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Saturday, April 24, 2010 @ 9:32 PM

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HELLLOOOO~ my loyal readers =) its been a while ROFL As many of you have witnessed with your own eyes (except for Ro LOL), I got a haircut x] And its a real haircut this time, not just thinned LOL Cut off my sideburns and fringe =( "Why ?" You ask ? Cos I'm lazy that's why =D I'm too lazy to straighten my hair in the mornings or when Jess decides to last minute me and I gotta take like 15-20 mins to get ready =( Well NOT ANYMORE =D but Jess, word of advice, don't take that as a free pass to last minute me now ROFL

Anyways no photos yet, cos I'm no longer what you guys call a 'luvo' >=P Tien said there's a difference between taking photos of yourself and a luvo and I was like .. "what is it then genius ?" and she goes "the luvo angle" .. I'm like " WHAT ? T_T" Apparently its the angle at which the photo is taken =/ something about the high shot or something ROFL it made me .. yeah ROFL xD

I went to the dentist on Friday afternoon at Cabra and Tony had just been there last week, he told me that he had a supposedly 'hot' dentist to clean his teeth for him XD and I was hoping I was going to the same one cos you know we have similar tastes =D Well sort of .. he doesn't think Minami is cute WHICH IS SOO WRONG >=( SHE'S LIKE THE NEXT BEST THING AFTER ERIKA & THE COLOUR PURPLE LMFAO Oh speaking of Minami, I think I'm cheating on Erika *gasps* *dramatic music plays* yeah .. I recently thought about it LOL and let's just say you know you're in love when you write "minami" instead of "minimal" in your Biology notepad ROFL I never had that with Erika =/ but I don't know .. Erika&I have been together for a while now LOL and you know .. things change ^^" BUT! this is just a rumour and nothing more, I will keep you guys posted on this controversial issue LOL

ANYWAYS~ about the dentist LOL I didn't get Tony's dentist =/ How did I know ? Well that's cos I got this old guy and unless that's what gets Tony going, I'm pretty sure I got someone else LMAO I got my teeth cleaned and was told that I have gum infection O_O don't worry its nothing serious, I just gotta brush properly or you know more effectively =/ and in a week's time, I'll be all good again =D But the point was he suggested I should get braces and that brings me to today. Dad took me to an orthodontist to see what the specialist said about my teeth and how I should go about getting braces =] And apparently I have a baby tooth stuck between some teeth and that's gna have to be pulled out O_O" and then I gotta take out my wisdom tooth ? and then I gotta close the gap between the bridges .. yeah its all very complicated XD Point is I gotta go get some X-rays done first and go back next Friday =]

The specialist that I had was so young O_O He was like .. 20 .. 24 MAX if you ask me =/ He was really polite and knows his shit LOL You can tell he is a professional =] Not one of those assholes that just want your money T_T He was all like "I think you should get braces after HSC, that way you can focus on your studies more for upcoming HSC" and I was like "awww .. YOU CARE *HUG*" ROFL So yeah I'm gna get braces after HSC =)

Highlight of the day ? Well two things actually .. One would be going back to Cooks Hill and eating that SUPER AWESOME OISHII STEAK again *drools .. ITS THE BEST STEAK IN THE WORLD =D I WANT SOME NOW =] Okay off topic .. where were we .. OH yes the other highlight of the day .. when I went to orthodontist today, there was a pretty receptionist at the counter =] She was no Erika or Minami but how she talks is ADORABLE XD Even though she's like .. 20 something =/ Anyways funny story .. I had finished my consultation with the awesome orthodontist and was at the counter with Dad, paying for the session when I noticed a Coke can on her desk when I said "Isn't it a bit ironic that there is a Coke can in a dentist's office ?" She laughed at my joke and said "Well I need my sugar today" =D No I was NOT hitting on her T_T I was just being myself LOL but Dad wasn't O_O We had to book another session at Wetherill Park next Friday and Dad was all like "So you wont be there at Wetherill Park ? cos then I wont bother coming" .. I was like .. "what are you doing .. O_O" ROFL

So yeah .. I got new hair, and will be getting braces .. I wonder what's next .. breast implants perhaps ? =/ LOL I'm sleepy ^^" Leave a comment and have a good night =)

ja ne ^^