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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 8:33 PM

WMP: Happy Birthday - NewS
MSN: Jess, Lyn
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HEY GUYS~ =) if you haven't already guessed, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY LOL Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, really appreciate it ^^ As you know, I'm not a big fan of having a party for my birthday =/ I have friends from many schools and other social groups as well, and I really hate those parties where you have little groups of friends by themselves and not really mingling with others. That's why I never do much for my birthdays =] Just receive some birthday wishes and gifts from family and close friends and just let the day go by =D After all, "its only my 17th" LOL

This year was no different =] I had no plans for birthday whatsoever LOL it was pretty much 'a normal day' ^^" School was okay =) People wishing me happy birthday and all :3 Didn't really do much at school xD After school, I went to get a X-ray on my teeth for the dentist which took like 2 mins but parents lagged it T_T Ended up going to Cabra to buy a cake as well and the whole trip took more than an hour and a half ==" which made me miss Lyn's birthday visit =( She drove to my place to give my gift but I wasn't home >< SORRY LYN~ but I got your present =D AND I LOVE IT~ =3 Here's Lyn's presents this year =]

Lyn's attempt at drawing Minami :3 PIGTAILS~ ><




I didn't get much presents this year but I don't really expect presents anyways so its all cool =] But I have to say, I've never received a gift like this next one .. *teehee

Yeah .. no joke. I got 12 ball point pens for my birthday XD Guess who from ? The librarian from school O_O" Yeah she's like 70 something and she gave me a packet of blue pens for my birthday ROFL~ AT LEAST GIVE ME PURPLE ONES x] Narh I'm just kidding =] It was really nice of her to give me a present ^^" THANKS MS SMITH .. (I think thats her name .. LOL) Here's something Sonya doodled on the back of it =)

Yeah .. apparently "Ally" is my pet name given to me by Sonya T_T She's trying to make it a thing like "Swarley" from How I Met Your Mother LOL IT'S NOT GNA WORK~!

I wanna thank all the people who gave me birthday wishes via MSN =D It's always nice to be mentioned on someone's pm .. I suppose LOL Yeah don't mind me.. I'm weird =/ Anyways here's the list of people I saw, if I missed you IM SORRY~ =(

Okay here comes the best part ^^" I was sitting at home, on msn, talking to Jess =] She had previously told me that she would be coming over to 'chill' at my place =/ and I thought it was a bit odd because Jess doesn't like to go to guy's houses to 'chill' x] But there I was, sitting in my chair, talking on MSN when the doorbell rings =/ .. I get to the door and I see Jess .. TONY & JUNTREE & STEVEN =3 Apparently, Jess had organised a mini surprise sort of party ish thing for me the previous day ><" IT'S PROBABLY THE NICEST THING ANYONE'S DONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY SO FAR *cries THANK YOU JESS ='] I LOVE YOU SO MUCH~ Donna and Jess had chipped in for a cake as well =') Here's a picture ..

It looks sooooo~ awesome LOL

Here's the taro cake mum bought for me =3

Who is 'Chat Boii' ? x]

The tall&short candles remind me of something ROFL x]

After a while, we decided to go eat dinner at Mounties =] I went upstairs to change and came back downstairs to find only Jess sitting on the couch O_O Apparently the rest of the guys went home ... to get some money LOL Jess didn't look comfortable all by herself ROFL Sorry Jess but I wanna remember this some day :3 Anyways we watched 'Neighbours' (eww ..) while we waited for the guys to come back =/ While on the road to Mounties, we still weren't sure if we wanted to eat there so we went to Cook's Hill to eat some more YUMMY STEAK =] BUT THE LINE WAS SOOO~ LONG >=[ So we drove back to Mounties LOL

We went to eat at the 101 Buffet and when we were paying for entrance, Jess didn't let me pay for her >< But at least I got to pay for the rest of the guys =) TONY, JUNTREE & STEVEN GOT DINNER ON ME =D and man did they pack it on .. ROFL The buffet was practically empty O_O There wasn't much people there last night =/ THE WAITERS DIDN'T LET ME PLAY PLATE STACKING LOL There was more people in the Asian Karaoke than in the Buffet ROFL We ate A LOT =( SO MUCH that it got to the point where we were just playing with our food LOL Mixing it together with everything x] Here's the recipe:


- Hot Chocolate
- Some of Juntree's fruit
- Jess's vanilla ice cream
- Steven's watermelon
- Salt

1. Mix
2. There is no step 2

After that, we left for the games upstairs when the girl at the desk said "did you want an annoucement ?" and I was like "oh we're just about to leave anyways ?" LOL She was pretty persistent =/ and eventually she got her way and made the happy birthday announcement for me x] THANKS MOUNTIES CHICK =] No Steven, she doesn't 'like' me T_T ROFL

Upstairs we played an awesome game of pool =3 ALLAN&JUNTREE&JESS VS TONY&STEVEN. We lost .. LOL It was a good game though, cos we're all so shit XD cept for Steven & Jess =D Funny shots that SHOULD have went in but didn't and yeah LOL Then we played MT a couple times, I won a couple times =/ On Oosaka & Hakone but on that new track, I just couldn't win LOL Steven won most of them and even Jess won once =/ REMEMBER I LET YOU WIN >=]

In other news, Tony lost to Juntree in Tekken when all Juntree did was button mash XD YOU SUCK TONY >=P

After that, we came home to sing Happy Birthday and eat some cake even though everyone was feeling fat already LOL We played some more table tennis and then dropped everyone home =] I took some of the cake Donna chipped in for and brought it over to her house at like 11:15pm LOL We stayed at her house and chatted for a bit since she couldn't make it tonight cos of work =/ I got home at around 12 ish and didn't sleep until 2 >< I was SO DEAD TODAY =( LUCKY YOU DIDN'T SEE JESS LOL

Anyways I think I should end this post LOL too long XD SORRY! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES GUYS~ I LOVE YOU ALL BUT EXTRA LOVE TO JESS, STEVEN, TONY & JUNTREE (who missed out on Glee Return) for my birthday awww :3 I HAVE SO AWESOME FRIENDS >< *cries .. okay tears of joy are coming now ROFL The only lowlight of the day would have to be the fact that my dad didn't wish me a Happy Birthday but what Jess did made it all better anyways =3 THANKS AGAIN~

ja ne <3