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Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 2:58 PM

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Sorry I didn't blog about this last night on your official birthday Jess but yeah, net dc for good remember ? LOL Anyways I got it back this afternoon and yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the .. 8th time ^^" Thanks for the dinner, it was awesome =D

The whole morning and afternoon aren't so interesting so I'll skip that =] All I did was procrastinate and well let's see .. procrastinate some more =( Was supposed to do some physics but *sighs .. not in the mood to do anything =/ I feel like I'm in holidays already ^^" I WANNA WATCH SOME MOVIES GODDAMMIT >=(

Anyways my 'invite' said to meet up at the back of Mounties at 7:30pm but before I get to that, let me ask you guys something. When I say 'back of Mounties', do you think of the chinese temple entrance or the Mt Pritchard Public school entrance ? =/ Personally I think the chinese temple is the back and the public school is the front but as it turns out, I was wrong ? O_O LOL I got there at about 7:35 and about half the peeps were there already =] We had to wait outside for everyone to get there cos people weren't allowed to go in by themselves as they were all under 18 and yeah =/ So we eventually got inside at about 8 ^^" and then we had to line up too LOL I .. WAS .. STARVING .. but so was everyone else so can't complain ^^

So when we got inside ( I swear Mounties looks so different now LOL HIGHROLLER *thumbs up*), I got a seat and saved a seat for Juntree and Steven Hoang. When Juntree come back with his food, I went to get mine and told him to save my seat T_T YEAH GREAT JOB YOU DID THERE JUNTREE. I lost my seat to Anthony (Jess's cousin) and yeah didn't have a seat for about 5 mins LOL At one point I was told to sit with Jess's mum on a separate table ^^" Of course there's nothing wrong with that, it's just .. well I don't know .. how would you feel if you sat on a separate table with my mum ? HUH ?! LOL I know Juntree would love to ROFL He isn't scared of my mum at all *ahem* So I ended up sitting all the way at the end of the table with Terry, Van, Tony N, Tony W, Juntree (who later came crawling back >=]), some of Jess's other cousins and Steven =]

I swear to god both the Tony's and Van eat like PIGS xD Bring back a full plate of food, eat literally a quarter of it and pile it in the middle of the table. I swear if that waiter didn't come to collect it when he did, we would of have a Mt Everest going LOL Me ? Well you guys know me, a CLEAN EATER =D One that finishes the shit on his plate at least *proud* In fact I received praise from Tony P LOL Actually now that I think about it .. not sure if it was 'praise', might have been criticism ROFL He said "I swear Allan, you eat like a rich cunt". You decide on whether that was criticism or praise LOL I ate about .. 4 plates ? but according to Steven, it only counted as half a plate >=( It was a full plate STEVEN~! Then proceeded to get myself some watermelon! I LOVE WATERMELON =3 LOVE IT xD THEN THEN ICE CREAM! I LOVE ICE CREAM =] LOVE IT! THEN THEN ICE CREAM AGAIN .. but this time with HUNDREDS&THOUSANDS =3 I LOVE HUNDREDS&THOUSANDS =D LOVE IT ROFL.

After I ate, people started talking about an after party at Jenny's place while I was watching the footy =] Dragons were playing so yeah ^^ WE WON BTW .. betcha no one even cares LOL But I know Juntree cares right ? RIGHT ?! >=)

Steven drove Tony, Juntree and me home first in his dad's new .. I think it was an Toyota Aurion ? Can't remember .. =/ But yeah awesome =3 I swear Steven is an awesome brother =] Well from my perspective at least ^^ Remember how I said I sat down to eat at around .. 8:20-ish ? Well Steven ate at around 9-ish =/ Why ? He was busy getting drinks/cups for everyone and making sure everything was alright =D How awesome =] Kinda makes me wish I had an older sibling too =/ But then again, I wouldn't have all the power in the house like I do now >=] DANCE FOR ME PUPPETS >=D

Do you guys remember that Rhydon picture from my '100th Post' post ? Well I decided to find some more and check it out =]

Something Barney Would Say
[After Barney gets hit by a bus, his in hospital telling his story]
Barney: "I have to look away because if I had watched what the paramedics were about to do, I would have passed out. And then they took out this electric blade thing and I kept thinking ' this isn't happening, this isn't happening".
Lily: "Oh my god, what did they cut ?"
Barney: "My suit. My beautiful suit."

ja ne =]