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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 @ 3:36 PM

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OMFG I am going to punch a brick wall tomorrows when Miss Prins tells me my mark for Biology =( This afternoon when we had double biology, I was so looking forward to getting my mark for this 'Hormone Replacement Therapy' assignment which I worked so hard on ^^" I LOVE BIOLOGY MAN =D Anyways she got carried away into the lesson and forgot to get our marks from the staffroom, and as the bell went for home time, I just remembered so I went up to Miss and asked for my marks. She said to me "Oh you know what ? They're upstairs in the staffroom. But I need to talk to you Allan, I think you're going to be disappointed." .. My heart skipped a beat and I pretended not to hear what she had just said and asked her again .. "I'm sorry miss, what did you say ?" .. I was desperately hoping for a giggle or laugh from miss when she repeats herself "I think you wont be happy" .. I was devastated.


After that I just walked out and went home ='( So depressed right now LOL

But overall, I reckon today was a good day;

Maths - We did our normal routine with work on the board and the classroom silent as usual. Then I asked Sir about when we would have our extension sessions in the morning cos he had told us that he would change it. He told us Tuesdays and Wednesdays which would mean that on Wednesday Week B's I have TRIPLE MATHS =O Wonderful. And since we didn't go today, sir said this;

Garzo: Since you guys didn't come today, we'll have to have a make up lesson on Thursday.
Allan: So you want us to come in on Thursday this week sir ?
Garzo: That's what I just said. But it wont be a "make-up" lesson in terms of learning how to apply "make up", it would be more of a "catch up" lesson. Unless you guys wanted to have a "make up" lesson, and if that were the case, you might want to seek out someone with a bit more experience in that field.
Allan&Tony: LMAFAO!

Physics - We did nothing. Again. But that's okay for Tony and me cos we're covered LOL But still, I did my PEAK homework in class =) Didn't end up finishing it though =/

Free Period - I was supposed to have a free period where Kevin&I were gna play some ball but instead we had this stupid year meeting about some eye testing crap ==" Why did it have to be during my free period ? Why ? T_T"

Japanese - Jap was fun as usual =D We did some work on the "kara" form for "because" and Miah had to do his listening exam =) Harry was being Harry LOL He had dropped Japanese already but the funny thing is he contributes to the class when discussing things O_O Like when miss goes .. "who can tell me what 'suteki' means ?" and Harry goes "IT MEANS GREAT! =D" and I'm just like "LOL how do you know ?" Harry replies saying "You need to watch more anime Allan-sama!" As if =P

Lunch- Sat down with Kevin and Sonya for a while talking about random shit and then headed to the basketball courts when it was about half time. Kevin&I played ball .. finally and yeah, I wasn't wearing proper shoes =="

Double Biology - LOL I didn't do anything in Biology today, cos miss wanted to go over the last couple of dot points that we didn't cover last year but I had already covered them myself during the holidays when I updated my notebook *angel face* I know .. I'm such a model student =3 I spent the whole time, just quoting Barney from HIMYM and wondering about how to get white hairs LOL I swear I've never gotten a single strand of white hair in my life O_O People say you get it from stress .. but what is stress ? By now, I would have thought I had some sort of stress before ? Guess not ? =/

Anyways I'm gna go do some homework like the good model student that I am =3

Thanks for reading =) Leave a comment please =]

Something Barney Would Say
[Ted is wondering if he should go to this dinner ceremony where Robin is receiving an award. Robin is pissed at Ted during this time.]
Ted: I haven't seen her in 3 weeks, she wont return my calls .. look maybe I shouldn't go.
Marshall: You should definitely go. Look, its a chance for you to show her you're still friends and that you support her.
Barney: Or .. its a chance to mess with her head by showing up with someone hotter. Even better, TRIPLE THREAT, hotter and bigger boobs.
Ted: That's only two.
Barney: Count again.


oh btw, here's a quiz I found on Ro's blog =D

What’s your name? Allan
Do you still attend school? sure do =)
How tall are you? 5 foot 8 .. sorry been watching too much NBA LOL 178cm approx.
Do you wish you were taller or shorter? umm .. not really. I'm fine now.
Do you wear glasses/contacts? nope
What color is your hair? Black&brown-ish
What color are your eyes? Dark brown
Your best physical feature: Hmm .. you tell me =3
Your best personality trait:
Being awesome =]

Colour? Purple!
Non-alcoholic drink? TARO MILK TEA
Food?I have a lot of favourite foods LOL
Genre of music? RnB
Band? Hmm .. I'll have to say NewS or Arashi =)
Singer? Usher fo sho =]
Movie? Rush Hour 1&2
Actor? Morgan Freeman & Stephen Chow
Television show?
Current song?
Kobe Bryant - Lil Wayne
Concert you’ve attended? N/A
School project you’ve done? Umm .. probably that bacteria one where miss wanted to keep my poster =3
Place to be? Home
Book? The Bro Code
Person to be with? Depends what I'm in the mood for =) e.g. basketball, shopping, studying .. etc.
Purple Tulips or bellflowers
Barney's blog @
Ice cream flavor? COOKIES & CREAM =)
Pizza toppings? Meatlovers .. BBQ or not
State? NSW
Country? I haven't been outside of Australia so I'm gna stick with Australia =D
Culture? I like the Japanese culture =) but asian in general I guess LOL
Religion? I don't have a favourite religion ? LOL
Politician? Arnold S .. you know .. the terminator ? xD
U.S. President? Don't know that many of them so I'm gna say Obama =)
Language? Japanese
School subject? Biology with Physics a close 2nd
Accent? Japanese =D
Moment in History?
First Kiss ^^

This or That
Eat or drink? Eat
Watch a movie or T.V.? Movie
Books or magazines? magazines
Color or black & white films? Color
Cell phone or camera? cell phone
Rock or Rap? rap
Alternative or Indie? Alternative
Rap or hip-hop? Hip Hop
Screamo or metal? Neither
Guitar or bass? Guitar
Drums or Piano?
Water or soda? Water
Pizza or hamburgers? Pizza
Love or money? Love
God or the Buddha? Buddha ?
War or creation? Creation
Meat or vegetables? Meat
Life or death? Life

If you could play any instrument, which would you chose? Violin
Would say music is an important part of your life? sure is =D
Have you ever seen your favorite band/singer in concert? on DVD ? LOL
If so, did you get to meet them after the show? nope
Have you ever been to a concert? nope
Do you play any intruments? nope
Last song you listened to: My Boo - Usher & Alicia Keys
Does this song have any meaning to you? Yes

Last movie you watched: The Mummy Returns
Did you think this movie was good? Hell yeah =D
Did it make you laugh at all? Yupp
Favorite quote from a movie: "My daddy will kick your daddy's ass all the way from here to China or Japan or wherever the hell you from" - Chris Tucker, Rush Hour

Does this quote have any meaning to you? Cracked me up LOL
If you had to be in a movie, what would the movie be about? Me in the NBA =)
Favorite movie character? The Joker - Heath Ledger

What is your current relationship status? Single
Are you happy about that? What's not to like ? =]
Do you need a significant other to be happy? Not really, but its a nice feeling to have someone there ^^
Have you ever been in love? I guess you could call it love.
Do you believe in love at first sight? A bit shallow I think =/
Have you ever been kissed? Yupp
Do you want to get married? uh huh =)
Do you like to keep your personal life private or spread it all around?
Have you ever had a broken heart? Sort of ? ^^"

ja ne =)