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Sunday, February 14, 2010 @ 12:20 PM

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Currently: Studying for maths test =(

So today's Valentines Day, Chinese&Viet New Years, and Richard Hamilton's birthday LOL What a awesome day, would be more awesome if I was a chick, that way I would have gotten stuff for valentines day AND red pocket for new years =) Of course assuming that I would make a pretty damn hot chick LMFAO~!

Okay I wna talk about New Years first =) This would have to be the first new years I didn't go temple to pray =/ but I'll get to that in a minute. I did, however, go to my grandma's house (thanks again Steven!) and other relatives to visit them and wish them well for the new year =3 Last night we had a family dinner at my place and it was nice =) Everyone got together, cooked a dish and brought it over to my place ^^ We had so much to eat =D Just last night alone I received .. $190 from red pocket money =] I have to admit its a nice feeling to be receiving so much money at any given point in time but I have to view if from my parent's perspective as well. I mean, they have to fork out exactly the same (if not greater) amount of money to all my cousins and stuff too and they don't gain anything =( So that's why this year, I'm gna stop at $200 =) All the excess money will go back to my parents ^^ And that shall be my New Years present for them, that and me being the super good boy that I already am *angel face*

Okay awesome~! Valentine's Day! =) This year was a big change to what I would normally do on Valentine's Day. Okay well let's see, firstly it just so happens to be on the same day as New Years today so half my day would consist of visiting relatives and whatnot. Secondly its not on a school day =] For the last 4-5 years, from what I can remember at least, Valentine's Day has always been during school ^^" And during those years, I can remember I've bought roses only for .. Lyn and Jess =/ NO I'm not feeling tight, I just consider only them two extra special =P LOL And even with the roses, they weren't my valentine LOL My only valentine to date would have to be Tien and back then, she was my girlfriend =) Today, however, and although its pretty unofficial but I think Jess would be my valentine for this year ^^ I don't mind if she doesn't return the favour but as long as she knows =] Being my valentine on Valentine's Day doesn't go without benefits =) after all, I DID have something to prove to Jess (something about me being chat LOL) Here's what my valentine received this year =3

Jess likes white roses =)
(I later found out for the first time that white roses symbolize death ><")

The card reads "WHO IS CHAT NOW ? >=)" LOL

I also found out that these weren't even chocolate =="

Okay what did I do today ? I woke up with the intention of doing hardcore maths studying but as usual .. that didn't go so well =( Why ? Well first of all, I had to go shopping =D then Jess called me out to Cabra to eat ^^ That was why I didn't go temple this year but totally worth it =) We picked up Teresa (remember Jess's cousin from the ice skating post ?) along the way and we ate at Pho Phung =] I had Pho Tai, Jess&Steven had Pho Dac Biet but Teresa didn't wna eat =/ Jess&Teresa left the restaurant after Jess finished eating to go buy some EasyWay and after Steven and I finished .. Steven told me to just walk out O_O I was shocked at first LOL But he walked towards the door and I was like "WTF ? Is he for fucking real ?" Thinking it was a joke, I played along and walked out with him, looking back and the guy just stared at me x_x Steven was like "Done&Ditch .. haven't you done it before ?" I was like " FUCK YOU STEVEN THAT WAS SCARY MAN. AT LEAST GIVE ME A HEADS UP LMFAO" Steven goes " I just saved myself like $30 =) " I was thinking "holy shit .. did I just do what I think I did ?" And that was it, we walked out, went to EasyWay, met up with Jess and told them that we just walked out and didn't pay =/ They were shocked too and whilst we were in the car, Jess kept bringing it up, saying stuff like "GOSH ALLAN I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD IT IN YA" or "YOU'RE A BADASS" ==" I was beginning to feel paranoid =( LOL Which was when it occurred to me that I may have been punk'd O_O "YOU GUYS ARE BULLSHITING ME AREN'T YOU ?! >=( " By now I was semi freaking out for some reason, even though we were a long way away from the restaurant LOL We stopped by Liverpool Megacenta's markets cos Steven wanted some socks and he kept saying "Hey Allan tell me when the guy's not looking, I might be able to save some more money today =)" At that point, I realised that it may be just a joke .. but if it was, Jess&Teresa were in on it too =/ Then Steven goes "Allan .. I paid for lunch today =] I went toilet and paid them afterwards. We got you GOOD~!" All three of them were ROFL-ing and I was just like "I KNEW IT! I SO FUCKING KNEW IT LOL" Good actors you guys, real nice LOL Put me on show for good LMAO That must be the biggest punk'd I've ever gotten since back in Year 2 when Tony 'april-fooled' me saying the teacher wanted to talk to me about bringing Digimons to school =( HEY I was only 7 at that time okay ?! No one likes to get in trouble =[ LOL

After that, Steven drove me to my grandma's house and I bummed there until my parents came =) I got a further $130 today from red pocket and that means I gotta give $120 to my parents ^^" I know .. I'm such a wonderful and loving son *angel face*

Jess wasn't the only one who went home with gifts ^^ She gave me a chocolate candy rose thingy that almost looks real LOL I didn't know it was a chocolate until I got home ^^" Jess called it a "two for one" deal LOL I love it =3 Its a really nice gesture and you didn't have to Jess =( Only guys are supposed to give gifts today ^^" I doubt I'll eat it but thanks anyways Jess, LOVE YOU HEAPS! <3

I really should study for maths test now =( Tomorrows I got an outing planned with Kevin and Sonya to go Parramatta to buy some shoes =D Too bad Jess cant come with cos shes busy but its cool =] Kevin said we're not gna watch a movie anymores, Sonya wants to go shopping instead LOL I'm gna go cram some maths now T_T Wish me luck guys LOL


ja ne <3