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Friday, February 12, 2010 @ 7:35 PM

WMP: Truly, Madly, Deeply - Savage Garden
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I've heard this song somewhere before =/ I'm sure of it .. but I cant remember where ==" FUCK why can't I remember ? It sounds so familiar .. when Roland played it on his phone today, I was like "LOL awesome song, what is it called again ?" "Truly Madly Deeply". Got home, downloaded it straight away .. oh I mean .. erhh .. went to shops and bought the original *angel face* LOL

OMG I forgot to blog something that happened a couple days ago yesterday .. here listen to this convo Michael and I had at school ..

Tony: I still cant believe you don't find ep14 funny =="
Michael: I know right ? "Cook Pu" ? That was hilarious.
Allan: I just find it immature =/ Have you downloaded Prison Break yet ?
Michael: Narh busy with other stuff at the moment.
Allan: *does the hand gesture that implies masturbation*
Michael: .. *thinks* .. I do that to Erika Toda *walks off laughing*
Allan: At least I get the real thing with Erika >=(
Tony: Are you okay ? When I heard that, I was like 'ohh man .. that's too far .. you cant say shit about Erika to Allan' LOOL

Today was okay I guess .. got some court time at lunch even though it was bright as hell ==" Not to mention our school was relocated to the SURFACE OF THE FRICKING SUN! >=( SO HOT TODAY LOL

Kevin, Tony and me skipped English today to do this Diabetes Testing thingy cos you know .. we hate English LOL Actually it was only Kevin and me who wanted to go but when we got there, we saw Tony there already and we were like " LMFAO you guys wna skip English too ay ?" Tony&I think alike LOL .. except in maths T_T Anyways the testing took up the double period of English we had and it was worth it .. or so I thought ==" OUR ENGLISH CLASS WATCHED A MOVIE DURING THE TWO MOVIES! I SKIPPED ENGLISH FOR NO FUCKING REASON! FUCKING KARMA LOL But the guy said I'm healthy =) So its all good. LOL

After school, Kevin went to basketball training for the School Opens team, wasn't sure if I wna sign up or not cos I have commitments to school and shit, I might not be able to attend training and play effectively for the team =( Plus I don't wna let the team down either, I haven't played 5-on-5 basketball before and its different to what I'm used to =/ But I love basketball, its such a good stress reliever and so fun to play ^^ LOL I'm not even sure if the team is full or not yet, but I doubt I'll sign up =( It's too much work ..

I went to Liverpool Library straight after school to meet up with Lyn and "do our tutor homework" LOL It was the first time I've been there and its really big inside ^^ Awesome thing is that you could bring food in too =) I shared a fish&wedges with Lyn while we "did our homework" xD In the end, we only finished like 3-4 questions =( I'm such a big distraction ==" *jumps off cliff*

After that, I caught the 844 home with Lyn and walked home =] It was an awesome afternoon ^^ Not looking forward to tutor tmrws though ^^" Speaking of which, I need to get back to my homework LOL

Talk to you guys more soon! Until then, HAPPY NEW CHINESE/VIET NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE =) PASS THE MESSAGE ONTO YOUR PARENTS FOR ME .. even if they dont know me LMAO HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND! =] Hope to see you guys at Fairfield Showgrounds or Cabra or some shit soon =D

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