "First to Swish The Ball" LOL Overall it was a funny afternoon at the courts even though I had an off game =/ Shot poorly, no luck off the boards, turnover ratio way too high LOL Anyways we left the courts at 3 cos Tien didn't want to stick around and wait for the invasion of the kids who finished school xD We walked back to the Library so Tien could change ? =/ Yeah don't ask LOL We walked to that Fruit Shake Store =) I LOVE WATERMELON ^^ While we walked back to the courts, we had a good "deep&meaningful" talk about .. stuff =] and yeah, it was nice ^^' Oh we also saw Jeanny along the way =)

We went back to the courts but not to play, just to sit down and talk for abit =3 We ended up talking for a longer time than we thought =/ It was about 4:30-ish when I suggested we should go late night at Liverpool =) Tien was up for it but wanted to change .. again T_T Yeah don't ask. We walked all the way back to her place in Canley Heights =) I met her sister Maitran (Sorry! if I spelt it wrong ^^") and that's when I realised Tien is tiny LOL Her sister is like in year 8 and she's nearly the same height xD Tien got changed and received some .. negative comments about her new outfit so we had to wait for Tien to get changed again ^^" After that, Tien wanted her mum to meet me =/ Yeah don't ask. LOL GREAT TIMING TIEN ><" Your mum seems really nice but I don't think she likes me =( I always get this feeling LOL

Tien, her sister and I walked to Canley Station and ventured to Liverpool for Late Night =D We didn't even know why we wanted to go LOL No one needed to buy anything cept for Maitran who needed to buy some Easter Cards =] We sorta just bummed around Liverpool, looking at random stuff and walked like .. 10 kilometers or something ==" MY FEET ARE KILLING ME =( I NEED A MASSEUSE LOL but all in all I HAD AN AWESOME DAY =D THANKS TIEN ^^" BUT YOU'RE COMING TO VISIT ME NEXT TIME >=P

ja ne =]