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Sunday, March 7, 2010 @ 4:28 PM

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OMFG~! .. PRISON BREAK! *faints ..

For those who have me on msn (which is probably everyone who reads this blog LOL), you might already know about my huge excitement for this about-to-be-newly-released-and-also-about-to-be-property-of-allan game LMAO I've always been of big fan of the T.V show Prison Break but have never been bothered to actually follow the most successful Fox T.V series (LOL kinda contradicting that I call myself a 'big fan' huh ?" And yeah, I've recently acquired most of the seasons .. by means .. of .. erhh .. you know .. buying it .. at .. um .. LEGAL I got it legally alright ? *angel face* Don't look at me like that, ya'll know how I roll LOL =3

So yeah, I was like super happy when I got the Prison Break series .. been sleeping at like 1 every night now ^^" But its soooo~ good =) I was complaining to Kevin that they should make a game out of it and Kevin was like "don't they got one yet ?" and I was like "if they did, I'm not much of a fan then *cries" but yeah, I decided to check it up =] And to my surprise, they said they're gna release one soon =3 Entitled "Prison Break - The Conspiracy", it will be an action and adventure styled game, released on the 26th of March which will make that day even more special YAY~! I WANT IT SO BADLY NOW LOL .. Yes I know .. its a 'want' not a 'need' so I will refrain myself from getting the game myself by means of torture if I have to =( .. BUT! If someone were to acquire it and pass it on to me .. cos they love me very much =3, it doesnt count HAH~! It would be funny though, if everyone who read this post bought me one LOL .. but that ain't gna happen cos no one loves me enough *hides in corner ='( LOL I'm just kidding =] I love you guys ^^ If I don't get this game 2 months after its release, I will personally .. ask .. a special someone .. to get it for me ... LEGALLY! *smiles .. runs off =] (LOL I spam this now =D)

In other news, this month will drain so much of my money =( For me, March and September are the only two months I spend money on LOL Well ALOT of money at least. March has my dad's, my mum's, Juntree's, Harry's & Jess's birthdays ^^" (Well I don't really buy gifts for Juntree and Harry but this year I think they wna go to Animania to celebrate, not sure yet =/) And September is Lyn's birthday .. yeah SEE Lyn ? You alone on that one month and you still manage to kill my piggy bank >=( But it just goes to show how much I love you *angel face*

Anyways gotta get back to Biology =) Talk to you guys soon =3 Thanks for reading ^^" Leave a comment =]

ja ne =)